SSPCC business cardMatt Taylor, as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, tasked by the citizen’s of Sussex to hold Katy Bourne and Sussex Police to account, has ordered all police officers in the Sussex Police force to stand down and stop obeying instructions given to them by their superiors.


He said, “I order every single police officer in Sussex to stand-down, otherwise your continuing allegiance to the Queen, Giles York and Katy Bourne, will constitute collusion with wanted criminals, and thereby an act of Treason against the people and the law, and may result in your arrest and imprisonment.”

“Quite simply, this is a revolution.”

Following Kevin Annett’s lead, Matt Taylor is joining in the world wide revolution of adopting Common Law Courts, to replace the annulled institutions of the Crown, in light of the Queen’s criminal convictions.

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The order issued by the Presiding Magistrates of the Criminal Trial Division of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels, states:

This order completes the legal disestablishment of the guilty institutions by releasing the police, judiciary, clergy, soldiers and all employees of these convicted bodies from their oaths of allegiance to the former head of state of the Commonwealth, Elizabeth Windsor, and to the Pope and the papacy in Rome.

This order nullifies the authority of the judges, the police and the politicians.

This is being done legally and in the open.

Taken from the ITCCS website:

“Under the law, there no longer exists what we knew as the Vatican, the Crown of England or the governments of Great Britain and Canada. Those populations are now under the sole jurisdiction of the common law and the covenants that they, the people, establish among themselves and with their Creator.”

Working for you.

Matt Taylor has volunteered his time, free of charge, to hold both Katy Bourne and Sussex Police to account, since first becoming involved during the 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Katy Bourne, through the keyhole at Malling House in Lewes.

While Katy Bourne is paid £85,000 to play through the key hole.

Watch more: Katy Bourne shows you around Malling House.

An expert on Katy Bourne’s time in office, Matt Taylor has reported more on Sussex Police and the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner office, than any other reporter in the world.

If it wasn’t for Matt Taylor holding Katy Bourne and Sussex Police to account you wouldn’t have:

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In six months time when the dust has settled, you will have to answer to yourselves, why didn’t I see it coming?




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