ImageMatt Taylor, the prospective member of parliament for Brighton, Kemptown and Peacehaven, has welcomed the news the i360 tower is set to receive the £36 million financial backing it needs to get off the ground after Geoffrey Theobald, leader of the Brighton and Hove Conservative party confirmed they would join Jason Kitcat and the Greens in supporting the ambitious project.

Planning permission for the 464ft tower has already been granted and the structure could be completed as early as next year.

ImageMatt Taylor said, “This is great news for the Brighton seafront and will secure sea-side visitors for decades to come, but we still need a new pier to compliment it. Brighton needs a futuristic pier to replace the burnt skeleton of the West Pier. A new pier fit for the 22nd Century will be fantastic for Brighton and will ensure we are the sea-side resort of choice for centuries to come.”

future pier2After months of waiting, the Conservative party finally got of the fence and declared their support. Geoffrey Theobald said, “This hasn’t been an easy decision and we have given it very careful consideration over a number of weeks but in the end we believe that it will be in the long-term interests of the city to take this bold step.”

While Jason Kitcat welcomed this latest development, saying, “I’m pleased to hear the Conservatives will be supporting it,” Warren Morgan, leader of Brighton and Hove’s Labour party poured scorn on the exciting news with, “Conservatives will again trot out their lines about ‘the mess Labour left us in’ and about ‘being responsible with taxpayers money,’ yet next week they will be committing two generations of council taxpayers to nearly forty million pounds of debt on a project that no private investor will support. Even their own local MP says the project is a black hole.”future pier3

Following recent developments at the other end of Brighton:

  • The new Amex Football Stadium
  • The new Brighton Aldridge Academy
  • The Keep archive centre
  • The 1 million Lewes Road bike lane
  • The reopening of The Bevy pub
  • Proposed new 5 star hotel and student accommodation
  • Proposed new Bridge Community Centre
  • Proposed Preston Barracks redevelopment

The i360 and a new pier will put Brighton firmly on the map as a city of the future.




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