safer in sussex community fundKaty Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex, has millions to give away to good causes which prevent crime, from the Safer in Sussex Community fund, or more fondly called, Katy’s Fund.

As Katy Bourne reminds us, “This isn’t about getting the money in with one hand, and handing it out with the other. Its about making sure the money is properly spent.”

The Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner has allocated funding to provide financial help to community projects in Sussex that help to achieve the objectives under the four priorities within the Police & Crime Plan.

The Four Priorities are:

  • Crime and community safety
  • Victim focus
  • Public confidence
  • Value for money

Katy Bourne will consider allocate funding to your good cause if it:

  • Helps prevent crime and/or increase crime detection?
  • Addresses specific crime issues affecting young and/or vulnerable people?
  • Reduces the risk of people becoming involved in crime and/or aiding social inclusion?
  • Provides education on community and/or personal safety?

The Fund will not support projects that:

  • Are made on behalf of commercial and profit-making organisations.
  • Are based and/or delivered outside Sussex.
  • Support general youth provision and/or social activities.
  • Require ongoing funding (such as staffing costs) and none has been identified.
  • Are a statutory duty of others, such as street lighting or road repair.


There will be a rolling programme of bids and assessments and awards will be granted quarterly. Upcoming deadlines for applications are as follows:

  • Monday 31st March 2014
  • Monday 30th June 2014
  • Monday 29th September 2014
  • Monday 29th December 2014
  • Monday 30th March 2015

But not all hope it lost. Playing the role of part gangster and politician, Katy Bourne and her office of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner can make the rules up as they go along.

katy bourne happy
Katy Bourne looking rather smug with herself.

“Don’t forget, if you do not meet the criteria for the Commissioner’s Community Fund, there may be other local grants that you can apply for. To make enquiries about other grants available in Sussex, please contact the external funding officers at East Sussex County Council, West Sussex County Council and Brighton & Hove City Council.”

How to apply?

Complete the online application or download a printable copy of the application form. If you have any queries about making a bid please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions or contact Katy.

And this is where the problem arises, (as there are so many problems with Katy Bourne.)

Before we continue, allow me to share what Warren Carter says about grant applications. He started and runs the Moulsecoomb Forest Garden & Wildlife Project, which takes disruptive kids out of the classroom and gets them working down the allotment, where their personality changes and they are as good as gold.

Warren Carter said, “Writing grant applications is the most soul destroying and pointless waste of resources a charity can do.”

Learn more: about the Moulsecoomb Forest Garden & Wildlife Project.

  • We offer horticultural, carpentry, woodland management, cooking, educational and social opportunities to EVERYONE . The aims of the project are to:
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour by involving excluded pupils in the running of the garden.
  • Improve community health by producing organic and locally grown fruit and vegetables.
  • Enhance skills and employability by offering practical based training and volunteering opportunities.
  • Involve children in planting, growing and eating healthy food and learning to respect nature and the environment.
  • Create and enhance wildlife habitats and protect bio-diversity including old fashioned vegetable varieties.
  • Promote sustainable lifestyles by encouraging and educating people about the benefits of organic gardening, locally produced food and composting.
  • We are open every Tuesday and Friday 10am – 3pm. Come along and volunteer
  • Read the 2011 Annual Report here.
moulsecoomb forest trust
Moulsecoomb Forest Garden & Wildlife Project in action

Warren Carter makes a very serious point, he said, “I recently spoke to one organisation, asking if it is worth us applying for their pot of gold. I said that we fitted all the criteria perfectly, but as a small charity without many admin resources, needed an idea of our chances. Come to our one day seminar I was told. But that’s the point: I haven’t got time to come to a bloody one day seminar in London!”

So here’s a few steps grant givers can do to make things more bearable (and they’re not exactly rocket science).

  • Make forms as simple as possible.
  • Make the guidelines as clear as possible.
  • Speak English! It took me ages to figure out what an ‘outcome’ was.
  • Forms seem to get more demanding. Is this necessary? How many hoops do you really need to make people jump through? How do you know that you aren’t just giving the money to those who can write the best bids or know the right people?
  • Why not have a two phase application process, asking for just a few paragraphs to see if the charity has a cat in hells chance of getting any money in the first place, before they waste lots of hours.
  • Stop funding only new projects. Surely it shows success (or should I say ‘sustainability’) if a charity has been going for a number of years. So fund core costs and boring but essential stuff like insurance, rent and wages.
  • But probably most importantly give feedback if an application is turned down.
  • It’s not acceptable to ask organisations to write pages and pages, budget forecasts and how much they spend on loo paper and then tell people that you don’t have the capacity to say why you didn’t give them any money.

So, its with Warren Carter in mind we look at Katy’s Fund application form.

Your details

Project Manager: Matt Taylor

Name of Project: The office of Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

Name and address of organisation: SSPCC HQ, Southcoast Road, Peacehaven

Postcode: BN10


Telephone: 07873693745

Project website (if applicable):

1. Your project: Holding elected PCC’s to account.

a) Has your project/organisation been previously funded by the Safer in Sussex Community Fund?

Yes or No

b) If you selected ‘Yes’ above, please provide the reference number, and explain how this project differs from the previous one?

c) Why is there a need for your project? Please include any identified benefits to the community. (max 1000 words)

The residences of Sussex need to be assured that their police force are honourable men and women, whose priority is to serve and protect. Shadow Police and Crime Commissioners deliver a level of public scrutiny, which would otherwise not be there. Unlike critical friends, Shadow PCC’s bite and have the power to publically promote their findings and conclusions. The identifiable benefits to the community will be a clean and corrupt free police force. This will stop fraud at all levels and save the taxpayer millions, if not billions, in shady back-hander deals.

d) Brief description of project: (max 1000 words)

The office of Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC) was created in November 2012, to hold Katy Bourne to account, by Matt Taylor and David Joe Neilson. The Federation of Shadow Police and Crime Commissioner has been created as a medium for other independent candidates of the 2012 election, to come together under one umbrella and hold their respective elected PCC’s to account.

The SSPCC has been exposing police corruption consistently since November 2012. As a catalyst for change, members of the public are invited to contact their SPCC’s to report police corruption. Its with this is mind that SSPCC has exposed the truth behind Martin Richard’s retirement, the incompetence in Katy Bourne’s office and the fraud and murder cover-up of Sussex police.

e) How specifically does the project address the priorities in the Commissioner’s Police & Crime Plan? (max 1000 words)

The office of SSPCC ensures the community is safe from the police tasked to protect it. We listen to victims of police who have no one else to turn to. Public confidence is boosted knowing that an extra level of independent scrutiny is is keeping elected PCC’s in check. While the office of PCC’s cost in excess of£ 1 million a year to maintain, SPCC’s volunteer their time and services free of charge.

f) Who will your project particularly benefit?

The office of SSPCC particularly benefits every single resident in Sussex, of all ages, class and race.

g) In which policing district(s) will your project be delivered?

Adur & Worthing, Arun, Brighton & Hove, Chichester, Crawley, Eastbourne, Hastings, Horsham, Lewes, Mid Sussex, Rother, Wealden, Sussex-wide, Areas outside Sussex

h) Please specify in which village(s) or town(s)

i) Intended dates of project/initiative

Start Date: 22 November 2012

End Date: On-going

j) How will you evaluate the success of your project?

Counting how many corrupt police officers, MP’s, solicitors and civil servants are arrested, charged, convicted and jailed.

2. Finance

NB: please read the criteria carefully on the conditions of funding

a) What amount of funding are you seeking from the Safer in Sussex Community Fund? (max £5,000) (£) £5,000

b) If your application is successful, please provide account/BACS details

Please make the cheque payable to Mr. Matthew Taylor.

c) Please detail below how much funding you have sought from other sources and money already committed. Please provide documentation confirming approval of this funding.

1. Funding Source/Organisation

Amount applied for £

Amount awarded (cash) £

Non-cashable contribution £

2. Funding Source/Organisation

Amount applied for £

Amount awarded (cash) £

Non-cashable contribution £

3. Funding Source/Organisation

Amount applied for £

Amount awarded (cash) £

Non-cashable contribution £

4. Funding Source/Organisation

Amount applied for £

Amount awarded (cash) £

Non-cashable contribution £

d) Please provide below a breakdown of how you will spend any award from the Safer in Sussex Community Fund.

1. Item (A new computer, camera and software.)

Breakdown of cost £ 2,000

2. Item (A new suit.)

Breakdown of cost £ 250

3. Item (Rent of office space and web space.)

Breakdown of cost £ 2,000 

4. Item (Office stationery, including communications, printers etc.)

Breakdown of cost £ 750

Total £ 5,000

Statement of Applicant

I confirm that the information on this application form is correct. If a grant is awarded from the Office of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, it will be used as detailed in the form and according to any conditions specified. I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions stated on this form.

I think what Warren Carter would say if he read that?

“How much more ‘effective’ would we be if all this precious time was spent doing what we were set out to do in the first place. There’s nothing about sitting in front of a computer screen in our ‘aims and objectives’. So when I sit down to another application, making sure we fit all the guidelines, I can’t help thinking of that Einstein quote that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s time for a major rethink.”

Katy Bourne asks too many silly questions, but doesn’t answer any asked of herself.

  • Who will your project particularly benefit?
  • How will you evaluate the success of your project?
  • How specifically does the project address the priorities in the Commissioner’s Police & Crime Plan?
  • Please detail below how much funding you have sought from other sources and money already committed?

I’m with Warren Carter, Katy Bourne? It’s time for a major rethink.

*Become a Friend of the Forest Garden (please) 



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