Greg Hallett

In the year Great Britain celebrates 62 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, there is something you should know about our illustrious Queen. In the same way that you grow up to realise Uncle Dick, really is a prick and that your Mum isn’t as prim and proper as you were first led to believe, so too must Great Britain loose our innocence and realise that our Queen isn’t all what she seems to be.

What you may not know about the Queen, is that alongside the official narrative of her being our greatest monarch, a more murky, dark, vile and sordid story runs alongside it.

There is a good reason why the Windsors are the most secretive family in the world.

Take for example the testimony of a certain, New Zealander called Greg Hallett.

I mention him because in today’s news we hear from the other side of the world, that Australia has yet to ratify laws to change Britain’s royal succession laws to allow first-born daughters to succeed to the throne, using the excuse, “No worries mate, its a boy, so its not a big deal at the moment.”

On the surface, you wouldn’t give the story a second glance, but that is without knowing what Greg Hallett has to say on the subject.

This is an abridged section of text taken from the website.

We delivered a letter to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street requesting him to facilitate the changeover of the Monarchy as we’re the legitimate Royal Family.

So what they did is, they got hold of a copy of the book, (‘The Hidden King of England’ ) this is 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, and they studied the contents of the book, using scholars etc., and they realised that this was a legitimate and superior claim to the Throne of England.

So what they decided to do was, pull a fast one. They decided that Prince William would have to get engaged, and married, and that they would change the Laws of Succession to the Throne.

In order to circumvent this challenge to the Throne – to the legitimacy of the present occupant, they would change the laws on Succession.

By the 1st of September 2010 they decided that it is a legitimate and superior claim. So Prince William is instructed to choose between his girlfriends – which one he’s going to have as a fiancée – and he’s got a month to do it. Then his engagement was announced on the 16th of November 2010. And then they tried to change the laws, and instead of Prime Minister David Cameron contacting us – and we’re the superior and legitimate Royal Family – he goes to the Commonwealth Heads of State.

David Cameron is further briefed by Queen Elizabeth, that the only Head of the Throne of the United Kingdom would be the children of Prince Charles or the current Prince of Wales.

So from the time when we got the letter to 10 Downing Street on the 2nd of August 2010, and the time that they realised that is was real, which was beginning of September, and then in October when Prince Williams was getting engaged to commoner Kate – David Cameron, instead of contacting us to say: “Yes, yes, we accept your challenge to the Throne” . . . David Cameron was to secretly brief the Commonwealth Head of Government and get their approval that the only heir to the Throne of the United Kingdom would be the children of Prince Charles or the Prince of Wales. And to disguise this as a religious and gender issue, which would then gain their approval. Firstborn daughters are now allowed to become a Monarch, and Catholics are now allowed to become the Monarch. But really, it was about ‘only Prince Charles’ children could become the Monarch’.”

As you can see, it puts the news from Australia in a new perspective.

But who is this Greg Hallett character? He’s the Lord Chancellor of the Real King of England. It’s really quite simple once you get your head around it.

He proves that:

Queen Victoria had a firstborn son before King Edward VII and that son, whose name is “Marcos Manoel”, was born in wedlock legitimately, and he is the True King of England, and his descendants are the True King of England – the true Monarchs of England.

Simon Charles Day, Father & Mother

But that’s not all he says:

  • The British Empire is a Mafia.

  • “Being There” by Peter Sellers is actually a direct parody of Marcos Manoel.

  • Lord Louis Mountbatten’s illegitimate son is Peter Sellers.

  • Peter Sellers had an affair with Princess Margaret.

  • Noel Coward had a homosexual affair with the Duke of Kent.

  • The Duke of Kent faked his own death.

  • Princess Margaret, had a sexual liaison with two West Indian men at the same time, and that was  photographed and it was kept in a Lloyds Bank vault, and that bank vault was raided on the 11th of September 1971, when a gang robbed the Lloyds Bank in London, and they actually produced photos of Princess Margaret having sex with two West Indian men, and then it was Lord Louis Mountbatten who was asked to come forward, and he brought the bank robbers new identities, new passports, and they were allowed to keep the money, and they were allowed to escape out of England without harassment.

  • Queen Victoria married Prince consort Albert bigamously and he actually wore what the gays call a “Prince Albert” which is a chain around your waist and through the foreskin.

  • All of Queen Victoria’s children were conceived by banker Lionel Nathan Rothschild.

  • The British Royal Family can virtually engage to their ends, any Intelligence agency across the globe.

  • Prince William’s father isn’t Prince Charles, it’s King Juan Carlos of Spain.

  • Prince Harry is the son of James Hewitt. (we all knew that!)

  • When Prince Charles was 16, and on Camilla Parker Bowles’ 18th birthday, they conceived a child.

  • Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles child was adopted out by a royal servant.

  •  His name is Simon Charles Day and he’s a Telecommunications Engineer, living in Australia.

  • Just before William and Kate’s wedding, Simon Charles Day put out an email saying that he is the illegitimate son of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. And is married to a Torres Strait Islander – which is sort of half-Aborigine, half-Papua New Guinean – black woman, and they had six kids, and five are still alive.

  • Princess Diana did fly out to Australia and hold up all these Torres Strait Island children to the camera.

  • Royal Murders are called “unlawful killing.”

  • Prince Charles had another illegitimate child, born in 1968, with a Balmoral maid.

  • The Queen and the Windsor royal family are all Bâtards.


No wonder there’s been 12 attempts on his life.

What makes Greg Hallett’s research so exciting is that it can be researched. Take for example this little snippet, “The Hidden King of England, and his Family Tree dated back to Queen Victoria and Blind Prince George of Cumberland. That was the status when they married. Marcos Manoel was legitimate, he was born in wedlock, and then he was hidden.”

The Brighton Connection.

Somewhere in The Keep in Brighton Moulsecoomb, the Queen keeps her families royal letters going back 900 years. Its a paper trail which proves every single claim Greg Hallett makes.

He said, “The overall mission was for me to get to Portugal, and make sure, ascertain, that this person was the True Descendant of Queen Victoria, and so we spent nine weeks together. We sat next to each other for nine weeks, working on the computer, taking photographs and analysing objects; and he would bring in Royal Objects handed down from Queen Victoria or another Monarch, or another Duke, and so we went through I think about 26 Royal Marks. We photographed them and we analysed them and we compared them to two Dictionaries of Symbolism to see that the Marks on them were the true Royal Marks going back into the Families that they claim to be from. And so we succeeded in that. It took about nine weeks to develop them into a, I think it was about a 220 pages book then. And we had about 200 photographs in the book of his Royal Marks.”

“The Hidden King of England,” King Arthur II.

While Greg Hallett is adopted by the True King of England and made their Lord Chancellor, Matt Taylor from Brighton claims a superior right as a direct descendent from King Arthur II (Born 503AD and Died 579AD), and before him to the Holy Family itself, to Aunt Anne, sister of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

A Legitimate and Superior claim to the Throne.



    1. Just shows how little Greg Hallett doesn’t understand the politics of the time. Princess Victoria was NEVER let out of sight, she even slept in the same bedroom as her mother she moved out on the day she became Queen. The idea that she married the one person her mother’s court didn’t want her to marry is stupid. Plus even if she did if it wasn’t sanctioned by the King and there is no evidence of that the marriage would not be legal so even if she eloped married and had a child that child would be a bastard. Greg has to know bastards cant inherit neither can adopted children. She married Albert as an adult properly in her letters she talks about her sex life with him complaining that when she was told not to have any more children that she wouldn’t be able to have sex. As for Albert’s death it was originally put down to typhoid.

  1. Any descendants from Queen Victoria’s grandmother Queen Charlotte are invalid as she was a quarter black. Charlotte had 15 children, 13 survived and there are 150 so-called descendants plus illegitimate and other linked by the hidden marriage which Greg Hallett brings out. They all have mixed blood so not pure white decendants of Jesus and King David.

    1. Actually Black Royalty, via Portugal. Queen Charlotte was a Mulatto!! She was a coon! Einer Schweizer! Like my late father always said, ‘The blacker they are, the bigger the thief!’
      My mate Andre (who’s Creole Catholic himself), reckons Charles & Camilla are really Catholics and have abandoned the Anglican Church(I don’t blame them, full of poofy perverts and misfits) and have changed the laws of succession so a Roman Catholic (Charles himself) can ascend to the throne, like during King Henry’s times. Anyway I hope this tidbit helps you. Maybe I should dedicate a poem to the Royal Family and Charlie jug ears. I know this loser called Martin , who’s got big ears , like Charlie. It must the Jewish in them. Jews have big ears, so they can hear all the latest gossip. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  2. I always knew they were fake! They’re Jewish too! They remind me of a little buddy of mine, called Alex (a Polish gipsy and a loser too), his parents were provincial European peasants who were trying to big-note themselves, by having this Kiwi pervert (with links to Jimmy Savile & Rolf Harris) by selling poor little Alex off as a sex slave, so that Alex’s Italian step-daddy can have all of these Aristocrat toffs (& misfit perverts) eat at his posh restaurant in Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs.The Kiwi pervert in question is called Arnold Barry Eaton and currently is dying from cancer in Christchurch in New Zealand.(& the demon Asmodeus is waiting for Uncle Arnold!) I heard his family were a posh Anglo-colonial family with links to Dennis Thatcher (whom also was a Kiwi Toff) and of course all of the Aussie & Kiwi nobodies in mainland Aussie land, that call themselves ‘stars’. My 2 own plays (‘When Hitler comes to Hollywood’, ‘One Summer’s Day’) are absolute masterpieces, whilst the common and vulgar, dull Australian Untermenschen animals prefer some Jewish nobody from Brooklyn , like Jerry Seinfeld, whilst my brilliant work gets ‘overlooked’ by the perverts who run Australia’s television networks. Anyway here’s a special poem dedicated to the common peoples of Down Under.,,
    I live in a land,
    where the people are dirty and mentally unclean.
    They are common and dull
    Primitive and crude,
    They see it as a National Pastime to be Provincial and Rude!

    Have A Nice Day Readers!

  3. “BEING THERE” was written by Jerzy Kosinski. Peter Sellers only acted in the fi;m made from the book —

  4. “BEING THERE” was written by Jerzy Kosinski. Peter Sellers only acted in the film made from the book —

  5. DNA carries the truth.
    Unfortunately those hiding the true family trees also hide from sharing the genomes of ‘royals’ to the DNA projects, or public scrutiny.
    As they are hiding the genomes they are hiding the swaps, the affairs, the rapes, the inbreeding, the real parents or siblings or children.
    There are so MANY people emerging globally who claim being ‘hidden’ secret royals, and it is disgusting that these people are denied knowing their actual families by the ‘laws’ that protect the secrets of the adults. It is really tough for children to live without knowing their parents.
    If Charles and other royals have ‘other’ children then if he has nothing to hide he would make it easy for people to access DNA testing.
    Either people are related, or not related.
    LET people test DNA.

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