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AS the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and parliamentary candidate running on an anti-corruption platform, Matt Taylor is calling into question why Martin Richards really retired, “It’s been a particularly interesting past month.”

By: Matt Taylor

Published: Sunday, March 2, 2014

Martin Richards.

INSIDIOUS: Sussex Police remain ‘silent’ in face of insidious criticism and allegations of criminal cover-up [SSPCC]

To recap: Matt Taylor called into question the official reason why ex Chief Constable Marin Richards retired unexpectedly on the 8th of February 2014.


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This time last year Pope Benedict unexpectedly retired from his papacy. Unheard off in 600 years, the official line was the Pope was decrepit and needed the rest.

We now know it was because an international Common Law court in Brussels found him guilty of child-trafficking and implicated in an international paedophile ring. Pope Benedict retired to go into hiding and protect himself against the maelstrom yet to come.

Read more: The Arrest of the Queen and David Cameron.

The Brighton Connection, Mark Four-Thousand.

A year after Pope Benedict retired to escape justice and keep the privileges of his pension, Martin Richards, the ex Chief Constable of Sussex, has announced his early retirement, as a cover story to hide the fact he is under investigation for an unprecedented third time, for misconduct in public office.

A son of a vicar and a primary school teacher, a young Martin Richards would have led a totalitarian and disciplined life.

Does he believe in evil? “Yes I do, I am a vicar’s son.” 

He says without hesitation, continuing to quote Jonathan Swift: “I heartily hate and detest that animal called man, although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth.”

Mr. Richards adds: “In other words it is the individuals who fight the fight, but there is something inherently evil about some elements of society.”

“Something Inherently Evil about some Elements of Society.”

Martin Richards knows more than anyone in Sussex about the “inherently evil elements in society,” because he was given the Queen’s medal by her son.

‘Here we have a victim of child-abuse, who is brainwashed to hate and detest the animal called man,’ a psychologist would argue that a statement like that implies an abused child.

The fact that Martin Richards grew up to marry a primary school teacher, reinforces this.

Such a stance may explain his view that ‘the emphasis on crime reduction at all costs is misplaced’.

“Policing comes in to its own when the crime happens, when the disorder or natural disaster occurs,” he says, but what does it mean?

A confused childhood creates a confused mind.

“We are a reactive force, and when people really judge the police is when they call 999.”

People beg to differ.

  • People judge the police when they are stopped in the street and searched.
  • People judge the police when they burst through their door while you are naked and in bed and shoot you in the heart.
  • People judge the police when they are face-to-face with them, protecting the environment at Balcombe.
  • People judge the police when they are being arrested.
  • People judge the police, on how they behave when no one is looking.

Calling all honest Police Officers to break ranks and blow the whistle on Corruption.

Read more: Stand-down: The Revolution is now.

When asked, “With the benefit of hindsight, what would he have done differently during his time at the top?” Martin Richards wades into contentious waters, as he admits, “The austerity drive afforded me excuses to make changes I would have preferred to have made earlier.”

Sooner rather than later.

A prime example is closing police stations across Sussex.

“I recognize the iconic status of the buildings but they serve very little purpose in real terms to members of the public.”

Can you believe this guy? “Police stations serve very little purpose in real terms to members of the public?”

Is Martin Richards seriously demented?

Mr. Richards likened the Sussex force to a company with a £250 million turnover, 5000 staff and 1.5 million customers, that has a duty to provide best value for money.

The Public are “Customers” and we are the “Client.”

Over the past four years he has orchestrated an initiative entitled Serving Sussex 2015, its primary objective to maintain public service while saving £50 million from the annual £250 million budget.

“We are on Track.”

“I am pleased to say we are on track to do that, and that’s one of the reasons why I feel it is a good time for me to step aside and give somebody else a chance, as we are now about to embark on the next lap.”

Standing aside at the Height of his Corruption.

While the official narrative calls it retirement, Matt Taylor has exclusively revealed the real reason, is because he’s under investigation for misconduct for an unprecedented third time.

Mr. Martin Richards is a crook.

With a recorded telephone conversation, Matt Taylor puts forward the proof that Martin Richards is implemented in serious assault and massive fraud.

Sussex remains silent.

Deemed a “Buffoon,” to which Matt Taylor prefers the word “Twat,” Sussex news organizations, including prominent citizens in Sussex such as Peter James, Nicholas Holmes and Ian Chisnall, continue to remain silent in the face of evidence which condemns Martin Richards as a crook; ignoring what Matt Taylor claims as madness.

Who knows?

  • Andrew Neil Neil
  • BBC South East Today
  • BBC Sussex Radio
  • Brighton & Hove News Frank le Duc, Editor
  • Brighton Magazine
  • Channel 4 News
  • Daily Mail Newspaper
  • Exopolitics
  • Jenny Day BBC Sussex radio
  • Jeremy Vine
  • Liam Raven The People’s Party
  • Mark Cocking
  • Mark Reckless MP
  • Mike Weatherley Sussex MP
  • Mirror Newspaper
  • News from Brighton
  • Nikki Cutler Sussex Newspaper
  • Nikki Martin West Sussex Young People
  • Peter Reynolds Clear UK Org
  • Press TV
  • Private Eye
  • Ric Bailey BBC Radio Controller
  • Richard Hall
  • Sam Top of the Cops
  • Schnews
  • Sky News
  • Sun Newspaper
  • Talk to the Press Selling your story
  • UK Column
  • Umit Ozturk Brighton Community Radio

“I thought Brighton and Hove Albion were going to sort it for me.”

“I thought Brighton and Hove Albion were going to sort it for me,” said Martin Richards, revealing that in 32 years serving in Warwickshire, Avon and Somerset, Wiltshire and for the last six in Sussex he has ‘never policed a premiership football team’.

The Seagull, Vatican, Sussex Police Connection.

Remember the Seagull attacking the Vatican Dove?

Martin Richards has been immortalized in the crime novels of best-selling author Peter James, in which the writer bases the fictional chief constable of Sussex Police Tom Martinson on Martin Richards.

“Brighton today is the favourite place to live for Premier League criminals.”

As Peter James said, “It is an almost perfect criminal environment. Brighton has an unguarded coastline – perfect for importing drugs and exporting stolen goods – and it has masses of escape routes close to hand: all the coastal ports, Eurotunnel, Gatwick Airport, London 50 minutes away by train and a great road network.”

What’s next for Martin Richards?

While the chief is retiring from the force, he intends to find other employment, although he says “quite what form this could take remains to be determined.”

A Crook? Who else knows?

With two accounts on Twitter as SOSLeader and SSPCC (Shadow Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner,) Matt Taylor is followed by 475 individuals and organizations. The SSPCC twitter account is followed exclusively by 80 serving and retired police officers and police related organizations in Sussex alone.

Exclusively published on the Getting Read for 2015 blog site, statistics show that 1728 people have read the allegations against Martin Richards, and are choosing to ignore it.

The bottom line is that a lot of people know Martin Richards retired early because he is under investigation for misconduct.

If you now know and continue to remain silent? The prison cells will soon be bursting to the brim!



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