crime scene tapeThere is an ongoing news blackout in Sussex over the development that ex-Sussex Police Constable, Martin Richards, retired early because he is being investigated for misconduct.

Exclusively revealed by Matt Taylor, (who wants to be the next MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven,) the official narrative of Martin Richard’s early retirement has been comprehensively discredited, with new evidence put forward which indicts Martin Richards in serious assault and fraud at the Bohemia Police station in Hastings.

As any law-abiding citizen would do, having received an anonymous telephone call from someone who makes serious allegations against a decorated Chief Constable, Matt Taylor wrote a series of articles, published on his Getting Ready for 2015 blog, which chronicles in detail what has been alleged.

Read more: Why Martin Richards really retired?

While this information has been sent to every news organization in Sussex, a news blackout means that the truth will never be made known to the residents of Sussex, whom Sussex Police are tasked to serve and protect.

The ball is in the Police and Crime Panel’s court.

ImageWhile Ric Bailey, the BBC’s political Chief Adviser has responded asking to be taken off the news distribution list, other prominent figures in Sussex life from Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Ian Chisnall, to famous novelist Peter James, to the famous grandson of Winston Churchill, Nicholas Soames, remain silent and compliant in the continuing news blackout in Sussex.

As a last resort, Matt Taylor has turned to the Police and Crime Panel to pick up the baton and hold Katy Bourne SPCC to account, as they are tasked to do by law.

The Sussex Police and Crime Panel.

police crime panelDavid Simmons – Adur District Council
Paul Wotherspoon – Arun District Council
Liz Wakefield – Brighton and Hove City Council
Warren Morgan – Brighton and Hove City Council
Eileen Lintill – Chichester District Council
Nigel Boxall  – Crawley Borough Council  
John Ungar – Eastbourne Borough Council

Chris Dowling – East Sussex County Council
Rosalyn St Pierre – East Sussex County Council
Godfrey Daniel – Hastings Borough Council
Sue Rogers – Horsham District Council
Andy Smith – Lewes District Council

Christopher Snowling – Mid Sussex District Council
Robin Patten – Rother District Council
Claire Dowling – Wealden District Council
Tom Wye – Worthing Borough Council
Dr James Walsh – West Sussex County Council
Brad Watson – West Sussex County Council
Sandra Prail – Independent
Graham Hill – Independent

Sent to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

On the 3rd March 2014

Dear members of the Sussex Police and Crime Panel,

Please accept my apologises for not introducing myself sooner, but I am Matthew Taylor, the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC). (Offering an extra layer of public scrutiny to elected PCC’s, I am not a critical friend.)

Though I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Godfrey Daniel, I haven’t had the pleasure to meet anyone else, and will be happy to do so if required.

In my capacity as SSPCC, certain information about Martin Richards has been made to me, which I believe you will find interesting.

It is my contention that Katy Bourne has failed to hold the Chief Constable of Sussex to account and I’ll leave it in your court to do something about it.

With limited resources and powers as SSPCC, I can only do so much in holding Katy Bourne to account and trust you pick up the baton and run with it.


11/02/14 – Martin Richard’s: I smell a rat!

13/02/14 – Why Martin Richards really retired?

16/02/14 – Cover up over VIP’s who abuse children.

16/02/14 – Stunned silence as news sinks in.

19/02/14 – The Citizen’s of Sussex hold Mr. Matthew Taylor to account.

19/02/14 – Katy Bourne the End Game.

20/02/14 – Dear Commissioner Bourne and Acting CC Giles York.

21/02/14 – Sussex News Blackout.

24/02/14 – Sussex Police in Meltdown.

26/04/14 Shouldn’t Katy Bourne follow Harriet Harman’s example?

02/03/14 Sussex Police are mocking British Law.

As you will appreciate these are extremely serious allegations leveled against Martin Richards, Katy Bourne, Giles York and Mark Streater.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing a response from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Matthew Taylor

Twitter: @SPCC4

As a measure of last resort, the members of the Sussex Police and Crime panel are tasked by law to hold Katy Bourne to account, as she holds the Chief Constable to account.

The evidence shows that Katy Bourne has failed to hold the Chief Constable to account and as a result must now resign.

The choice is ours? Either we remain silent and support the news blackout in Sussex, or we shout and let it be known that criminality has no place in Sussex Police or anywhere else for that matter.

Join me in exposing these criminals and let’s make Sussex safer for all of us and not just paedophiles and freemasons.

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