ImagePope Francis is feeling the pressure of the constant exposure of child trafficking, child-abuse and satanic worship within the Vatican. 

While giving his weekly blessing from the Vatican window, a seagull once again made an appearance and with the Brighton Connection praying on his mind, the Argentinean Pope mistakenly uttered the word ‘cazzo’ in Italian, which means ‘fuck’ in English, before quickly correcting himself.

F#&k it.

It was while preaching about the rich and their wealth, that Pope Francis lost control of his composure and stunned the world with his shocking slip of the tongue.

While the Vatican doesn’t wish to comment further on the slip-up, the pressure on his papacy is plain to see.Image

Having survived the first year anniversary of Pope Francis retirement to escape justice, having been found guilty of Crimes against Humanity by an International Common Law Court in Brussels, the Pope is faced with his own impending arrest, as Kevin Annett from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) organization, gears up to visit the Vatican city in April, to coincide with Queen Elizabeth’s and her husband’s historic visit to the Vatican.

Pope Francis will be left wondering, f#&k it, is it worth it?




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