Sussex Police in breach of Human Rights

Following the news that the High Court has ruled the Metropolitan police force liable to two women under Human Rights Act, for failures in its investigation into serial rapist claims, a direct comparison is being made with the events transpiring in the Sussex police force.

Mr. Neilson has been labeled a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ over the last 20 years by MP’s, journalists and the police, for claiming Sussex police criminally interfered with the murder investigation of Katrina Taylor, to cover-up the collusion between Sussex police and a local crime lord called Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc.

Sussex police are breaching Mr. Neilson’s human rights by not allowing him to report serious crime because they don’t believe him. (to hide their crimes.)

As with the two women who were not believed by the Met police when they reported being raped by a serial sexual attacker, their human rights were breached according to the High Court.

This is happening in Sussex now.

In a judgment that criticized the London force for systemic failings in the investigation of rape, and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), Mr Justice Green found that police have a legal duty to properly investigate rape and serious assault allegations under the Human Rights Act.

“Not to do so is a breach of the victims’ human rights, and the Met is liable,” he ruled.

The Brighton Kemptown MP, Simon Kirby continues to ignore Mr. Neilson with the excuse, “I have 90,000 constituents in the Brighton, Kemptown and Peacehaven constituency, and I have tried my very best to help. I am not able to agree to a meeting.”

This was in reply to a letter written to Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and Simon Kirby MP, asking to act on the evidence that the Sussex police and forces aligned with Sussex police, plan to attack the main witness in the Katrina Taylor murder trial, to silence him through violence and intimidation.

While Simon Kirby replied, Katy Bourne didn’t.

On Friday the 20th of September at 5.30 PM, Mr. Neilson was attacked as he went out to check his caravan outside his home on Southcoast Road in Peacehaven, Brighton.


At least 105 women over a six-year period were raped because of police failings.

Rape victims are reporting rape to the police, and the police don’t believe them, hence rapists remain at large to rape other women.

The victims sued the Met under article 3 of the Human Rights Act, which relates to inhuman or degrading treatment. The High Court ruled that the force was liable to the women for failures in its investigation. Damages will now be assessed.

stolen sign

Matt Taylor said: “In Mr. Neilson’s case I have identified a series of systemic failings which go to the heart of the failure of the Sussex police to apprehend corruption within their own ranks.”

Mr. Neilson single-handedly solved the Katrina Taylor murder case by:

·        Identifying where the murder weapon was hidden

·        Reporting a series of telephone conversations on the night of the murder

·        Reporting serious crimes and fraud being committed by the Mark Slade criminal gang, before Katrina Taylor’s murder.

If Sussex police acted sooner, Katrina Taylor would be alive today.

The shocking discovery is that Sussex police are in the pocket of organized crime, but no one believes it.

Hence anyone who dismisses claims of a crime, while there is evidence to confirm a crime has been committed, are in breach of the human right’s of the person(s) who reported the crime.

The High Court challenged the findings of the Met’s internal inquiry and the IPCC findings, which concluded that the failings of the police would most likely not have led to Warboys’ earlier apprehension.

Mr. Justice Green disagreed, saying it was “probably … but for the myriad failings in the investigative process which occurred in the years preceding the assault, NBV would not have been raped at all”. He added that had a search been carried out earlier “it is obvious that … all of the rapes and assaults that were subsequently committed would have been prevented”.

This confirms the contention that if Sussex police acted on the information supplied by Mr. Neilson sooner, Katrina Taylor would not have been murdered by Mark Slade’s criminal gang, because they would have been under arrest for fraud and drug dealing.

Katy Bourne, SPCC
Katy Bourne, SPCC

Katy Bourne and Mark Streater are in breach of article 3 of the Human Rights Act, which relates to inhuman or degrading treatment. 

As reported in Why Martin Richard’s really retired, the office of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner has been brought into disrepute, by dismissed claims that Martin Richard’s was forced to “Step aside” because he was under investigation for misconduct.

Katy Bourne passed responcibility to her number two, Mark Streater to investigate. Unsurprisingly, Mark Streater with 30 years loyalty to Sussex police, conducted an investigation without interviewing the complainants, and predictably came to the conclusion that,  “Martin Richard’s has no case to answer.”

martin richards 1
Martin Richards ex Chief Constable of Sussex Police

Katy Bourne has gone further to state that she will “no longer enter into conversation on this matter, except through the IPCC.”

“If you say sorry to ‘them,’ they can sue you,” Katy Bourne said at an IPCC meeting in 2012.

Mr. Neilson suffers from Fibromyalgia as a result of his treatment by Sussex police, during the last 20 years of exposing the corruption which he has been a victim to.

The Met had argued there was no duty under the Human Rights Act to investigate rape properly, and if there was it had not been breached.

In a statement on Friday, the force said: “The case has raised important arguments regarding the boundaries of police responsibility and liability and we believed that it was important for these principles to be tested before the courts.”

Katy Bourne, Mark Streater and Sussex police have yet to comment.

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