james bond cufflinksJames Bond wouldn’t be seen dead without them on, as would any gentleman of stature and refinement. Cufflinks embody gentlemanly style and is the lucky charm a man touches before he steps out to impress.

An enduring accoutrement throughout centuries of fashion, the humble cufflink boasts an impressive history. While in the Middle Ages of Europe a simple ribbon wrapped around the wrist would suffice, 16th Century French royalty were the first to introduce the decorated cuff fasteners. In the 17th Century the style had filtered down to the middle classes and tradesmen and by the 18th Century, cufflinks were found in the form of gold, silver, or pearl buttons held together by a brass chain.

Today’s range of cufflinks will satisfy even the most discerning gentlemen. Supercuffs made of titanium, bespoke RAF wings which come in their own black lacquered box and more with distinctive looks, lightweight and scratch resistant, silver lined, gold plated, or jewel incrusted. Considered a symbol of power, company executives and CEO’s love to wear cufflinks at work, letting them shine at important meetings or presentations.

In a more social setting cufflinks can give you that sense of style that would otherwise be missing. There is nothing better than silver cufflinks, to add that extra panache to your black dinner suit. You’ll look good and feel expensive, too.

Buying the right cufflink takes careful consideration. With so many to choose from its important not to jump in and buy the first one which catches the eye.

Don’t be shy to spend high on a top quality product. The more you spend, the better the cufflinks. When it comes to genuine luxury products, there’s nothing like owning the best.

Read more at The Smart Gentleman, a magazine for globally educated people with a passion for a bold and particular lifestyle.


6 thoughts on “Cufflinks are a man’s best friend.

  1. Of course cufflinks define the men style!! Apart from silver cufflinks which gives the classy looks, engraved and personalized cufflinks are also present nowadays to give the more stylish looks and feel. What ever the clothing you may fit into, cufflinks are the ones that makes it complete!!!

  2. Its true that cufflinks adorn more of men into the elegance and royalty. They bring out the manly and the bold looks out of a man when he is in a complete dress up who gets the finishing touch with this small accessory.

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