ImageMartin Richards, the ex-Sussex Chief Constable who stepped aside from the top job on 08 February 2014 citing early retirement, is today facing imminent arrest for malfeasance in office and serious fraud. 

Stemming from an incident of serious assault and fraud at the Bohemia Police Station in Hastings on 12 February 2009, (involving police sergeant Matthew Presland, now sacked for misconduct,) Martin Richards was forced to “step aside” one year earlier than planned because he was under investigation for an unprecedented third time.

  • The first time was when the IPCC investigated him for misconduct in July 2012. A subsequent 38 Degree petition to remove Martin Richards as Sussex Chief Constable, linked him with a paedophile ring in Adur District Council. The IPCC concluded Martin Richards had no case to answer.
  • The second time was on the order of Katy Bourne, tasked to Mary Clarke her senior policy officer to investigate. No further details known, but no further action was taken.
  • The third time, ordered by Katy Bourne and tasked to Mark Streater, her Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer, who concluded Martin Richards had no case to answer, without including the testimony of the complainants in his investigation.


At the mercy of “The Real Police”, Martin Richards day’s as a free man are swiftly coming to an end.

As an insider of the elite anti-corruption force reveals exclusively to Guerrilla Democracy News:

“We will see to it personally, that every single person that is attached to this “VERY SERIOUS SET-OF CIRCUMSTANCES” and that have committed “FRAUD AND DECEPTION” whilst working in “PUBLIC OFFICE”and to also include “EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS AIDED AN ABETTED” that of the same, will be arrested and placed before the court and suffer, unimaginable lengthy, prison sentences, “FACT”.

Named persons include:

  • Martin Richards, ex-Sussex Chief Constable
  • Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Giles York, Acting Chief Constable
  • Mark Streater, Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer
  • Mary Clarke, Senior Policy Officer
  • Natacha Skelton, Policy Officer

Immune to the loyalties of Freemasonry and The Knight’s Templar, The Real Police incite fear among the criminal underworld as the number one law enforcer of Common Law world-wide.

“They run from us,” The Real Police boast.


With The Real Police knocking at their door, its business as usual at Sussex Police.

mrs-katy-bourne“Ignore him and pretend he’s not there,” Katy Bourne would likely have said to Giles York, with reference to Matthew Taylor, the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner.

At Katy Bourne’s Malling House, monthly Performance and Accountability meeting, Giles York was joined by Martin Walker, the Divisional Commander for West Sussex on his right and Deputy Chief Constable of Sussex Olivia Pinkney on his left. Katy Bourne was joined by her rock, Mark Streater.

“You are a fount of information, Mr Streater,” gushed Katy as he corrected her that Bexhill had more centenarians than Worthing.


(1) Throughout the entire Katy Bourne (PAM) meeting of yesterday which was of course, Friday 21st March 2014, you will clearly see that (KATY BOURNE) (GILES YORK) and (OLIVIA PINKNEY) all sat clutching, fiddling, twitching, and playing with their pens, “FACT”.

(2) (KATY BOURNE) and (GILES YORK) held their pens in this way throughout the entire (PAM) meeting and didn’t let go of their pens for one moment.

(3) This is the type of behaviour that has been illustrated many times before in many types of meetings where a person is “ABSOLUTELY PETRIFIED AND NERVOUS AND ANXIOUS” DO YOU SEE?

(4) There was also another tell, tell sign, look at the video and you will also clearly see that (OLIVIA PINKNEY) and Martin Walker sat nodding at Giles York like nodding dogs, “FACT”.

Discussing scams and burglary, the meeting lasted over an hour and raised more questions about the mentality at the top of Sussex police.

“Mark, you raised a cracking point,” said Giles York.

On the subject of ‘Public Confidence,’ the most pressing issue they had to discuss was the Crawley based suicide bomber who martyred himself in Syria on 6 February 2014.

Leaving it to Martin Walker to comment, Giles York and Katy Bourne choose to remain silent in petrified shock as The Real Police prepare to swoop.

“Give to charity and don’t become a terrorist,” was Martin Walker’s illuminating advise.

Choosing to highlight an incident in another country, under the heading of ‘Public Confidence,’ in a month which saw Sussex Police come under intense local and national interest for corruption and incompetence, clearly demonstrates that Katy Bourne and Giles York are suffering from shock and denying there is a problem.

Read more: Why Martin Richards really retired?

With the BBC South Today and BBC Panorama shows in receipt of the Martin Richard’s scandal, it would appear that The Real Police have won this battle and justice is about to be served.

  • It’s ironic that Katy Bourne announces she has recently taken over the chair of the Sussex Criminal Justice Board.


Clearly reluctant to highlight the issue, but knowing they had to, they left it until the end to talk about the infamous PIN to MP Tim Loughton.

Sussex Police are in contempt of Parliament.

With over 2000 issued last year, PIN’s (Police Information Notices) are nothing more than a creation of Sussex police used as an early intervention between two sets of people, who are being disruptive to each other.

Sussex Police are in contempt of the Law.

“There are no real benefit’s to PIN’s,” said Giles York, “you may think you are being loving but you are being harassing and you’ve got to stop it before it escalates.”

Awaiting a review of PIN’s use in Sussex police, ordered by Giles York and expected at the end of April, the National College of Policing plan to use the Sussex review as an example to follow nationally.

The conclusion is that if a person doesn’t receive a PIN, (and baring in mind 2000 were issued by Sussex Police last year,) then their behaviour isn’t viewed as disruptive by Sussex Police and is therefore acknowledged to be perfectly legal.

While an elected MP can receive a PIN for doing something perfectly legal, Matthew Taylor, the Sussex Shadow Police and Crime Commissioner receives nothing in response to posting a number of controversial comments, pictures and youtube videos highlighting criminality in Sussex Police and local government.

“Take care young man and don’t worry, the future is bright,” reassures The Real Police insider, “there is no law against telling the truth.”


“I want to take this opportunity to thank The Real Police for protecting me and allowing me to go about my business. You are the real heroes behind the scene, doing the real job, I’m just the big mouth!”

Read more: Matt Taylor lays down the Law to Sussex Police.

“This is a big shout out to The Real Police in Sussex Police. I SALUTE YOU LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. The criminals at the top are about to be arrested for malfeasance in office. Hold in there and be assured that there will be new positions opening soon. The Real Police are being rewarded and the fakes are being jailed. Well done, you’ve made Sussex safer for law abiding citizen and not criminals.”

The Real Police in Sussex Police acknowledge that the information released on this blog and the Shadow of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner blog site, are in the public’s interest and immune from PIN’s, disruption and censorship.

Its with this in mind that a recorded conversation with the Brighton and Hove Social Services about paedophilia can be broadcasted, without the prior consent of the social worker in conversation, because the subject of paedophilia in government and the compliance of the social services in supplying paedophiles with their victims, is a matter of national interest.

Its with this in mind that a recorded conversation with the BBC South Today news team about the Martin Richards scandal can be broadcasted, without the prior consent of the BBC South Today news reporter in conversation, because the subject of a bent Chief Constable running a UK police force, is a matter of national interest.





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