simon-kirby-in-pinkSimon Kirby the MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven has turned to Matt Taylor, the favourite to take over from him in 2015, for his opinion.

As Simon Kirby MP, writes in his email, “I am writing to ask if you can do me a favour and please spend a few moments replying to the following questions.”

Am I doing a good job as your MP?

No you aren’t.

  • I wrote you a letter about Mr. Joe Neilson and how I was concerned that he was in danger of attack and assault. You replied that with 90,000 constituents to worry about, you wouldn’t worry about Joe Neilson anymore. Joe Neilson was subsequently beaten to an inch of his life, after an illegal fence was erected outside his house which hid his assault from public view.

Read more: Cover-up of a cover-up.

  • As the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Rt Hon Hugh Robertson, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, you are unable to vote against the government. This seriously undermines your ability to do a good job as an MP.
  • By voting for austerity measures, the Bedroom Tax and The Gagging Bill, you have demonstrated your loyalty to the Nasty Party and not the people, and as a result do an disservice to the hardworking people of Brighton.
  • You bang on about working hard for your constituents but I have seen no evidence of you working for the interests of the majority. You only serve the minority and that goes against the principles of being an MP.
  • Your continuing refusal to address the corruption in Sussex Police demonstrates you are a part of the problem. I’ve been publically commenting about you for over a year now and never once have you reputed anything I’ve said. Under Common Law, this indicates that you consent to my actions, and acknowledge what I write about you to be the truth.
  • As a Freemason your hands are tied, you are obliged to assist fellow Freemason, regardless of the criminality of their actions.

What two LOCAL issues are important to you and your family?

  • The Bevy Pub, ensuring a local community pub and hub opens for Moulsecoomb.
  • Ensuring our local schools perform to the best of their abilities.

What two NATIONAL issues are most important to you and your family?

  • The legalisation of cannabis for medical use and the decriminalization of cannabis for recreational use. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) cures Cancer.
  • Fracking.
  • One more for luck: Mounting evidence that suggests paedophiles, murderers and criminals are currently serving in positions of power within the British Government and British Monarchy.

While Simon Kirby continues to peddle the lie, “I work hard on behalf of everyone, regardless of how they vote,” he wants to know which party I would be most likely to vote for if there was an election tomorrow?

I’ll leave that question for Simon Kirby to answer himself.

Just out of interest, who else got the same email from Simon Kirby MP?




  1. Keep up the good work – I don’t live in your area, but find your posts relevant, I would say the “establishment” will do everything they can to reduce your exposure, just keep blasting out the facts into as many public places as possible.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words of encourage. I will continue and I’ll do so with more vigor thanks to you.
      You know we all need to step up to the plate, now that the criminals are in charge, would you consider standing as an independent candidate where you live? The country needs men and women like you.

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