Assistant Chief Constable

Acting Chief Constable, Olivia Pinkney

Vacancy Details

Grade: £94,692 per annum plus travel allowance.

Location: Sussex Police Headquarters, Lewes

Date added: 31 March 2014

Closing date: 14 April 2014

Vacancy Description

An Assistant Chief Constable post is available in Sussex Police £94,692 per annum plus travel allowance.

This is a permanent role based at Sussex Police Headquarters in Lewes, with frequent travel across Sussex and to our collaborative partner Surrey.

Applications are invited from the Freemasonry, or the higher echelons of the police force who have successfully shown a complete lack of back-bone and the character to lie, distort and generally commit fraud against law abiding citizens.

You will be required to continue the cover-up of:

And many many more….

Giles York Acting Chief Constable of Sussex Police
Giles York Acting Chief Constable of Sussex Police

Sussex is a corrupt county ranging from the Freemasons in the City of Brighton and Hove to paedophiles in smaller coastal towns, to practicing satanists in varied rural communities. The county is divided into three Divisions and has two areas which collaborate closely with criminals in Surrey, to ensure Brighton remains the destination of choice for the criminal elite.

The primary focus of the ACC role is to maintain the level of corruption and support the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner’s priorities of ensuring Sussex is safer for paedophiles and Freemasons. We are looking for a psychopathic individual, with an established track record of dishonesty in delivering a compromised performance alongside the status quo. With an exceptional lack of morals and business acumen, integrity, diligence and a high degree of insensitivity to the concerns of the public, the successful candidate will develop effective relationships with the criminal elite from the community and a wide range of corrupt private security and solicitor organisations. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a proven track record of incompetence and corruption, lying skills, a commitment to criminality and injustice within policing, and a passion for delivering fear, intimidation and violence to the communities in Sussex.

For an application form and to apply in blood, please contact, fully completed completed applications must be returned by 8am on Monday 14th April 2014. Please ensure you include your criminal record and your choice of sexual perversion to complete your application. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a Freemasonic ceremony/Familiarisation Day at Sussex Police Headquarters in Lewes on Tuesday 22nd April 2014 in advance of interviews taking place on Wednesday 30th April and Friday 2nd May.

Read more about the application and good luck…




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