Kevin Annett, the Field Secretary of the ITCCS

Kevin Annett, the Field Secretary of the International Tribunal into the Crimes of Church and State has declared that Common Law police officers will attempt to make a citizen’s arrest against Elizabeth Windsor, when she visits Rome on April 3rd 2014.

Echoing the earth shattering indictments in 2013 which brought about the resignation of Pope Benedict, an international Common Law court in Brussels is starting proceedings against:

  • The Present Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio
  • The Head of the Jesuits, known as the Black Pope, Adolfo Pachón
  • The Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby

This case is about Global Child trafficking.

francisEvidence against Pope Francis centres around eye witness accounts of him organizing child trafficking for the Argentine Junta during the Dirty War of 1975-1978, where he has been directly implicated in grabbing the children of political prisoners.

blk popeEvidence against the Black Pope, Adolfo Pachon, is more Symbolic than anything else. As Kevin Annett explains, “Like at the Nuremberg Trials, you couldn’t put up everyone involved in the crimes on trial, but you can use a symbolic figure.”

Looking at the long history of the Jesuits, the evidence is damning.

The Jesuits were the group who established the model for the template for all the Indian boarding schools. Under their direction and influence, institutions are deliberately encouraged to alienate one generation from the other, in order to destroy their cultures.

justin welbyEvidence against Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, centres around the implementation of the Hollywood Agreement. The former Pope Benedict and Queen Elizabeth Windsor actually agreed in September 2010, to apply the criminal policy known as ‘Criminal Solicit Annus’ to the Anglican Churches as well as the Church of England.


Essentially, the Hollywood Agreement makes it an obligation of clergymen to protect child rapists, by not telling the police and in effect silencing the victims of child-abuse at the hands of priests.

As Kevin Annett explains, “Not only did Justin Welby enact this policy of protecting child rapists and facilitating child trafficking through the Church of England, but in January 2012 he issued, right after becoming Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, a memo to Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church in Canada, that all evidence must be suppressed and any evidence linking members of the Royal family to the deaths of children was to be destroyed.”

A direct directive from the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury to cover-up, the fact that only a month after commencing excavations at the Church of England Indian boarding school in Brantford Ontario, bone samples of small children were unearthed. (Confirmed by Dr Donald Ortner of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.)

The bigger picture reveals a industrial sized system of genocide and child trafficking.


Elizabeth Windsor has already been found guilty of crimes against humanity, including child-trafficking which helped bring Pope Benedict down.

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, passed a verdict of ‘Guilty,’ on February 25th 2013, against:

  • Queen Elizabeth Windsor
  • Pope Benedict
  • and others, for Crimes against Humanity.

There is a standing arrest warrant against Elizabeth Windsor.

“In fact when she arrives in Rome on April 3rd to meet Pope Francis, there will be an attempt to perform a citizen’s arrest of her at that time,” warns Kevin Annett.

While there are three main defendants, there will be others, accessories and other agents who will be named in the course of the trial that opened on March 31st.


  • Gay
  • 61 years old
  • One of the UK’s Top Judges
  • Sits on the High Court
  • Advisor to Queen Elizabeth on Constitutional Matters
  • A notorious protector of Child Rapists
  • Founding member of the PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange)

adrian-fulfordRead more about Adrian Fulford.

Read more about the Paedophile connections with the Queen.

Read more about even the Queen’s butler being a paedophile.

A Scotland Yard police inspector is quoted as saying that child raping is on, “an industrial level.”

Its because of the influence of Fulford and others that injustice is allowed to go on.

Paedophilia is what holds the ruling classes together.

“The people who are doing this are the ones who have to worry, not us because we have the numbers, we have the truth and the Law on our side.


“The movement is growing,” boasts Kevin Annett, “We have groups in Birmingham and Manchester that are actively organizing Common Law Courts, issuing arrest warrants against known child raping priests, organizing Church occupations and naming people responsible of the crimes. There is an amazing groundswell happening.”

Things change from the bottom up.


There has been a public summons issued against these three primary defendants.

  • Pope Francis
  • Head of the Jesuits
  • Arch-Bishop of Canterbury

Public summons was posted on March 31st and gives them 10 days to respond.

“Having publically served them, they have until March 14th to respond. If they don’t respond to the summons or show up on March 31st for examination where each side can look at the evidence that the other has, normal pre-trial procedure, if they don’t respond in anyway, the court will issue on their behalf a plea of ‘nolo contendere,’ which means ‘not contested.’

As with the Queen, by not contesting the charges publically, they are not defending their own good name. They are not disputing the charges and can weight heavily against them in the final verdict.


Started on 31st March 2014, and in the months to follow, evidence will be shown to the court.

  • For example, the man living in exile in Spain who says he was sitting in on a meeting where Pope Francis was agreeing to traffic the children of political prisoners.

There are more people coming forward to give their statements.

  • We have the videotape testimony of the eye witness to Queen Elizabeth Windsor and her consort, Prince Philip, abducting 10 indigenous children from a residential school in Canada, who have never been seen again.

william combINTRODUCING WILLIAM COMBES – 1952-2011

William’s testimony is safely kept in the ITCCS archives.

“For six months before he died, he had been appearing on my show on Vancouver Radio talking about what he had seen and he was to come to England, initially in May 2011, but in February before he was ordered by Vancouver native health, a government run operations, ordered to go for tests down at Saint Paul’s Catholic Hospital in the West end of Vancouver.

He was healthy and had stopped drinking. He was feeling a lot better in himself because of his involvement with our work. He went to Saint Paul’s hospital, his partner May went with him. She said that injected him with something and he was in a coma within six hours. They transferred him to Vancouver General Hospital and then they arbitrarily put him of life support the next day, less than 48 hours. They didn’t consult the family, gave no diagnosis, just pulled the plug on him.

Read more about William Comb.

“I believe it was deliberate. They killed him for sure,” said Kevin Annett.

This murder of a key witness to Elizabeth Windsor and her consort, Prince Philip abducting ten young children who were never seen again.



“She is seeing Pope Francis on April 3rd probably to work out the terms of the absorption of the Church of England back into the Church of Rome. Even if she hadn’t been convicted already, that’s an indictable offence right there because she’s violating her Coronation Oath and should be deposed before she abdicates on that ground alone.

In the Coronation ceremony of 2 June 1953 the Archbishop said.

“Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England? And will you preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of England, and to the Churches there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?”

To which the Queen replied.

“All this I promise to do.”

“Child rape in the Catholic Church isn’t about random priest hurting kids, its an organised system of child trafficking. Its involved at the level of Catholic orphanages which provide a certain quota. Adoption agencies will go to the Catholic Church and give them a number of kids they need. The Catholic Church then targets vulnerable women, brainwash them to give up their children. There are even signs outside Saint Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver that say, “GIVE US YOUR CHILD,” so they can traffic them to the black market.”


If there was a legitimate legal system at work in this country, these bodies would be prosecuted. That’s why we have to take the action when our courts are not.”

The People in the System, know the System isn’t operating.

“A big mental shift realising that we don’t have to have allegiance anymore to these institutions with so much blood on their hands.”

“In fact its up to us to reclaim our traditions, reclaims the Law, reclaim our religions.”


“Its starts from within, with a commitment not to be part of this murderous global system anymore.”

“This is part of a much bigger thing. I would dare to say its a whole spiritual Renaissance we are going through at the moment.”

“A great opportunity to People to become aware.”


As Matt Taylor warns the Queen of England, “Surrender yourself now to the Big Brother House and confess your sins to the nation.”

Two main websites for more information in this breaking news are:





  1. i have shared this all over the internet, thank you people for facing up against these sheer evil fucks who would harm a beautiful innocent child. I know that the word fuck offends some people, tell me how to express my anger without using the word fuck? God is in our dna in the universe, we are all connected.

  2. All Humans are the victims of a conspiracy in which the conspirators (Our banksters and bleedership) are creating a global economic system from which they receive all the benefits, starving out Humanity.

    Nothing will EVER change for Human benefit, until We create real democracy by relentlessly defining the true will of the mind of Mankind regarding everything for all to know. This is the singular collective act that can save Us. When We’ve done it, paradise (OUR TRUE WILL) will automatically begin to manifest, because observation is manifestation. For the first time, Humanity will be able to observe its true will and finally know what We all want. And, until We’ve done it, everything will continue to worsen for Us.
    It’s high time the mob (Humanity) ruled Our Earth.

  3. Great news. One would have thought, however, that an article of this import would have been read through and edited. The numerous spelling mistakes taint its credulity, not to those of us in the know, but those for whom the global satanic conspiracy is still a foolish notion.

    1. lol. I wasn’t bitching actually. I like what you’re doing and wish to see you reach more people but I am concerned that were this easily amendable glitch to be rectified the rewards might prove somewhat encouraging. Many people do judge a book by its cover you know and it could give the impression that you are insensitive and don’t really care enough about what you’re doing. Sure, it’s hard to fit everything in these days. I suppose that would have been the polite thing to do but I don’t have time to re-read and mark your work sonny jim! Perhaps you have edited it by now anyway. 🙂

      1. Its hard proof reading with a partner who hates me writing, let alone reading and then proof reading.

        I know how you feel about not having the time to re-read work and point of the errors. I don’t have any time to do it too.

        But thanks for pointing that there were mistakes there. Please allow me to enter you into the April’s raffle draw to win a signed copy of my (proof-read) debut novel, The Golden Cube.

  4. I will start by wishing every one a good day and excusing me in advence for mi poor English i tink the importent tingne is to at lease try to comunicate as best we can and help each author untherstand .Personaly i have seen enouf in mi life to come to thise conclusion 1: if you are spéritual ie belive in somme sort of God .then you must belive in the after life and mankind’ s evalution to a hier plane of existence where there is harmonie 2:why would a speritual beeing that is eternal would use suche fragile humanbeing and its short life time? OUR 5 SENSESE ie SIGHT SOUND TOUTCH ODORA TASTE all these tings have one ting in comment you need a body to experience thise feeling’s We are a speritual being whit great integence but we need the body to experience the smell of a beutiful rose or see a bird and here it sing or smell on’s favorite desert ready to eat ! bring’s water to your mouth to me it is a way for the speritual beeing to enjoye true the flesh everyting a speritual beeing can not feel He knows and is capable of extraordinary ting’s but does not have a body we are made of energie and we use the body to be abele to feel , see ,smell ,taste and hear, every ting arroud us but i dont belive in hell at leas not the wait i was taugh I dont belive a god all loving would put you in hell for any reason ! woud you send your child to hell for eternety!! for not folowing the church or the 10 commendement that most peopel dont knoow all of theme

  5. Hi Kevin I agree with your last point. However, it is just a fact that the grading you refer to is very often regarded as and communicated as a lesson observation grade

  6. That’s why I detest this royal family who’s real last name is, Saxe Coberg-Gotha, not Windsor. They don’t even have a drop of true English blood running in their veins, but is of full German blood decent. They have never truly cared a wit for the british people’s lives and welfare, preferring their own lives of privileged, law braking, pedophilia, murdering, comforts. Not that I have anything against germen people, but, these “royals” adored Hitler and his genocidal ideas, so much so, that prince philip, the queen,s husband thoroughly believes in the depopulation of this world’s population, in favor for the very privileged to fully have in their tiaras and medals. In other words, he wants the rest of us plebs gone, in lieu of him and his to inherit the world. These germen royals could care less for the rest of us, and the very British people should kick them out and reclaim their true history……:•|

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