Even the loyal friend of Sussex Police and Royalty, Peter James couldn’t make this shit up in one of his infamous books set in Brighton.

Peter James & Katy Bourne

Set around the central figure of Roy Grace, Peter James sets his stories around Sussex Police and knows better than anyone the corruption at its roots.

Take for example his description of Brighton:

“Three previous chief constables have told me that Brighton today is the favourite place to live for Premier League criminals.

It is an almost perfect criminal environment. Brighton has an unguarded coastline – perfect for importing drugs and exporting stolen goods – and it has masses of escape routes close to hand: all the coastal ports, Eurotunnel, Gatwick Airport, London 50 minutes away by train and a great road network.

It has the largest number of antiques shops in the UK – perfect for fencing stolen goods.

And with two universities, a huge student population, a very large arty community, the largest gay community in the UK – all great consumers for the recreational drugs industry – it has something the tourist board doesn’t like me mentioning: for nine years running, Brighton has held the unwelcome title of Injecting Drug Death Capital Of The UK.

It is also the only place where a serving chief constable has been murdered …”

Read more about Sussex Police Chief Constables.

Peter James adds yet another Brighton Connection, to the unfolding drama being played out in Sussex.

Gearing up for the release of his 10th Roy Grace book, ‘Want you Dead, (I trust I will be invited to it’s book launch, as I once was to another of his book launches, where I met the Grand-father of British Horror writing, the late and great Jimmy Herbert) published on the 3rd of June 2014; Peter James has been currying favour with the humiliated Katy Bourne and the shamed Giles York.

“Acted Brilliantly”

peter james arse noseWhy? Maybe as a service to Queen and country to add credibility to their failing positions, or rather, just to get in close and personal to explore an extra-dimensional story line, only Peter James knows?

Though I’ll bet my last pound that Peter James will shout “Innocent,” once the Martin Richards scandal breaks and the truth comes out.

peterjamesarrestedPeter James, I know what you did last Summer!

Hopefully I’ll get to meet Martin Richards, Giles York and Katy Bourne at the ‘Want You Dead’ book launch in Brighton this Summer. I promise I won’t be filming; and anything that will be said will be treated in the strictest of confidences.

Peter James the Peace-maker – The Go-Between – The Intermediary.

Like I said even Peter James couldn’t make this shit up.

From the BBC News, we learn that police officers thwarted an attempt to commit an £50,000 ransom, only to think it was such a good idea, they would do it themselves…

Yes read that again, so it’s straight in your head.

And what’s worse is that the Police officer who recommends it, boasts of getting away with it before.

I kid you not ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to read about the Metropolitan Police is truly shocking, though it pales into insignificance, as to the crimes being perpetrated in Sussex.


Corrupt police in the Flying Squad were suspected of plotting to kidnap the partner of a cash van driver to obtain a £50,000 ransom, secret intelligence reports obtained by the BBC reveal.

According to the documents, a group of London-based officers hatched the plot in the mid-1990s.

Police sources told the BBC the reports were part of a “lorry-load” of documents thought shredded by the Met.

The Met said it does not comment on leaked intelligence reports.

Read more: Met Flying Squad officers ‘plotted corrupt cash van kidnap’.





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