The legend reminds us that King Arthur will return when he is most needed, in our country’s darkest hour.

Guy Ritchie’s ‘King Arthur 3D’ Gets 2016 Release Date.

The Time is now.

Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures have set a July 22, 2016, release date for King Arthur, a big-budget retelling of the King Arthur Legend to be directed by Guy Ritchie.

Read more from The Hollywood Reporter.


I’ve always felt very lucky to be born British and on Brightonian soil. Lucky that I wasn’t born in India, for example, where from a single parent family I most probably would have had to rummage on waste dumps to feed the family! Being born British brought with it the privilege to roam its Empire (I lived and worked in Hong Kong as a twenty year old, and enjoyed the reputation of being British as I traveled Asia and beyond.)

I’ve always felt proud to be British, to benefit from its free education, health and safety net.


• Invaded by the Norman in 1066, in which King Harold died from an arrow shot into his eye. (Silly billy, he should have worn an eye-visor or something, I always thought!)
• Before the Roman invasion, the British were barbarisms that deserved conquering and servitude.
• Suffered a Dark Age in which nothing was written down?


  • Shameful, to be beaten by the Norman’s of all people; couldn’t the British put up more of a fight? Oh yes, we were meant to be stupid barbarians, weren’t we.
  • Just as shameful of rolling over in defeat and letting the Romans wade ashore with nothing more than, HALT IN THE NAME OF BRITAIN!
  • And last but not least the Dark Ages, where we remember nothing at all, because everyone in Britain lost their intelligence over night and forgot to write anything down.


Now the truth transpires that not all is what it seems. Remember Ladies and Gentlemen, we are occupied by a German Royal Dynasty and of-course any histories of Ancient Britain would have been well and truly hidden and repressed from public view.

Read more: Simmering in Shit since 1066.



I recently took the family to Fishbourne Roman Palace. My daughter had gone there with her school and I wanted to go and ask about King Arthur and ancient Britain.

Having endured the droning spill from the lady at the desk on our welcome, I asked whether the resident expert was available.

I was introduced to the lady standing nearby who was an archaeologist from The Sussex Archaeological Society.

I asked her whether she knew about the research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett and she said “Yes,” but I know she was lying because when I mentioned King Arthur, she laughed as if to dismiss him as a myth.

I laughed too, and said well if you think that’s funny, wait until I tell you that after the asteroid strike of 567AD (which brought in the Dark Ages where nothing grew on British soil for 7-11 years,) King Arthur II sailed his entire army and people to America in 700 ships.

“Bunkum,” she said, “there would be evidence.”

“There is.”

“No there isn’t.”

“How come Red Indians were speaking Welsh before Columbus was a twinkle in his mother and father’s eye?”


Its interesting that King Arthur is mentioned everywhere, but is still regarded a myth, by the so called experts. It appears that their expert minds are so closed to the idea that King Arthur was a real historical figure; it would amount to them having to believe Father Christmas is a real historical figure, than it is to believe in King Arthur.


sword in the stoneThere will be a lot of red faces and Ian Hislop’s from the Private Eye Magazine will be the first in focus.

Standing as the mouth piece of the Establishment, he declares, “King Arthur probably never existed.”

Obedient puppets of the German Windsor family, the BBC duly dedicated a three part programme, (at taxpayer’s expense,) to peddle the lies of King Arthur as they have been told for the last 500 years.

There really is no reason to listen to Ian Hislop on this BBC iPlayer link, (though whether the link will work forever is yet to be seen,) because when he talks of King Arthur “probably never existing,” he’s talking BUNKUM!






CONTRARY to what most have been spoon fed by the miseducation system and the lying media (in all its forms), Britain’s history did not begin in 54BC with the arrival of the Romans.


Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett are two unsung British heroes. This statement is not made lightly: over the past 40 years these indomitable maverick historians have delved deep into the verifiable truth of the history of the British people, a truth that is at odds with the baloney of establishment history, designed to veil the truth about the actual origins of the indigenous peoples of Britain.

Was the recent uncovering of Richard III’s remains in a Leicester car park a mere sideshow that shifted a nation’s attention away from the true history of its ancestral origins? A history as established by W&B, a force for truth in a cave of lies?

The sheer scale of the media coverage afforded to Richard III (another ‘ruler’ whose origins lie in the genocidal usurpation of these lands, for and on behalf of a fake crown whose current incumbent of the phony throne similarly sits atop a mountain of skulls, each a testimony to the criminality that exists at the black heart of a ‘state’ that erroneously claims to hold power after one thousand years of suppression, lies and treachery) was immense. Given the levels of control exerted over the corporate-state monopolies of academia and the media by those agencies of the so-called ‘establishment’, this should come as no surprise.

The sycophantic eulogising over the discovery of Dickie III’s bones may well be nothing less than another distraction by the BREAD BEER CIRCUS parade.

As is often the case, the truth lies some distance from that which has been spun out by the propaganda machinery of the paid-for academia and the media.

The independence of Wilson and Blackett is admirable and their personal histories over the time they have been delving into the recorded evidence are testimony to how the ‘state’ considers them to be a threat to its continued existence.

RM has previously touched on the importance of archetypes to man’s self-realisation of who he is and from whence he has sprung via his ancestral lineage. The tales of King Arthur & his Knights of the Round Table, those chivalrous warrior associates are inspirational in so far as, whether factual or fictional, they contain elements that resonate with the rebel-heart that beats so thrillingly beneath the ocean of lies, poisons, legal deceptions and tyrannical oppression that hold man’s consciousness in its bloody yet ever-loosening grip.

The fact is amply demonstrated by W&B that there were actually two King Arthurs that existed and whose lives are recorded, at a variety of sources, on papyrus, manuscript, in stone, engraved in copper and chronicled in accounts from contemporaries in Ireland, France and other parts of Europe. The second Arthur’s remains apparently lie under St Peter’s church (owned by Wilson) and with them lies a suppressed history of the Khumric origins of the Cymri, otherwise known as the ancient Britons.

To suggest the establishment historians have attempted to discredit W & B’s masterly work is to understate the case: as recently as 2011 an attempt was made to kill them, when an incendiary device was detonated in Baram Blackett’s bedroom in Newcastle. The crime was reported to the police, along with the forensic evidence of how the fire was triggered but, not surprisingly, given the spineless, treacherous and bovine corporate nature of the (U)Key Stone Kops, they did fuck all about it.

These are dark times – or at least that is what the vast apparatus of mass distraction would prefer the individual to believe (grins).

The podcast 002, Remembrance Day, is RM’s humble attempt to jog the memory banks and heartstrings of each man who is increasingly aware of the phony matrix into which he has been born and sold and wishes to do something about it.

The legend of Arthur states he will return when he is most needed, in the country’s darkest hour. A literal reading of the legend, however, is of little practical value.

The fact is, at the bleakest point, it will not be a superhero who turns up to save the day, moreover, it will be the individual.

For it is the slumbering giant that exists within each and every man, that will awaken.

No, the legend of Arthur is not to taken literally and it’s certainly not to be taken lightly because, in a very real sense, this is what is unfolding right now. A man is a divine body of matter, as rooted to the earth as he is connected to the cosmos, his potential is only limited by his imagination.


Read more: Hail King Arthur II Part One.




  1. At last, the truth will prevail. This is long overdue, but at last there is support for Wilson and Blackett. They have done a great job. Now the truth must spread. The ones that deny, and hide the truth shall be exposed. Some need to be prosecuted. Others need to be sacked/fired, for not doing their job. There are also those that need to be charged with conspiracy, fraud, and other criminal acts against Alan Wilson, and Baram Blackett.

    1. Can one believe that a person exists that whose Ancestors go all the way back to 1900 years ago, well my ancestors do. To the Time Of King Arthur via the MacFergussions, MacDarmaids and the Breheny of name which I use today, why no BBC TV crews come to Nova Scotia and knock on my door, why no other Professional Historians ask me about my ancestors links to Plymouth Massachusetts? My ancestors founded the place. Yesssss the Pilgrim William Brewster 3rd.

  2. Wilson, Blackett, Berkeley, etc., present some interesting information, however, am skeptical of many of there claims. Take, for example, their explanations for discrepancies in various ancient chronologies. Their soloution is to infer that dark age Britons were Gnostic Christians, and the related claim that their “Gnostic calendar” began with the year 1 as our year 33.

    Historians have had to deal with conflicting chronologies in various ancient sources for centuries, but I have not previously come accross the novel solution they propose; nor have I, otherwise, heard of any Gnostic presence in Britain, neither from any conventional, nor from any alternative scholar of history.

    1. One does not have to look too far back to find the truth. Early 19th century text books support the Wilson/Blackett chronology. As Alan Wilson continues to claim, a conspiracy before 1850, replaced school texts, with a false history, that not only supported a German monarchy, but concealed the true British history. It was also a time when all “Welsh” teachers were replaced by English teachers, in an attempt to eradicate the Welsh language.

      In 1840, Queen Victoria married her 1st cousin, Albert, of the family Saxe-Coburg-Gotha that has ruled Europe for centuries. Albert’s first language was German. The concealment of a British history, in favour of a German history, is not a coincidence. And as usual, the Vatican was complicite in the whole affair. It would not benefit the Vatican if it was generally known that Christianity was present in Britain, 300 years before Constantine forced Christianity on Rome. The Vatican does however, acknowledge Helen, mother of Constantine, and had canonized her, St. Helena of the Cross.

      Some history is so well documented, that concealment is impossible. Helena and Constantine are known throughout Europe, as was King Arthur of Wales, before 1840. The true will prevail.

      1. Interesting, more interesting still that the sons of Constantinus 1st were Generals Aurelius and Uther, those to came to Briton to carve a realm for themselves and they shaped Britain into the very Monarchy we have today, High Pendragon Aurelius had a mother named Aurelia, while Uther Pendragon had a mother called Onabrawst…..that is the misconception. I think it is no secret that High Pendragon King Uther wanted his own children to sit the High King’s throne of Britain for he sat with his sword at Ingrid Verna’s birthing King Arthur on Christmas Eve Night of December 24, 502AD when Merlin Ap Avallach comes to his stronghold and accuses him of wanting Infantcide…… That very night a bear attacks the stonghold of Tintagel and the towns people fight the bear, Merlin sees High King Uthur go and pet the bear before the towns people kill the bear, it apparently herald’s the birth of King Arthur. A few minutes later after the bear dies the baby is born and cried up a storm. This event forever after has King Arthur hailed as the Bear Of Briton! Sadly Uthur passes the newly born babe over to Merlin, telling him, “Merlin Ap Avallach I have had a vision… the babe Prince Arthur Ap Aurelia Du Ingrid Verna and Uthur; you cannot keep the babe here but must seek it’s fosterage in the other 4 realms that will defend the babe as many of the Kings in the Kings Council will seek it’s death and only afew will defend the baby’s true identity.” Sadly also High King Pendragon Uthur seems to be cursed with a mysterious sickness and he dies 4 years later in 506AD.

        I know much more about my ancestors for a great grandson of King Fergus MacFergusson’s Erc Breheny helps form a TriKingship of Alba West Scotland about 33 years after King Arthur dissappears.

  3. Gee I’m sick of people posting comments based on their own lack of knowledge and heresy…. I am sure if you press Alan Wilson and Barram Blackett for facts they have them. Half the time they have to quickly present the volumes of information they have despite the fact they’ve spent onwards of 35 years researching and cross referencing stuff……. and just because it clashes with the paltry information other posters assume they know they’re all wrong…… you’ve only got to look at the reaction and suppression they’ve suffered to know that they’re onto something…. Go and find The Edge TV interview Alan Wilson did with Theo Chalmers on Youtube…. then you’ll understand how much stuff these guys have gone over. I’m really sick of these arm chair pontificators with no fucking clue couldn’t that be bothered to get off their collective butts to go look for themselves…. but they have to put their two cents in to feel important. More power to Alan and Barram…!!!

    1. Yes so am I, I made a study of my Family Genealogy and it’s secret history…..the name I use now, Breheny is a part of that secret history which I made the study of some 32 years ago. I also want Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett to contact me as well we have much to discuss.

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