ImageRichard D Hall, the host of his own TV show based in a Space craft orbiting the Earth, is back on TV after an agonizing 8 months off air, due to a single complaint against Of-com.


Bouncing back to secure himself the best slot on British Television, Richard D Hall has secured his place in history as the first evidence based chat show in a generation.

Reported at the time by Guerrilla Democracy News, Richard D Hall steered away from joining the hype of David Icke’s People’s TV, to instead show his shows via his website on the Blip viewing platform.


  • Control of TV, Search for Secret UK Bases featuring Richard D Hall trekking to distance and barren locations to plant cameras to catch UFO’s. (Alas all to no avail.)
  • News + Berwyn UFO Film featuring Scott Felton.
  • 7/7 London bombings, MP’s responses featuring a regular of the show, Dr. Nick Kollerstrom.
  • Military charities, UFO Truth Mag, Lloyd Pye, possibly featuring the last ever interview with Lloyd Pye before he died from Cancer.
  • Comets, Planet X, Electric Universe featuring another firm favourite and regular of his show, Andrew Johnson.
  • Object resembling a pyramid underground in Wales featuring Rev Anthony Williams, exposing a fantastic story of a pyramid under the ground in Wales.
  • Part One and Two of UFO’s & NATO a feature film by Richplanet TV which exposes for the first time in Human history, that aliens are abducting humans and discarding their dead bodies, only for subservient human recovery teams to come along and clean up the mess.
  • Evidence which shows planes were not used on 9/11, a radio show featuring Morgan Reynolds.


A firm and trusted favourite throughout the alternative movement’s viewing pleasure, Richard D Hall addresses subjects across the board, and limits himself to none.

  • Fabricated Terror such as 9/11 and 7/7.
  • The UFO Phenomena
  • Hidden History
  • Geo-Politics
  • Mind Control
  • The Debt based Monetary System
  • Free Energy Technology


The TV show airs on Saturday evenings at midnight on Sky Channel 192 and Free sat channel 402, and can be viewed on-line.

The show runs for 13 weeks starting at the end of April and following a 13 weeks break, will be back on TV for another 13 weeks.


Gutted I missed his recent talk in Hastings, Richard D Hall announces he will be embarking on a UK wide speak tour during the 13 weeks off-air.

Using the proceeds to fund the TV shows Richard D Hall has been sorely missed from our TV screens and will be gladly welcomed back with loving arms.


As Richard D Hall describes his show, “Rich Planet is a truly independent UK based website and TV show which specializes in researching and exposing subjects, not being covered correctly by main stream media. Our mission is to expose the lies in out media and get closer to the truth on many controversial issues.”


“And remember, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. I’m Richard D Hall, Goodbye.”




  1. To be honest Richard has lost many followers because he was dishonest. I was very upset with him because of his comments against me last month regarding the Berwyn UFO incident, saying that I had “lost my way and fell victim to getting to involved and letting my mind run free and make up a lot of the evidence because none of it so far has been totally proven.” If he is going about his business making comments lime this then he does not hold much hope of gaining any new support. I’m disgusted that he promoted my work only to go behind my back and say things that ridicule me. What next a hate campaign? If so then bring it on Richard you stand no chance.

    1. Im afraid you’re wrong mister Felton(or whoever you are). This is exactly what makes Richplanet the most reliable source. Its best for you to clarify on the issue in a comment, because your providing us with very little information. If your point is richard says you have no evidence to back up what you say, i suggest you come forward and prove him wrong.

      btw why am i redirected to gossip about angelina jolie when i click on your name?

  2. Thanks a million Richard, your station is the only thing worth watching on the tell lie vision!!
    I’m so looking forward to watching something interesting, please continue.

  3. I stumbled onto my introduction to Richard D. Hall, & Richplanet TV , quite by accident, “SERENDIPITY” I will claim. Quite a positive accident that I will be greatful that it occured! “Evidence Based Information”, and the RIGID requirements that justify its veracity have sense been abandoned and left in the rear-view mirror long ago by reporters who “Report ‘Views’ vs News”. Views controlled by the Money strings…AKA, WORLD BANKs, Buildabergs, Illuminati…etc. Citizens of the US still believe there is a 2 party system, in place (Delusion of Duality) and that their vote still counts.
    Even after…Bush/Gore, & McCain/Oboma (Oboma was elected via Electorial vote NOT the popular vote!
    In America, although no “evidence based facts” exists on the number of Americans that truly know the gravity of what evidence based facts/statistics means…in proposing an assumption (HATE ASSUMPTIONS as they remind me of fairy tales like the 3 little pigs!) probably a figure > 0.78% of Television viewers, in USA don’t know or have a clue what that expresion entails. Sad but true!
    The primary reason, that Richard, the producers of RichPlanet TV & I know, and the reason why those he confronts with “The Evidence-Based Facts” refuse a live debate of those facts are because he is the house, so-to-speak, and the house ALWAYS wins. That is to say, since he has the Documented facts, that are evidence based, he would be triumphent all the time.
    Of course, since I am in the USA I am unable to view his UK live (don’t know if the original broadcast of his program RichPlanet TV is prerecorded) broadcast of this upcoming season, but if it is broadcast via Internet, please tell me the web-address or URL that I can type in my Browsers so I may view the original broadcast when it airs.
    If I resided in England, I would definitely buy tickets for Richard’s Tours since it is difficult to bare the “Deluge of Lies,” contained in both mainstream and alternative news sources during the “Droughts of Veracity,” as a result of Richard’s absence! Moreover, along with his “Evidence-Based” reporting of the facts. I just wish that concept wasn’t so foreing to journalists/reporters of today, but their comfort zone will not only lead to those dependent on truth in reporting, but to the very demize if their own chosen profession.
    Suggestions for future programs…not that you need any or lack any ideas, but “Operation Highjump,”
    “Operation PaperClip,” were the German scientist of the 3rd Reich, were relocated to America, but Ironically enslaved by the very individuals they desired to overcome, False Flags in America, such as, Oklahoma city bombing that I believe would demonstrate and tie in your documentary on 911…Good job by the way!!! Not that you needed any approval. If yiu haven’t already check out a “Noble Lie”. Keep up the outstanding work!! ….North😉

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