simonkirbyThe doomed candidates of Labour and Conservative for Brighton Kemptown, are fighting it out to win the runner up spot in the expected general election of 2015.

With the clear winner Matt Taylor, pulling out ahead of the pack, both Simon Kirby and Nancy Platts are left in the dust, squabbling over who hates the proposed housing development on the Meadow Vale area the most.

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Simon Kirby, once the MP for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, has now changed his title to MP for Ovingdean, Rottingdean and Woodingdean, to attract much needed votes.

While Simon Kirby, desperate for votes, promises to speak to ministers about the unwanted development on Green belt land, Nancy Platts is going on step further by publically calling for Simon Kirby to say to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, “change this planning law – this is the impact it is having on us.”

Holding a number of public meetings in the area, Mr Kirby reiterates his pledge to halt the proposed development, saying “I pledged to work with residents and Ministers to do all I can do to stop this proposal from being agreed.”

Nancy Platts, having scoured the area for anybody who supporters the development (she should have gone to the developers), and found none, recommends everyone turns to social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to stop the development.

Who is Nancy Platts?
Who is Nancy Platts?

“So we need to get everyone in every village signed up – we need your personal stories about why Meadow Vale matters to you and we need you on Facebook, Twitter and other social media – we need you all writing individually to the Secretary of State to say ‘change this planning law – this is the impact it is having on us’ –and we need some good photos of us doing something memorable in that green space – something that could never happen again if that green space was lost because once it is gone, it won’t be coming back.”


ovingdean-red-line-plan_260214_0_1The council’s draft City Plan found housing land for 11,300 new homes and tried to protect this piece of land by not identifying it for development in its City Plan, but since then the planning inspector, under the direction of Eric Pickles, has said that all such sites should be considered for development in accordance with its new planning policies.

The government’s new planning policies make it harder for local people to object to development as council Planning Committees have to now abide by a “presumption in favour of development”.

As even Nancy Platts admits, “So even if we succeed in defeating this particular proposal for development, it won’t be long before another developer comes along!”

The people facing this green belt development in their back yard, should have thought about this eventuality when they were putting their cross against Simon Kirby’s name on the 2010 election ballot paper.


Revealing her true nature as an unashamed professional politician, Nancy Platts recommends ‘Spin’ as the political weapon to halt the proposed development.

“Some good photos of us doing something memorable in that green space – something that could never happen again if that green space was lost because once it is gone, it won’t be coming back.”

  • A community picnic maybe.

We can now see from the numerous PR pictures which Nancy Platts publishes, that she is often only there to get a good photo which infers she is actually doing something, when in actual fact she is fooling the voter into believing that she knows what she’s doing.


With the realization from Conservative HQ that Simon Kirby hasn’t got a chance in Hell to regain his seat, the strategy from above calls for a concerted effort to cosy up to their hard-core supporters and hope for the best.

The balancing act Simon Kirby must now manoeuvre is showing his distain for a government policy, which he and his government brought into law. It would seem that Conservative policy is coming back to haunt them.


The pressure is getting to Simon Kirby as the enormity of his challenge becomes apparent. Snapping out at unfolded allegations, he reacted swiftly, asking for an apology from the Brighton & Hove Labour Party for publishing a Tweet which claimed Simon Kirby received over £36,000 from private dining clubs, at a time when residents in his constituency rely on food banks.

ImageAided by his loyal friend and Chairman of Brighton Kemptown Conservatives, Peter Jones, a swift response was forthcoming.

ImageBy responding so swiftly to allegations made by the Brighton and Hove Labour party, Simon Kirby sends out the signal that everything Matt Taylor has said about him, must be true because neither Simon Kirby nor the Chairman of Brighton Kemptown Conservatives have ever asked for an apology or that any claims be retracted.

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With no plan to halt Matt Taylor’s indomitable march to a historic independent victory in the expected 2015 elections, supporters of both Simon Kirby and Nancy Platts are resorting to playground bullies to score points and favour from their respective candidates.

As Lukey Stanger tweets in support of Nancy Platts.
Apr 15 @Nancy_Platts @BrightonJoe @bhlabour @saveourdeans Joe these lies & dis-honesty show your fear about next May! #rollon2015 #labourgain

To which Joe Miller tweets in support of Simon Kirby.
Apr 17 @SimonKirbyMP @KemptownTory @bhlabour are in a shambles. Lying and now won’t share their views on Meadowvale development. #notfitforoffice




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