ImageNancy Platts, the Labour candidate for the Brighton Kemptown constituency in the expected 2015 election, has hit out at bullies saying, “Abusive comments about me have been posted on social networking sites by men opposing me in this campaign and I am really sad to see that coming into politics in Brighton.”

Described as “an older woman,” Nancy Platts has yet to experience Parliament, and in an attempt to get away from the image of a ‘professional politician,’ is pulling out all the stops to come across as someone who “wants to make a difference.”

Believing fewer women than ever are being tempted in the political arena, Nancy Platts is making the political point, “Women fight more fairly.”

Not disputing that “Women Fight”, but that they ‘fight more fairly’, Nancy Platts has opened the Brighton Kemptown election up to ‘Gender Warfare.’

While Nancy Platts sprouts such rubbish as, “Women concentrate on the issues and ask voters to vote for them on the issues, but men make it more personal,” Matt Taylor, the independent candidate and favourite to win the Brighton Kemptown election snaps back, “I’m standing on an anti-corruption platform, so for me corruption is an issue which I am promoting in this election. Nancy Platts has already shown her stance on the issue of corruption by totally ignoring it. So when Nancy Platts says “Women concentrate on the issues,” she is lying because on the issues she’s doesn’t want to deal with; she’ll ignore.”

Nancy Platts is a professional politician through and through.

Present at the St George’s Day celebrations, at the St George’s Hall in Moulsecoomb on St George’s Day, Nancy Platts made sure she brought a pile of campaign leaflets to hand out.

‘Never miss an opportunity to hand out leaflets,’ is a golden rule out of the ‘Professional Politician’s Handbook,’ which I’m sure Nancy Platts carries around with her at all times.

Making it Personal.

Though Matt Taylor hasn’t been directly named in the posting of abusive comments on Nancy Platt’s Facebook page, his article, “Who is Nancy Platts?” is considered by many to be a ‘character assassination’ and ‘very close to the bone.’

who is nancy platts

Read more: Who is Nancy Platts?

Nancy Platts continues, “I have stood in both an all-women election and against men, and women fight a cleaner campaign.”

Women fight a cleaner campaign.

Such sweeping remarks demonstrate her unsuitability of holding public office.

claudiaAs the prospective MP Maria Caulfield, the conservative candidate for Lewes said on the subject, “I have to say that I have not been treated any differently because I’m a woman.”

Perhaps with comments like, “Women have said to me that they have been put off coming into politics because they do not want to be targeted and picked on on Twitter and Facebook,” implies Nancy Platts should withdraw from the election immediately.

She is clearly not up to the job and lacks the mental resilience to see it through. Cracks are starting to show and Nancy Platts is attempting to pin the blame on the easy target, “men,” to hide her own inadequacies and failings.

Perhaps she should listen to the advice of Maria Caulfield more often, “If you are going to put yourself up for election you have to take everything that’s thrown at you.”

While I am aware of making this personal, may I just make this public announcement to Nancy Platts, “Get out while you still can.”




  1. I noticed that Bolivar hadn’t joined the conversation. He had obviously found his perusal of the papers more interesting. I was about to ask him about it when he wadded the sheets into a ball and said, with some enthusiasm: “Got it!”

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