kevin-annett-easter-proclaimKevin Annett, the Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), and the Queen’s and Pope’s arch Nemesis, has today announced he will be cancelling all his European engagements, due to death threats from members of the Ninth Circle.

Having exposed the Queen, ex-Pope Benedict and the present Pope Francis as members of an international child-trafficking ring and murderers, friends of Kevin Annett have taken his safety into their own hands, by taking the decision that for Kevin Annett to enter Britain, would have “real and dire dangers.”

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As George Dufort of the Public Information Agency of the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) said, “We have learned that Reverend Annett faces very real and dire dangers because of his exposure of Vatican child sacrifice rituals. Kevin is far too vulnerable and valuable to be traveling on his own right now, since he is pivotal to our case and to the work of the Court.”

Against his own Wishes.

Having cancelled a European tour in 2013, under similar circumstances, Kevin Annett is a marked man, targeted for ‘elimination’ by members of the Ninth Circle.

A Marked Man.

With the ITCCS proceedings in full session, recent evidence submitted by Kevin Annett to the trial against Pope Francis, has placed himself in the direct firing line of the murderous actions of a Jesuit-run child sacrificial cult known as the Ninth Circle.

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Clearly worried about an imminent assassination attempt on his life, friends and supporters are insisting that a strong delegation accompany Kevin Annett to the Vatican and to London during a “Jubilee Week” set of actions from June 30 to July 6, 2014, to enforce the Easter Annulment Proclamation against the Church of Rome and of England.

Reported in an email and published in the; Politicians, Common Law court jurists, sheriffs, and a documentary film team will accompany Kevin Annett when he enters England and Rome, and that this delegation help him enforce the Easter Proclamation that nullifies the authority of the Vatican and the British Crown.

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ImageThe Maastricht Proclamation.

Stepping on the doorstep of the oldest Roman Catholic Church outside of Rome, Kevin Annett read out the Easter Proclamation to the world, while the Queen took refuge in Windsor Castle and the Pope lied to the faithful from his Papal office window.

Nullifying the authority of the Vatican and the British Crown, Kevin Annett has achieved what no-one else in history has achieved; namely saving every soul in the world from the tyranny and criminality of the Roman Catholic Church and British Crown.

Asking supporters to print off the Proclamation and to tape it on their local church door (see youtube video at the end), Kevin Annett, the ITCCS and ICLCJ have taken destiny into their own hands and exposed the Vatican and the British Crown for the criminals they really are.

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While these historic and earth shattering developments develop, people are being left scratching their heads as to why this news isn’t being reported on the mainstream news programmes such as BBC, Sky and ITV.

As Deborah Mahmoudieh makes clear on her facebook status up-date:

“It is despicable that mainstream media have completely ignored this news and all other news related to this horrific case, with even BBC feigning mystery over Ratzingers Papal resignation that happened within days of the sentence. It is heartbreaking that so many children suffered so dreadfully and the crimes they suffered remain unpunished while the abusers walk free and even are socially and politically revered. To say I am dismayed is an understatement, I am OUTRAGED and I am today, contacting all UK National medias to demand that they share this news and to warn them that failure to report on this LEGAL JUDGEMENT against our ‘Queen’ and her corrupt ‘Church’ renders them COMPLICIT as Agents of Treason.”

As the media blackout on this news continues, more and more people are questioning why the Queen hasn’t been arrested.

As Myles Tufts said in a comment, “Hi everyone, I’m new to all this but very interested. I’m doing research and just trying to figure out how legitimate the ITCCS and ICLCJ are. If the Pope and Queen were found guilty last year as the ITCCS states, why did they not have to go to jail?”

This is the Million Dollar Question, easily answered.

While some people like Jack Plant think, “The sentence will NEVER be enforced. Are you seriously that deluded to think that it ever would be? The ITCCS is a joke.”

Others are more optimistic and believe that the actions of Kevin Annett, the ITCCS and the ICLCJ, has already brought about the destruction of Church and State.

Kevin Annett and the ITCCS have demonstrated their authority, when the ex Pope Benedict retired after being found guilty of crimes against humanity in 2013.

While the mainstream media remain silent, the alternative media is ablaze with the news. It will only be through the afforts of people like Deborah Mahmoudieh, who’s contacting all UK National medias to demand that they share this news and by the actions of Kevin Annett to bring the world’s most dangerous criminals to justice.

The bottom line is that the reason this isn’t being reported in News at Ten is that the Queen is above the Law and enjoys complete control over the country, its news and it’s people.

The Queen is well aware that her empire is crumbling, but is hoping against hope that her subjects mental capacity to believe the allegations of child-trafficking and murder is just too fantastic to believe and act upon.

Time for War.

Booked to attend the King Arthur Pub in Glastonbury, expectations were high that Kevin Annett would attend a Truth Juice event first booked for the 29th April, and then changed to 6 May.

Inviting other prominent players in the Alternative Media, Kevin Annett planned a private meeting to discuss what to do next.

In light of the cancellation, Truth Juice now plan to show Kevin Annett’s documentary “Unrepentant,” in the event some may still show up.

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  1. Several thousand native secret agents have infiltrated Europe and have created cells in England, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Italy, with a singular purpose of tracking down Kevin Annett and bringing him to justice. Sources say that an international court consisting of Canadian natives who have been wronged by Kevin Annett will conduct the prosecution. They are not releasing their names because they are scared Kevin Annett will have them executed, as he has done to several others who dared question his God-given right to molest native innocent children. The native freedom fighters are now tracking Kevin Annett’s every move, led by residential school survivors who have been slandered and abused by this inhuman animal. Sources say that he refuses to return to Canada because of hundreds if not thousands of pending child molestation cases against this pervert. The fact that he REFUSES to return to Canada PROVES he is guilty of HORRIFIC CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!

  2. chief grey raven with your comment above it is VERY CLEAR to me that you are one of the queens PR machine , lying and manipulating the truth. How stupid do you think people are? Why would Kevin Anett be a child molester and prosecuting other people who do that crime, he would be defending them because he is one of them. Your disgusting filthy dirt and lies about Kevin Annett is so evil someone should shoot your brain out because we dont need more psychopaths like you. The reason not more people are public together with ANett is because we are dealing with dangerous psychopaths like queen,phillip, and the dutch royals who kill anybody who exposes their evils. The Queens pr team is also surfing the net and spreading false stories about kevin annett to make people not believe him. People are not stupid . Too many popes have been convicted already for sex crimes and trafficking. Give up your stupid evil manipulative game mr chief grey raven. You underestimate the intelligence of the general public you psychopath and sevant of evil queen!!!!

  3. More dirt on royals:
    After phillip had affair with a woman. That woman was found dead with platic bag over her head.
    When 10 children went missing on picnic from Queen and phillipt two key witnesses suddely die of mysterious causes. WOW how convenient.ONly one witness remaining. WItness says they had to kiss Queens feet. Shows what a psychopath she is on a powertrip.
    Queen and phillip and charles always have been good friends with massive paedophile Jimmy savile. Why would they be friends with a paedophile when queen is so obsessed with ther image?
    Jimmy still made a comment. I have been friends of the royal family for millions of years. I get things done, and do things for them.JImmy provided them with children which were likely sold to traffickers and paedophiles for big big big money . The queen even knighted Jimmy Savile. While would she do that to a paedophile unless paedophile did huge favours for her, like provide children which were sold in secret for big money??
    She should step down as head of church at once. She also ordered Dianas murder. With all the murders she has committed together with Phillip of course she would be stealing the churches money. She must step down from church and from the monarchy. She is satan herself!!!!

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