Assistant Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Stuart Cundy

Crisis at Sussex Police has been averted by Surrey Police stepping in and taking over.

At Katy Bourne’s monthly Performance and Accountability meeting (April 24th) Stuart Cundy, the Assistant Chief Constable of Surrey Police, sat beside the embattled acting Chief Constable Giles York, and effectively took over the proceedings.

Following the months since Martin Richard’s early retirement scandal was made public, exclusively by the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Office, Sussex Police have stumbled from one disaster to another.

Read more: News Blackout in Sussex.

Having slipped further down the performance table under the flawed leadership of their ex Chief Constable Martin Richard, Sussex Police already collaborate with Surrey Police in the following areas:

• Major crime
• Forensics
• Firearms
• Procurement
• Fleet
• Insurance
• Risk management

Whilst the PR machine insists the aim of collaboration is to ensure that high quality policing services against a diminishing budget are maintained, the truth appears to be even more serious.


This damning verdict seems to be leveled against Sussex Police on what seems to be a daily basis.

The most recent example of Sussex Police’s incompetence was demonstrated over the weekend, with the March for England protests in Brighton on Sunday 27 April 2014.

Reported by Brighton’s Evening Argus, Sussex Police chiefs said they are unable to ban the annual March for England because there is not enough widespread disorder.

A truly remarkable statement to make concerning the following:

• There were 27 Arrests
• It cost £500,000 to police
• Running battles in the city centre
• Widespread damage to businesses and personal property
• Terrified witnesses including young children
• With around 150 nationalists and 1,000 anti-fascists, Brighton was brought to a stand-still and suffered violent disorder not seen since the last March for England protest.

While a 38 Degree petition was launched to stop the March for England from happening again, local Council leaders were quick to condemn the violence but slow to call for the march to be banned.

Sign the Petition here: Police: Stop the March for England bringing violence to Brighton.

Treading a fine line between the right to protest and downright unsocial and violent behaviour, Sussex Police have taken the decision to allow the status quo to continue.

Under fire, Giles York


Sourced from a Professional Standard Committee meeting on 28 April 2011, we get a clear indication of Giles York’s ‘relaxed attitude’ when it comes to Police malpractice.

In response to a comment made by an unelected member of the then, Sussex Police Authority, Mr. Faizul Faiz:

“The impression I’m getting is that, and speaking to a number of people in Crawley, where we have a large proportion of BNP community, is that when they go to the station to make a complaint, sometimes they are waiting around for someone to take the complaint and at times are told, well we don’t want to take your complaint.”

To which Giles York answered:

“I think the instances that Faiz raises caused me quite a bit of concern, with what people are willing to turn round and say, no we are not going to accept this complaint, is actually the same that says we are obliged to take the complaint.”

And this is where we get real insight into Giles York’s inner thinking:

“I would possibly say, try a different channel and put it straight to head-quarters, rather than ask someone to embark on the same process that hadn’t given them the right response in the first instance.”

Essentially in layman’s language, the Sussex Police response to a complaint is not to examine whether they were at fault and if so do something about it, but is to instead suggest to the complainant they take their complaint to head-quarters.

The second example is more significant because Giles York’s ‘relaxed attitude’ is taken up by other senior officers, as we learn from Giles York’s comment:

“The attitude of the Police force to complaints has changed significantly with the introduction of the Taylor Report, which I think has moved us away from a sort of malicious investigation approach to officer’s actions and opened up the opportunity much more towards managing punishment and performance improvement, as opposed to a quasi legal process when anything ever went wrong, and I’m wondering how Brighton and Hove, if you’ve brought that ‘Culture Shift’ open to you now, to I think, move away from what was historically called a complaint and discipline department into what is now a professional standards department and being able to address people’s behaviour, rather than just being seen as a punitive action to take.”

Culture Shift.

Blaming it on the Taylor Report, exposes Giles York’s skullduggery when you investigate further what the Taylor Report actually says, only to discover that it is Giles York who is making up the rules as he stumbles through the clouds of corruption which smother Sussex Police.

Extract from the Taylor Report in relation to disciplinary arrangements:

Misconduct proceedings may take one of the following forms:

1. Management action.
2. A misconduct meeting (the maxium outcome being a final written warning.)
3. A misconduct hearing (the maximum outcome being dismissal from the police service.)

The sanctions that can be applied are:

1. Management advice.
2. Written warning (that will remain live for 12 months)
3. Final written warning (remaining live for 18 months)
4. Dismissal with notice (subject to a minimum of 28 days)
5. Dismissal without notice
6. Instant Dismissal.

It would seem that Giles York lied to the Professional Standard Committee, as he has lied about many things since becoming the acting chief constable.

Giles York lied under Oath.

Undisclosed sources have revealed that Giles York attended two days of crisis talks in London last week, with the Metropolitan police. The undisclosed sources go so far to state, “Giles York lied under Oath.”

Whether Giles York remains in his post is yet to be seen.

What is the Professional Standard’s Committee?

Shamed, Martin Richards

Soon after Martin Richards took up the post of Sussex Chief Constable, after failing miserably as the Chief Constable of Wiltshire police, the Chief Executive of the Sussex Police authority decided the authorities’ complaints committee should be renamed the Professional Standards Committee.

On the issue of the name change, this is what Martin Richards had to say:

“We’re one of the organizations about which it’s dead easy to make complaints… I think that anything we can do to present all that we do, not just those little irritants… Those issues that are wholly unrepresentative, I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to do just that.”

So what Martin Richard’s effectively said, is that after failing spectacularly at being the Chief Constable of Wiltshire police, he is pleased to lead Sussex Police in the same manner, and not get any complaints for doing so.

Little Irritants & Unrepresentative Issues?

Is he referring to complaint from the public or to the complaints themselves? Another word often used is ‘Professional Complainants.’

Taking a look at Martin Richard’s record at Wiltshire police, you can understand why Sussex Police are now in the mess they find themselves in.

Wiltshire Record.

Martin Richards became Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police in September 2004. In January 2006, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate Constabulary (HMIC) published a report on the forces Professional Standard Department.

HMIC rated Wiltshire Police as ‘FAIR.’

The Wiltshire Constabluary Baseline assessment of October 2006 read:

• Excellent 0
• Good 8
• Fair 11
• Poor 4

Particluar areas of concern were:

• Neighbourhood Policing and Problem Solving.
• Managing critical incidents and Major Crime
• Tackling serious and organized criminality
• Protecting vulnerable people.

To remind you what Martin Richards said on his retirement:

“I shall remember with affection and admiration a workforce that consistenly demostartes the highest qualities of compassion, courage, a sense of justice and above all an overwhelming desire to serve.

The only people Sussex Police serve are themselves.

To remind you what the HMIC say about Policing:

“The Police service depends on the confidence of the public it serves in order to operate effectively. This confidence can only be reinforced by the conviction that the service is willing to listen to feedback in terms of complaints, deal effectively with these issues in a timely and efficient manner, accept that mistakes can be made and address these in the spirit of learning. It must make effective reparations with lengthy and expensive judicial processes and deal swiftly and positively with officers and staff who transgress.”

Martin Richards demonstrates his contempt for the complaint process and ‘little irritants’ with the response made at a meeting with the Sussex Police Authority on the 30th July 2009.

“I’m pleased the discussions are ongoing because this is an area I’ve not had a hands on involvement with for about four or five years now. But talking with Giles there is a standard form of letter which says in response to the third persistent complaint, “I will not be responding any further, Yours Sincerely.”

No Further Action Required.

It wouldn’t matter in any other field of profession, it’s just that mistakes made at this level of policing costs lives.

Take for example a complaint up-held by the IPCC against Wiltshire Police, while Martin Richards was in charge.

A pregnant young woman petrified, had reported being seriously assaulted, but was assessed by Wiltshire police as being at ‘low risk’.

Six days later her boyfriend slashed her throat with a knife and was jailed for life.

Martin Richards responded with, “No-one could ever have foreseen or predicted that Quintas would kill Hayley,” before making a groveling apology, “I am deeply sorry for this mistake and wrong decisions made at the time.”

Read more: Murdered woman ‘failed’ by police.

Sorry isn’t good enough.

The over-all grade from the HMIC under Martin Richard’s leadership graded as Fair.

Fair is awarded where performance is variable and falls short of the required standard and that remedial action is needed.

When Fair Means Good.

To top it all off, Sussex Police have dumped their old system of assessment in which a spade was called a spade, and now grade ‘acceptable’ or ‘satisfactory,’ as ‘Good.’

As Sussex Police Sergeant Simon Kind points out in his blog, “Why shouldn’t the middle rating, which should cover the majority of persons in an organization, be an acknowledgement that their work is good, valued, and they’re earning their pay?”

So essentially what we are learning is that the goal of “the highest standards of professionalism and integrity” has been thrown out of the window to make way for ‘satisfactory and acceptable’ standards of policing.

Wouldn’t anyone running an organization as important as a Police Force, be striving for ‘excellence’ as the middle rating of the organization they run?

Sussex Police are diluting its integrity of its police officers by rewarding ‘satisfactory’ performance as ‘Good’.

To suggest that Martin Richards was selected from an ‘Outstanding field of candidates’ is laughable.


With no viable avenue for victims of police malpractice to turn to, disgruntled victims are instead turning to the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office instead of the elected Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne’s office.

With Katy Bourne’s humiliation complete at having to amend her Police and Crime Plan, and having to resort to Youtube to advertise for a new Chief Constable, the truth of the matter is that Sussex Police has lost the confidence of the public, thus losing the moral high-ground to police in Sussex.

Read more: Katy Bourne Humiliated.

Publicly describing her Police and Crime Plan as “a living document under constant review throughout my term in office,” hides the truth that Katy Bourne is making it up as she goes along.

And then to say, “we must do this with honesty and integrity, with everyone who works with Sussex Police consistently displaying the highest ethical standards,” exposes Katy Bourne to be the fraud she really is.

Katy Bourne has not held the Chief Constable to account, on the contrary, she has aided and abetting criminality within Sussex Police and helped cover-up the Martin Richards early retirement scandal.

Not fit for Purpose, Katy Bourne


Since the creation of the office of Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner (SSPCC) in November 2012, complaints reported include:

• The Brighton Scandal
• The Katrina Taylor Murder Cover-up
• The Martin Richard’s early retirement scandal
• Police brutality while making unwarranted arrests
• Botched road traffic collision investigations

The last example, reported to the SSPCC by a person who wishes to remain anonymous, demonstrates perfectly, that the public has no-one else to turn to.

While keeping the person’s name private, I can reveal that the complaint was about a botched road traffic collision in November 2013 in Seaford.

After exhausting all avenues with Sussex Police and Katy Bourne’s office, she discovered to her horror that a covert file was opened by Sussex Police to discredit her character, hence discrediting her complaint; the person turned to the only avenue left available, the SSPCC.

Now while the person in question became disillusioned with the methods of the SSPCC, evident with the email:

“You are a bloody nightmare Matthew – no wonder people keep away.

God help me and my mother – all I wanted is justice and you have RUINED everything. Between you and Sussex Police – Sussex are like bloody angles. You don’t want justice – I don’t know what you want.

Just to be clear. I formally request all content that you have published about me to be removed forthwith and I will inform Sussex Police that you have nothing to do with me, whatsoever.

You’re not a journalist and you certainly do not comply with any journalistic ethics code – so don’t kid yourself you are doing any kind of public service, because, believe me, your involvement has just been a hindrance.”


Only days later, even she had to admit, “I’m only sending this to you because I know you are interested and it seems like, nobody else is.”


Sussex Police aren’t interested in your complaints; Katy Bourne isn’t interested, the Police and Crime Panel aren’t interested, Giles York isn’t interested, neither is any news organization in Sussex, nor any journalist in Sussex.





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