ImageSussex Police are investigating the death of a serving Kent police officer, found hanging from the Winnie-the-Pooh beauty spot in Ashford Forest, East Sussex.

PC Andy Cheney, aged 34, took the fatal decision to end his life on the morning of 25th April 2014.

Read more: Kent Police Officer PC Andy Cheney Found Hanged at Winnie-the-Pooh Beauty Spot.

While no further details known, a spokesman for Kent Police has confirmed that they are supporting Sussex police with their enquiries.

With echoes of the tragic suicide of Sussex Detective Chief Inspector Jim Torbet in 2009, who hung himself from his loft hatch in Peacehaven, East Sussex, after being arrested for shop-lifting bottles of wine with his lover, Sussex Chief Inspector Sharon Rowe, the question must be asked, why are our police officers taking their own lives?

At his inquest the issue of dealing with the pressures of major criminal investigations, was highlighted as a contributing factor in the detective’s decision to hang himself.

Read more: Police officer hanged himself after allegations he stole wine from M&S.

As reported in yesterday’s Getting Ready for 2015 blog, “Surrey Police rescue Sussex Police;” Surrey Police have joined forces with Sussex Police to ensure major criminal investigations are conducted with competence and professionalism.

Read more: Surrey Police rescue Sussex Police.

Could be it construed that the pressures of having to work under the incompetence of Sussex Police forced Jim Torbet to end his life and equally, can it also be construed that PC Andy Cheney took his own life due to the pressures of serving in today’s police force?

Regrettably the answer is yes.

With my condolences to PC Cheney’s family and friends, and equally to the family and friends of every police officer who takes their own life, or has their life taken in the line of duty, the question must be asked:

Is Police Corruption so bad in the UK Police that officers are killing themselves?




  1. Nonsense. Would rather have the Kent Constabulary over the Sussex Constabulary anyday. Kent Constabulary have compassion and adhere to common-sense policing, Sussex Constabulary employ white-van-men type and people who ought to be at Crawley DSS office.

  2. Let’s hope former Kent Constabulary-employee, Giles York, deals with the incompetence of the Sussex Constabulary.

  3. They been brainwashed as punishment. Same as they make sluts and geys and pedofiles and criminals. English been experimenting for many years on how to control human brain and its happening. People use to fought they own faughts but now reall live human are talking instead of them so human becomes like marrionets! Like they show in movies where people been told go do this in little evil voice… That for Russian police officer was found in a bag thats zipped they just ruind his mind same as they does to many English British and all other people and peole are anaware of it happening. Its like you know what you want your brain voice to say but they slow your foughts down and insert words delete words and change sentences. So lets say you had a bad organised day at work and they stalking even other people around target to hate they target so then person just has it and commits sueside because life is horrible and they brain tells them to and they cant see reason to live because they try so hard to keep peace in this country where Satanist queen is going insain to lead the world she would sacrifise everyone because only way to lead is by creating everyone crminals and poor so they cant speak and listen and do things when offered chance to live. And the ones that goes on one hand with it all are left alone untill they hount everyone down its harasments of large scale and they cant stop doing it because they care about themselves to survive and when we know what they do they have nothing to loose like Satan they cant back down! People need to realise they or tink and should listen to they foughts or relax and they should hear nothing not hear someone rattaling in they brain instead of them that for on they side are the weekest people because they was easy to seduce and get down! They have no shame so expect anything as they rape small Children even in sleep and that for they take good mothers children of them and sluts has they I have even found more evidence myself!!! Its called Genocide!!!

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