Scrapper Duncan acting like a dog. Click on the picture to see the real picture of him acting like a dog panting.
Scrapper Duncan acting like a dog. 

Scrapper Duncan, a well known Brighton blogger has reacted angrily to Matt Taylor using two of his pictures, and called him a “thief” for doing so.

“I don’t like missives from swivel eyed loons.”

Self promoted as a ‘philosopher, fire-eater, barrister, careering through life,’ Duncan Roy is all too familiar with publishing libellous information on his blog, as he did towards the late Lord McAlpine over paedophile accusations.

Read more: Brighton Lawyer faces Twitter action.

The difference between Duncan Roy and Matt Taylor, is that Matt Taylor is brave enough to stand by accusations he makes in his blogs.

While Duncan Roy branded Lord McAlpine “evil” and claimed to have “a source” to back up his paedophile claims, and was “prepared to goto prison to protect his source,” Duncan Roy showed a distinct lack of back-bone by swiftly removing all references of his paedophile claims in the wake of the BBC’s £185,000 payment.

A generic picture depicting Scrapper Duncan wearing a colander.
A generic picture depicting Scrapper Duncan wearing a colander.

First posted in a Getting Ready for 2015 article called Stunned silence from Sussex, Matt Taylor reacted to criticism of being publicly called a ‘Swivel eyed loony’ who writes ‘missives,’ by reposting two pictures from Scrapper Duncan’s own blog which showed him on all fours panting like a dog, and wearing a tin colander on his head.

Sticks and Stones.

Scrapper Duncan is entitled to call anyone he wants a swivel eyed loon and to rate their work as missives, but expect retaliation.

If he wants to make an enemy of a ‘hot shit’ in the alternative media, like Matt Taylor, he is welcomed to, but is warned by Matt Taylor that he would rather be friends than enemies.


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  1. Scrapper Duncan has again insulted a good guy,but he is becomingg legend for these awful comments well done standing up for yourself .Many more people need yr guts

  2. did I forget to say you are a hero Bullies reside and ride the wind through the vunerable but it takes a hero to stand against such nastiness your comments nail him and expose him

  3. I would also like to add my admiration for you standing up to Duncan Roy . Duncan Roy of
    7 Montpelier Cresent,Brighton who calls himself Scrapper Duncan to adverstise the fact that he likes to think he has immunity for the hurt he causes or thinks he causes to others by rubbishing their reputations while riding himself on a high,when the reality is clear.He attackes anyone he thinks will cause a stirr,for instance Lord Mc Alphine who he hurt immensly brandind him with false allegations from third parties,in otherwords hearsay,which in court is seen as clear rot and was clearly maliciously unfeeling and untrue,but that mattered not one twit or one wit to this to Duncan Roy who shows off about his self appraisals where he evaluates his opinions highly as he condemns others he barely knows to ingratiate and flatter himself spitefully critising others while being over reactive and sensitive about his own graces.
    Duncan Roy,Scrapper Duncan, branded Lord McAlpine “evil” and claimed he had “a source” to back up the paedophilia claim. Lord Mc Alpine was deeply hurt by these allegations
    Atlast some one is standing up to him well done
    What he called you was very rude

  4. You have no idea how evil a troll this person is .His nickname is “Spurn of Satan” after the evil and unwarrented things and the distress he caused Lord Mc Alphine.The smalest slight to his self veneration is met with hostility yet he eagerly and with lies savages other people on his sadist websight .Lord Mc Alphine and Giles Fraser and others who helped at St Pauls.He wanted all the glory he is addicted to making trouble.At last
    well done well done well done
    he is a bully and a troll because he feels to bully is to be superior to bully is to feel the blood flow through him his work is evil it is lying and immoral what he says helps noone not humanity but his low ego attempt to dehumaise others he is a misogynist .People hated him at St Pauls because he acted with such arrogance.On the last day of the court he crept in because he was ashamed or should have been.At last some one dares to take a mirror to him but what good will it do .He really hurt Lord Mc Alphine he really really hurt him and Lord Mc Alphine died with this hurt and Scrapper Duncan just watched his own back and only grovelled because he was afraid in the face of power and money which others he bullied perhaps didnt have like Giles Fraser

  5. Scrapper Duncan you are kidding his job seems to be to bully and marline people, at last some one is standing up to him he is a famous malevolent and malicious troll of the first order, malice is his middle name. Well done you .What he did the hurt and lies against Mc Alphine is unforgiveable and he is still at it. Good for you having the guts to call his cowardism and bullying which he lives on. Scrapper Duncan ,Duncan Roy of Brighton loves his arrogant bullying lives of the hurt he hurls about, he is hated for his viciousness and as I say what he did to Mc Alphine making the end of his life grim and preoccupied with the hurt is the lowest ebb of a lying troll who seeks not the truth but the hurt .

  6. Scrapper Duncan, Duncan Roy would appear to be what is called perhaps a troll spitting out spite without consideration or reliability as if his far flung speculative spite renders true when he has vicious inclinations. What he says about people he has never met is appalling unkind and unchristian such as Giles Fraser at St Pauls .he himself causes mischief when ever he is getting insufficient attention and feels safe to attack the vulnerable which is not Christian. Most people would balk at this conduct but he goes headlong into it prising fantasy from truth, wanting evil to befall all but him and being ultra sensitive if the spotlight of truth indicates his nature. Only look at how he damaged and hurt Lord Mac Alpine. To use such spiteful spurious and malicious comments is not just outrageous to an elderly man who was brilliant and kind but almost devilish in mischief. He attacks with relish because that’s what bullies do. You are indeed a brave man to stand up to him .

  7. The malice and maliciousness of Scrapper Duncan to Lord Mac Alpine and Giles Fraser and others indicates that he acts with empathy for the feelings and lives of others. The torment he caused Mac Alpine before and up till his death is shocking and cruel and malicious. But he doesn’t care only so far that Mac Alpine made a stand.
    You are also incredible to make a stand. Malice is an evil trait used as a toll against the vulnerable like an elderly man Mac Alpine.
    You are a hero to stand up for your self and your human rights not to be bullied. He thrives on the fear and unhappiness of those he bullies. Well done. Hero.
    Scrapper Duncan used to roam around invisibly like a ghost at Occupy London pretending he ruled the roost but always full of criticism for everyone it seems. He never had time to speak to anyone except for the criticism and to express his own importance. People didn’t seem to want to be near him, it was as if he was out to demean especially those he felt inferior to himself which included Giles Fraser. He was never willing to interact on a positive level and upset many people it seemed with his superior bearings. He seemed intelligent so it is hard to understand what kick he got from this, but his presence was disturbing .It surprised few that he then became a troll by criticising lord Mc Alphine without giving him a voice without meeting him. But that seems the nature of the person, very sensible to anyone not applauding him wanting to believe the whole of occupy was under his dominion but then saying things which he felt would give him attention. It was nasty to witness especially with Giles Fraser and was appalling to so hurt Mc Alphine which the latter carried the scars of to the last days of his life saying how desecrated he was. Scrapper Duncan only backed down through fear .He called Dominic Lohan the “perfect fool “and an idiot. What right had he to do this. He labelled him “absurd” stating he tried to .
    ruin Occupy’s credibility called him all sorts of names. It is said biblically that one shouldn’t throw stones if one has faults .it is the malice of Duncan Roy Scrapper Duncan which appals.

  8. This person Duncan Roy who hides his malicious words behind false name scrapper Duncan is a man who likes to cause damage it seems because he is insecure and wants to avoid people being aware of this,its only my view,but why else does he say despicable and untrue things about noble people such as Lord Mc Alpine who was an honorable man.Duncan just feels sorry for himself because he was rebuke and caught out in such a terrible and abusive lie but this is what he enjoys best look at how he spoke of the priest at St Paul’s.Christians don’t normally act in this unchristain way like is good that you speak out.i heard about your blog so wanted to say that you are a brave man against such a spiteful person.Well done.but probably he’ll just carry on as long as he thinks his opinion rules above truth and virtue.perhaps he could start going to church and praying to love others as he loves himself.

  9. Your blog is great and you are very insightful
    Scrapper Duncan was lucky you didn’t print in full the awful things he said about Mc Alpine
    people are afraid of his cruelty of speech and acidity of tongue truly you are amazing not to be ,he treats people without emotion and intimidates them so it seems for instance Mc Alpine was deeply distressed by his lies and Giles Frazer, but he never looks at the moot in his own eyes in other words the biblical way of self assessing and not being righteous about ones self. Girls were pretty scared of him at Occupy outside St Pauls it seems because his belief that his was the only view point and he would critise even those or mainly those he never met. I met Mc Alpine and he is a great and kind person and was deeply distressed by the awful mischief of those seeking the pain of others. It was just publicity if Duncan Roy was a lawyer he knows very well to simply state as truth something you haven’t witnessed and say you have heard as gossip just isn’t muster in a court case it is hearsay and inadmissible but he Scrapper Duncan felt that this was a way to excuse his malicious malice.. He loves his own sensitivity but has no care for the feelings of others. Thank you for your humanity. You are indeed a hero.

  10. aid with great interest. I was aware of this person and his bully tactics especially to those he thought vulnerable, his slow odd speech, his incapacity
    for logical thought if a view that was not totally in accord with his odd view of reality. He had no consistency he was never available at Occupy he did not like to be conversed with on equal terms other than to say how great was his input when in fact it was not in most peoples view. In fact people avoided him like the plague because he was seen as bombastic putting people down all over the place thinking his weird was law encouraging a feeling of fear .People were repelled by him and he seemed repelled by people. His disgraceful attacks on people were legend. Women simply felt awkward anywhere near him because of his aggression and unsympathetic demeanour unless. He just wanted to control people control the situation take all the credit and yet did not interact in a way that was kind or humane he was like a control freak with a motor mouth wanting to dictate and being furious when people had their own views .The appalling things he said about Giles Fraser shocked everyone, but he didn’t care it was like verbal xxxx and of course the appalling hurt he caused and humiliated Lord McAlpine which was vicious done only with the usual intent by him of getting attention where ever he could. He thought by saying he had heard it from 2 o3 people made it true, so he says, but ofcourse he had no knowledge at all and this he thought gave him a right, when a solicitor challenged him it was grovel grovel pathetic grovel because like most bullies he just bullies those he thinks are weak and his desire is not for truth but to viciously hurt because it is sadistic fun with no rebound to him THE GREAT I AM I AM.Most people know full well it is not evidence acceptable if a matter is hearsay. He claims legal knowledge (which most people modesty would not) and wants acclaim yet he doesn’t follow the rules of decency and humanity. Giles Fraser sacrificed his career for Occupy, unlike Duncan Roy who sat in Brighton self important in his mind gloriously pulling the strings and putting Giles Fraser down. He has no conscience about this, let anyone say anything to him and he yelps like a baby and cries foul like all bullies. He wants to be free to bully as showed with Lord Mc Alpine a very honourable and utterly amazing human being who he made appalling and false allegations about being a paedophile which was a scurrilous lies, yet when any one says anything about him how he whimpers and calls foul.
    This is why we think you are amazing .You are not rich like Mc Alpline able to have a rich solicitor to defend yourself, but you had no fear putting him to task. Someone called you a Hero, this is your general reputation and believe me it is general, as they loath Duncan Roy’s (so called Scrapper Duncan) inhumanity to those such ass Giles Fraser and Lord McAlpine (who believe me died with the horror of what nasty allegations came from Duncan Roy’s (so called Scrapper Duncan) bitter tongue.
    So forget not you are amazing you will always be amazing and you are HERO and for this you are hailed and politically loved. Bless you.

    1. Great amazing why should a cruel bully bully vanity wickedness uncaringness sillines malicious banality .God that you expose this cruel bully who cares little or the Humanity and the Human Rights and dignity of others while believing himself above reproach,he loikes it seems people to cowar at his words Lord Mc Alpine was amazing and yet srapper duncan dincan roy maliciously said he “Had heard from others “well that is HEARSAY IN A COURT NOT ACCEPTABLE ,YET THIS SD THOUGHT THAT BY PLACING THE BLAME ON OTHERS HE COULD SAY ANYTHING EVEN IF THEY DIDNY SAY IT AND THEY DIDNT EXIST THEN HE DID THE BAD MOUTH STUFF TO GILES FRASER and he SD wonders why others wonder about him and his cruelty and the reasons for it .well you are not afraid off him so great yes as the others said or say you are a ero and a man of courage and truth long may you defend the honour of truth.well done I salute you.

  11. wow I have just read these amazingly accurate comments about Scrapper Duncan as Duncan Roy like to title himself leaving himself to BULLY BULLY BULLY.I had no idea that someone was brave enough to take this BULLY ON AND TO SEE PRECISELY THROUGH HIM.he used to bully people at St Pauls and believe he was in charge when people saw him they shuffled away people were actually afraid of his megga mouth which he would use to attack anyone who didnt conceed he was Master of The Occupy which ofcourse he wasnt.Thank you for revealing and LOOWING OTHERS THE SPACE TO SHOW HIS TRUE NATURE.

  12. you have made this guy scrapper Duncan Duncan Roy known for what he is saying those terrible and cruel things about Lord Mc Alpine.His speaking voice is rather odd and what he says is odder .He is very highly sensitive about what others observe about him and his rather odd ways and odd perceptions but savage and lying about others let out clause which is unassailable is “That others told him” The oldest trick in the book to talk evil and clam innocence as he did with the noble Mc Alpine. Thank you from all righteous people for what you have achieve. His conduct is selfish cruel lying savage and ignoble and utterly cowardly and spiteful, your response this this is utterly noble .You are a truth speaker and not coward, he is a man who lies for evil sport and insecure personality and everyone sees through this but Mc Alpine would be happy that he was not alone in exposing him. Thank you. He hurt a noble man and bullied others including Giles Fraser for which he was heartily despised because that’s what bullies do

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