In the week that sees the rubber stamping of Giles York as the next Chief Constable of Sussex police, disturbing information is coming to light that Sussex Police tried to kill a parliamentary candidate standing in the 2015 general election; Mr. Joe Neilson.

In a letter sent to the then Sussex Chief Constable Joe Edwards, damning allegations are published that implicate Sussex Police in:

• The murder of Mr. Matthew Heading

• The murder of Katrina Taylor

• The attempted murder of Mr. Neilson

Joe Neilson writes, “I am making a formal complaint against Sussex police authority and Sussex Chief Constable Joe Edwards, over intimidation of a family member myself, and over my cousins murder Mr. Matthew Heading.

The Campaign Justice for Matthew Heading.

Family members have set up a website exposing the Chief Constable’s role in the cover up of the murder of Matthew Heading after it’s alleged he found out he was Mr. Neilson’s cousin

An extract of the letter reads:

“Having discussed the tape we recorded of Mr. Simon Heading and DC. Hard’s actions of manipulating a drug addict who’s totally incapable of understanding what is going on. Or being given drugs by police officers to keep him out of it and get him to send stupid text messages. Plus DC. Hard’s involvement with the Evening Argus??? Strange how that paper helped in the cover up over Katrina Taylor’s murder.”

In a single paragraph of vented anger, the true extent of police corruption comes to light:

• Police officers manipulating drug addicts who are totally incapable of understanding what is going on.

Policing is done by consent and the consent of a drug user out of his or her mind is very easy to manipulate. I would imagine police officers rely on and are thankful for the easy compliance of drug users; making their job that little bit more bearable.

• Being given drugs by police officers to keep him out of it and get him to send stupid text messages.

Even more damning evidence which indicts Sussex police in the manipulation of witnesses, the supply of drugs to witnesses and criminal interference of witnesses.

• DC. Hard’s involvement with the Evening Argus.

Flagging up the collusion between Sussex police and the local press to bury news detrimental to the forces image and reputation.

While The Argus has gone far in publishing stories of police incompetence and corruption of late as in their headline, ‘SCANDALOUS,’ they haven’t gone far enough in lifting the lid on Sussex police and taking a serious and investigative look inside.

• Strange how that paper helped in the cover up over Katrina Taylor’s murder.

Which ties in perfectly with the last comment that indicts The Argus in the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up.

The Argus has made it clear to me that they won’t look into Katrina Taylor’s murder unless new evidence comes to light???? I don’t know how much new evidence needs to come to light before they realize that new evidence has come to light.

“Do Not Pull The Same Crooked Cover Up.”

Joe Neilson continues:

“But we are all going to make sure you do not pull the same crooked cover up for Mr. Matthew Heading killers as you did for Katrina Taylor’s or the crooks at Brighton crown prosecution service who removed evidence.

“Removed Evidence.”

And in the most serious allegations ever to be leveled against Sussex Police comes the damning words:

“I was accosted by two men claiming to be Sussex police C.I.D who would not show ID. They told me and Mr B. Cox and Mr. Chester Hudson not to talk to the media or come to the trial they also threatened other members of our family saying we would be killed or fitted up and not to come to the trial.”

“Be Killed or Fitted Up.”

It gets worse, “I was threatened of being shot by an armed response team if I came to court as a witness in the Katrina Taylor murder.

This was a year before James Ashley was shot and gives you something to think about; maybe James Ashley found out something about you bunch of crooks.”

Read more: James Ashley executed naked in bed.

Who is Joe Neilson?

Sitting on a mine-field of police corruption, Joe Neilson boasts of having told only 10% of the real corruption in Sussex police.
Suffering from Fibromyalgia and Macular degeneration, which can be argued started as a result of the stress put on him by Sussex police; Joe Neilson is standing as MP for Brighton Kemptown Constituency in the 2015 general election.

“Bringing Integrity and Honesty to Public Office and a Voice to the People of Brighton Kemptown Constituency.”

Having received a grant under the Access to Elected Office for Disabled People Fund to stand as an MP, Joe Neilson said “without this grant I could have become a candidate.”

This little known fund, The Access to Elected Office for Disabled People Fund can pay a disabled person up to £40,000.00 per year to stand for public office and is the life-line for Joe to use democracy to highlight his fight against corruption.

Read More: Disabled Candidate Standing for Brighton Kemptown.

Joe Neilson makes more sharp remarks against Sussex police and the Government of the Day.

• Some members of our family have been investigating matters surrounding Mr. Matthew Heading’s murder, and have found some form of a news blackout is going on????
• Now don’t tell us Des Turner MP and the Labour trash has got Special Branch or MI5 whoever involved.
• Not Tony Blair trying to cover up another Sussex murder.
• Like Jack Straw MP did with Katrina Taylor or the cover up of James Ashley’s shooting.
• Next you are aware that Gatwick port police special branch tried to take me out before the re-trial of Katrina Taylor’s killers at the Old Bailey in 1999. Don’t deny that we have the tapes.

Joe Neilson, independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown in the 2015 General Election spells out in detail:

I am making the following allegations against you [Chief Constable of Sussex Police] concerning the murder of Katrina Taylor.

• Covering up and removing and refusing evidence in a murder. That must make you an accessory to murder.
• Covering up the attempted murder of a witness. That must make you an accessory to attempted murder.
• You send your trash to my home to threaten me to cover up crimes.

“The case must be referred to the I.P.C.C, as I am claiming:

• Attempted murder of myself by Sussex police to cover up my evidence.
• Sussex police removed vital evidence to cover up for the killers.
• Witness intimidation to pervert the course of justice.
• Criminal conspiracy by members of Sussex police authority to cover up the murder of Katrina Taylor.
• Attempted murder of Mr. B. Cox covered up by Sussex police.”

Accusing Sussex Police of covertly operating to stifle promotion of Joe’s allegations, he writes, “Note e-mails and telephone calls are being blocked to us. Is this your handy-work?

It certainly is as we learn from today’s story in The Argus: Police ‘Spied’ on Anti-Fracking Protesters.

Joe Neilson ends his letter:

“Maybe you should be tapping some drug dealers or Mark Slade’s phone instead of members of the public who expect the police to act in their interests not that of criminals.

By the way do you know how much was paid out in backhanders to get Katrina Taylor’s killers off and the cover up for the Preddy fraudsters?

Read more from the LAW REPORT: No Transfer of Property in Mortgage Fraud.

Plus as you are fully aware Des Turner MP and Simon Burgess are accessories to the murder of Katrina Taylor.”


“Plus as you are fully aware Des Turner MP and Simon Burgess are accessories to the murder of Katrina Taylor.”

Asked whether Simon Burgess would be willing to give evidence at a Katrina Taylor Inquiry into her murder investigation, Simon Burgess replied, “Yes. I am willing to appear at Katrina Taylor’s Inquiry.”

Des Turner, Sussex Police and Police Commissioner Katy Bourne have yet to comment.

The History of Sussex Chief Constables makes for Interesting Reading.

It was due to a scandal concerning the then Sussex Chief Constable Athelstan Popkess, who 50 years ago, had been involved in a constitutional first when he refused to hand over a report into financial irregularities by some City Council members to the Watch Committee.

The Watch committee was made up of local councilors and magistrates, who held the police to account. The “Popkess Affair” was the prime factor in the appointment of the Royal Commission and the subsequent Police Act 1964 which sought to establish the respective powers of the Home Secretary, a Police Authority and the Chief Constable; and which in 2012 lead to the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners.

A meeting is taking place at the County Hall headquarters of East Sussex County Council, St Anne’s Crescent in Lewes at 10am on Friday June 27, to rubber stamp the appointment of the next Susex Chief Constable.


Further reading.


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