Paul Yallop
Paul Yallop

Councillor Paul Yallop of Worthing Borough Council made the following comment at the Sussex Police and Crime panel meeting on Friday 27 June 2014, about fracking.

“Its more of a comment than a question but I do take issue with the end of this public question where it says, “they are clearly massively unpopular with the majority of tax-payers living in Sussex.”

I live in Sussex, um I haven’t formed an opinion of fracking, yet, I haven’t heard enough evidence, um, I knock on a lot of doors as other politicians do every year for elections, this year not one resident raised fracking as an issue with me. Last year one house-hold did, um, so I think its very unfair to say its ‘massively unpopular’ because there is no evidence to support that I’ve seen.”

Paul Yallop is a fool because as a councillor responsible for many people, he hasn’t done any investigation into the perils of fracking which has such impact on the people he is meant to represent.

To have no opinion of fracking is a clear dereliction of duty.

He implies that if it isn’t raised by the people he represents, then it is of no importance. This man is an imbecile.




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