Matt Taylor the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has issued a statement backing the on-line journalist Chris Spivey.

His statement reads:

“Now if you haven’t heard of Chris Spivey (pronounced Spy-Vee, not Spiv-Eee) you soon will.

Having been called a ‘Crackpot Web Troll’ by the Sun Newspaper and been arrested for harassment by Essex Police on request of Manchester Police; Chris Spivey is about to become a house hold name and the most famous person in Britain.

What has Chris Spivey done wrong?

Nothing more than High Treason if he’s proven wrong in a court of law, to saving the country from a tyrannical dictatorship if he’s proven right, (which in that case I think he should be made Prime Minister but that’s only my opinion.)

Chris Spivey has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Lee Rigby murder was a Mi5 contrived false flag event and in doing so (has in all likelihood) triggering a British Revolution.

As an ex-Royal Military Policeman and a parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, I am convinced by Chris Spivey’s journalistic investigations that imply we are indeed under attack from dark forces, of which the Queen herself has alluded to and is a part of.”

Responding after a sustained Twitter attack by anti-Chris Spivey trolls, Matt Taylor is following his predictable fashion of hitting back at any adverse attack upon his character and good name.


His statement continues, “It was inevitable my enemies will attempt to derail my election campaign even before it begins. They’ve tried it with UK Column News already and now they are trying it with Chris Spivey. Well let me tell you, I’m on the side of good old honest truth and righteousness and our claims will be proven true in a court of law very soon.

Just imagine sending someone into the future only 10 years ago? The timeonaut would have returned with outlandish tales that two of the UK’s most loved children presenters were in fact prolific sex pests, paedophiles and serial killers.

The very people who are publicly deriding Chris Spivey’s investigation into the Lee Rigby Woolwich incident would have been the very same people to laugh in the face of the timeonaut and call him a ‘ding-bat,’ ‘conspiraloon,’ ‘nutjob’ and ‘stupid.’

Ben Gun, someone who’s been locked up in jail for 32 years has the audacity to wave the libel law in front of me, while he describes my beliefs as “bargain basement twitter stupidity,” before threatening me and my family with, “And be careful- I WAS a criminal.”

What is so disappointing is that the people who behave in such an uncouth manner are usually the ones without the brain power to finish a Chris Spivey article.

You have to remember that a Chris Spivey article of the length and depth of ‘Look back in Anger,’ would have taken over a year to write, with hundreds if not thousands of pictures and nearly a 100,000 words in it’s narrative alone.

Not many people have the brain power to finish a Chris Spivey article, let alone fully digest its information and understand its implications.”

“Let’s get one thing straight,” Matt Taylor continues, “I am privileged and honoured to stand as an independent candidate in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown general election and I stand by Chris Spivey shoulder to shoulder, as we go to war against the evil in our midst.

Chris Spivey has revealed seriously dangerous degrees of perversion and corruption at the heart of Westminster andBuckingham Palace and as your elected MP I intend to do something about it.”

To find out more about Matt Taylor and what he will do for you, contact him at



  1. Think you are both heroes. We need more people like you both and to stop believing everything in msm. Best wishes to you and Chris and the wonderful Bill Maloney on your journeys xx

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  2. Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates – these are public records. It is easier to find someone born in 1880 than anything relevant to Lee Rigby. Mr Spivey has been found guilty of harrassment by the Rigby family – by contacting them through facebook – I get friend requests all the time – I do not class that as harrassment. If a relative of mine had been murdered and someone on the internet decided to write a piece about it and I was accusing them of harrassment I would have attended that Court with a birth/marriage and death certificate to prove that the person did in fact exist. I don’t know whether Lee Rigby did or did not exist but I do find it rather odd that the family did not turn up at the Court case with this evidence. I truly hope that Mr Spivey lodges an Appeal against his conviction.

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