giles-york-sosMatt Taylor the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has issued an extraordinary statement to the new Chief Constable of Sussex Police Giles York, “arrest me for high treason but don’t you dare arrest me for harassment.”

Following the arrest of on-line journalist Chris Spivey for harassment, Matt Taylor, the editor-in-chief of the now defunct Guerrilla Democracy News, and a staunch supporter of Chris Spivey’s journalistic integrity, has issued his close friend, Giles York with a challenge that if another police force should ask to arrest him, (as did Manchester Police in the case of Chris Spivey who lives in Essex), he must:

  1. “1. Make sure the arrest is for High Treason, deserving of the explosive and controversial nature of the allegedly libelous articles published by Guerrilla Democracy News.

  2. Give him a lift home once finished helping with police enquires.”

Unlike Chris Spivey who walked out the station only to find no one there, “I had to catch a fucking train home,” he complained.

Matt Taylor has made it blatantly clear that if any arrest warrant was made against him, the time kept waiting in the cell is kept to the absolute minimum.

Having served 2 months imprisonment at the Army’s so called ‘Glass House,’ detention centre inColchester for naughty soldiers, Matt Taylor knows more than many the value of freedom and the horrors of being locked up to 23 hours in a cell- 4×6 with a toilet in the corner.

Close friends with the new Chief Constable Giles York, Matt Taylor has got more choice words in store for his friend having learnt Sussex Police are running a competition for a new television presenter and that they haven’t already asked him whether he wanted the role or not.

Promoted on the Sussex Police website:


Could this be you?

Ever wanted to see behind the scenes of policing and find out what it’s really like?
Win a chance to present during our 24 hour live broadcast this October.
As part of 24 hours live, Sussex Police is offering eight Sussex residents the chance to be a presenter for the day.
To get a taster of the event, watch our video.

The lucky winners will have the chance to present a broadcast streamed live from theSussex Police website, spending part of a shift with one of a range of different policing teams.
You could be going out on patrol with our Neighbourhood Response PCs, finding out about our forensic examination or taking to the streets with a local PCSO.
What do you need to do?

To enter all you need to do is show us your interviewing skills in a short 2 minute video.
You can interview anyone you like, be it a colleague, local celebrity or even your pet dog, but we want to see your star quality in front of the camera.

DATES- Competition opens 16 July 2014. Closes 15 August 2014 Winners will be announced on 29 August 2014 Broadcast will take place on 10 October
HOW TO ENTER- You can email a link to your video to production@sussex.pnn.police.ukOr post your entry form and video clip to:Sussex Police People Competition Corporate Communications and Public Engagement Department Sussex Police, Malling House Church Lane, Lewes BN7 2DZ
PRIZE – You’ll be allocated a team to spend the day with, and entrants under 18 will be given a shift during daylight hours.
T&Cs- You must be 16 years or over and have a Sussex home address to enter. Those aged 16 to 18 will be given a daytime shift. You’ll be vetted. You don’t get to keep copyright of your video once submitted. The shortlisted videos will be posted to the Force Facebook account.You’ll be joining operational officersYou agree to be filmed and for footage to be made available at the later date(Please also complete & sign the medical consent and photography permission form and return it either by post, to the above address with your video or to
Medical consent form
Photography permission form

Matt Taylor who first met the then Deputy Chief Constable Giles York at the Sussex Police Headquarters in Lewes, during the Police and Crime Commissioner elections of 2012; has since through a variety of meetings, including a memorial charity run for fallen heroines WPC’s Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, and have since enjoyed a cracking relationship based on joviality, the common goal of excellence in the police force and mutual respect.

A thorn in the side of Sussex Police in partnership with his deputy Joe Neilson, Matt Taylor is well-known to make allegedly libelous claims, which up-to-date, have been met with silence from all parties named including Sussex Police and Katy Bourne the elected Sussex Commissioner, which in itself validates the truthfulness and validity of Matt Taylor’s information.

Having been a victim of a smear campaign by UK Column News and attacked over his support of on-line journalist Chris Spivey, Matt Taylor has responded in predictable fashion by hitting back against his critics by publishing the uncouth tweet’s to a wider audience than would otherwise have never known about their bullishness and stupidity.

Read more: Matt Taylor hits back against anti-Chris Spivey trolls.

Matt Taylor is the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015 and his opponents are:

simonkirbySimon Kirby – Nazis Conservative

Simon Kirby has recently been promoted parliamentary private secretary (PPS) to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The very fact that he’s the person chosen by David Cameron, George Osborne and Oliver Letwin to keep the criminality of the weasel Jeremy Hunt secret as he illegally sales off the Health Service, shows beyond doubt that Simon Kirby is part of the gang and ear-marked for a greater role within the Nazis Conservative party.

He’s also on the Chair of the 1922 Committee! Nudge nudge wink wink, meaning he’s privy and compliant to all their most dirty Nazis secrets.

Who is Nancy Platts?Nancy Platts – Labour Party

A Jacqui Smith look alike, the Labour Home Secretary in Gordon Brown’s first government, who after office confessed to not having a clue what she was doing and admitted she should have been better trained for her role in office.

Nancy Platts admits to be “Not being like any other professional politician,” on her campaign website, which in it-self reveals her to be nothing but any other typical “professional politician” who intends to milk her way through life on the back of being a “professional hypocrite” sprouting the sprout but in fact being a loyal member of the equally corrupt Labour party.

Nancy Platts has the audacity to ignore police corruption but publicly chastise a Fire Chief, someone who’s put his life on the line to save idiots like Nancy Platts all his professional life; for enjoying a three day break away at a luxury hotel, only because it was done in times of austerity.

What Nancy Pratts, (the failed Labour candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015) fails to understand is that there is no austerity. Its only a contrived event to rob the poor of ever more, while the rich get richer and the hard-working folk die paying their bills, clothing and feeding their children, all the while looking over their shoulder for paedophile parliamentarians, teachers, priests and BBC children presenters.

“This country has gone to rot under this Nazis Conservative stroke Lib Dem government and it’s about time the voters realize who the criminals really are and call the police to arrest the evil people, not the people like Chris Spivey, terrorizing his daughter and one-year-old grandson in the process, but the truly evil people like David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Simon Kirby and Nancy Pratts.”

davy-jones-yogaDavy Jones – The Green Party.

Davy Jones is an old and wrinkly yoga teacher who makes a living from feeding of the public tax-payer in a consultancy type of role.

Ian_BuchananIan Buchanan – UKIP Party

A self confessed Free Mason… Need I say more??? Anyone who pledges a higher allegiance to a secret society is obviously the last person any right-minded individual would vote for in a democratic process.

The Liberal Democrats have yet to declare, but I hear from my campaign manager that it may be a lesbian.

Of-which I have nothing against anyone’s sex expect that whoever she is, she’s in association with the Nazis and that can never be a good thing.

joe-neilsonJoe Neilson – Independent

My independent rival and the only disabled independent candidate in the country running in the 2015 general election, a round of applause everyone for Joe Neilson:


If there is anyone I’d be voting for in this election, it’ll be independent Joe.

Read more:

The Brighton and Hove Independent Newspaper likes to remind us we have under 150 days to the 2015 general election, but what they fail to mention is that the independent loose-cannons Joe Neilson and Matt Taylor are also standing as parliamentary candidates.

“Its fact, get over it,” chastises Matt Taylor, “We’ve got the £500 deposit and we’ve got the twenty signatures. We are running as the independent parliamentary candidates for Brighton Kemptown in 2015 whether you like it or not. I intend to win this election by winning over the voters at the forth-coming hustings. If for whatever reason anyone, let alone the editor of the Brighton and Hove Independent newspaper Greg Hadfield, refuses to allow us to attend any husting and have a voice, I promise you now, all Hell will break loose.

martin-bellWe are the independent candidates for Brighton Kemptown and on Independence Day 07 May 2015, we intent to win the Brighton Kemptown election.”

To learn more about Matt Taylor and why you need to vote for him visit his campaign website at where he invites you to leave a message and debate the politics of the day.

Become an independent candidate yourself and stand as an independent candidate in your area.

Join Martin Bell at – Join the Independent movement.



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