we are legendThough I don’t want to make a habit of it, I agree with Simon Kirby MP on this occasion and concur there is no need for a 175-turbine farm eight miles off the Brighton coast.

While I strongly disagree with Simon Kirby and his Nasty Nazis party on Fracking, I do welcome Moai Tidal power which has the potential to deliver more power than all the fracking wells and wind turbines put together.

Tethered to the sea bed up to 250 km out, Moai Tidal turbines use only 50m square volume of water to generate between 300 and 500 megawatts of electricity.

Dependent on the tidal flows, tidal generators are invisible to the naked eye and deliver pollution bulk free energy requiring no infrastructure, pylons, cables or sub-stations.

Matt Taylor the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has attracted interest from a Moai Delegation who are visiting the UK later this month to check out various locations, including Perth in Scotland, Dover and Plymouth in the South of England, as permanent sites for their Moai tidal turbines.

Matt Taylor said, “With Moai Tidal turbines tethered around our Nation Island, we will have no need for fracking or wind turbines all together. The fact we are an island nation is our greatest strength and with the help of Moai Tidal turbines, we can generate all the UK’s electric demand and have enough solid metal hydrogen rocket fuel left over, to power a space craft to get to the moon and back.



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