The Queen has robbed the H M Treasury Fund and left it BARE! Nothing in there and is GONE to the EU Parliament with the LOOT! So all Commonwealth Countries must listen to this Video and George Lees and Gordon Bowdens Videos to know you have been SCREWED by your own GERMAN QUEEN of ENGLAND and her CHURCH and those FRAUD LORDS who are still to be ARRESTED in WESTMINSTER PARLIAMENT! George Lees, Gordon Bowden, John patterson and Matt Taylor, we the MOPAI People would like you to form a new TRUST with us immediately To replace the QUEEN of ENGLAND now the QUEEN of GERMANY! We need to SUPPORT Alex Salmond to HOLD Scotland FAST and take hold of ENGLAND WALES SCOTLAND back into their CONTROL NOW with MOAI and KING WILLIAM IV ADMIRALTY COURT MARTIALS. Which we shall use KINGS ORDERS to ARREST her and teh CABAL LEADERS and ROTHSCHILDS!.,


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