Cilla Black with paedophile Cliff Richard

These are his exact words, “I’m officially a non-resident, although I will always be British and proud of it.”Exclusively revealed by The Coleman Experience in May 2013, Sir Cliff Richard has forfeited his right to British citizenship and has become a fully fledged citizen of the Barbadian family.

The latest in a long line of Knight’s favoured personally by criminal Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Cliff Richard has forfeited his right to British citizenship to escape justice for being a paedophile.

I imagine Chris Spivey would say, “Fucking disgusting!” And if you don’t know who Chris Spivey is you soon will.

Read more: The Drummer Man by Chris Spivey.


Having bribed officials at the highest levels, Sir Cliff Richard is now officially known to the Barbadian Embassy as a ‘Non-Dom.’

Or in English, “A Nonce.”

While any other British citizen would have to marry a Barbadian citizenship to be granted full Barbadian citizenship, Sir Cliff Richard went through alternative routes to secure himself a bolt-hole to hide out, once the story breaks.

Following in the path of the dead confirmed paedophiles:

  • Sir Peter Morrison
  • Sir Lord McAlpine
  • Sir Jimmy Savile
  • Sir Cyril Smith

And now the living convicted peadophiles:

  • Sir Stuart Hall
  • Sir Rolf Harris


Common knowledge across the alternative media under the nickname Kitty, Sir Cliff Richard is named on a list of people known to have regularly visited Elm Guest House.

A notorious rent-boy brothel, Sir Cliff Richard is reported to have sexually abused boys.

Cilla Black’s disgust at paedophile Rolf Harris


Looking frail with vampirism, Leon Brittan is being forced to publicly defend himself against paedophilia.




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  • Involves drugs, sex and rock’n’roll
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  1. I’m just wondering how rare are genuine coincidences when it comes to all this stuff; Both Cliff and Rolf having homes in Berkshire, I wonder if they were acquainted, or if they have mutual friends? Was the timing of the search coincidental?

    In the fortnight leading up to police obtaining the warrant to search Cliff’s property, Rolf had some rather fortunate luck:
    He received a fairly soft sentence ( that the Attorney General immediately decided would not be challenged for its leniancy) that surprised most.
    He’s inexplicably avoided the dreaded but standard few weeks in Wandsworth and was instead expidited to the gentler Bullingdon.
    Rolf has then managed to jump the queue, ahead of prisoners already waiting, and scored himself the coveted prison job of gardening in the outdoors. No toilet cleaning for this newly convicted rock spider.

    It’d be interesting if Rolf’s living conditions continue to improve, and if, coincidently, other people known to him find themselves under investigation.

    Just thoughts…

  2. Cliff is innocent of it all!! All fabrication and lies. Furhtermore, no proof at all!! …and …Cliff would not build up an image and then destroy it from within. He is a true gentleman. After all. he has been interviewed a month ago – not charged nor arrested. You fail to report that – because it does not fit in with the story you are telling us. I am disgusted.

      1. Don’t talk big. Put your name up , lets see who you are and then we can wait for your grand entrance, and hear how Clif Richard touched your tender little bottom forty five years ago and you’ve not been able to sleep since. In fact the only thing that will give you closure would be £40 odd thousand in your private account.

      2. Go ahead you have had two years and nothing has come of it, dear liz. Who are you? hmm a troll

    1. The information shared is I suspect worthless. God help you if ever you fall under the wheels of a juggernaut such as this.

    2. Nice Blog. NICE BLOG? are you mad. 90% of it is libellous rubbish. It’s one thing to hide behind a computer screen and act the big man, quite another to stand up in court. If there is one thing this fashionable crusade against anybody and everybody who had sex or touched a breast at a party forty years ago has taught me,it is, that human beings follow like sheep and herd like goats. If Richards is guilty then we prove it in court, a proper civilised court , not a kangaroo court or an internet forum.

    1. What arrogant bastard ? Are you basing your vindictive opinion on a personal dislike or are you trying to infer that you were victim . England’s full of bloody victims and it’s also full of dam liars.There’s only one country more bloody stupid than England and that has to be the USA.

    1. I have just replied to this article. If you have evidence that this man is a ‘sicko’ as you put it, then it is your duty to come forward. If however, as I suspect, you are working on hearsay then be careful.

      1. Why should anyone here reveal their real profile ? Why don’t you reveal yours instead of forcefully giving your opinion and expecting an answer as if you were the police. Calm yourself down and give us a little bit of an insight as to why you stand in the corner of the accused!

  3. Exactly what proof do you actually have that this man is a paedophile. I’m not talking now about the ‘common knowledge’ so glibly referred to in the article above, I’m talking about such things as photographs, letters, independent witnesses’ DNA’ dates, times, collaborative evidence etc.

    There is currently a taste for accusing notable people of crimes that took place over a quarter of a century ago. Could you tell me in detail what you did on your birthday in 1979 and what the weather was like. More importantly could you produce a witness to establish your credibility, and finally , how would you feel if your very reputation depended upon being able to produce this information. I don’t like the way things are going in this ‘Merry Little England’ of ours,it vaguely smells of sensationalism and in some cases outright revenge. I was badly assaulted as a boy and left in a critical state in a railway shed ( this was in the 1950’s) yet without looking at documentary evidence from the time I could not tell you the day it took place or even the year. I couldn’t even find the street.So how can these ‘victims’ come forward with such certainty after so long. Have they a hospital report following the assault, underwear, clothes,, a police report, even a friends evidence from the time? If not why not? Why leave it so long and yet suddenly become troubled.

    I would like to meet the writer of this article face to face, see the type of man I am dealing with, the type of man who can throw around accusations like confetti, and the type of man who whips others up into a frenzy with his suggestions. Independent politician yes, gossip monger certainly, and president of a kangaroo court, without a doubt.

    Barry Waterfield

  4. I don’t believe a word of it. I have been falsely accused myself by someone with a vendetta. God help you under the British judicial system. The French have more justice.

    1. Hi David, if you read the book ‘FATAL jOURNEY’ you will have a change of mind about the French law system. It stinks of corruption.

    2. France is a better country full stop. My mother came from France and she hated every minute of her life in England. I too dislike the place intensely . The countryside is fine , it’s the British people. Materialistic gossip mongers. They have an island mentality, and their women are , by the standards of France and Italy , unromantic, and course. I’m not in the least surprised there has sprung up a culture of vintage accusation, it’s just the sort of country that I would expect to find such a pandemic. And I don’t think you’ve seen anything yet.

  5. To the gentleman above, asking why they’ve left it this long before it came out. There have been, not only allegations of sex abuse, but also allegations of murder, allegations of police involvement, senior politician’s involvement, ever Royal involvement. Only in an environment where the alleged victim feels that they are safe, secure, and that they will be believed, would they dare say anything. It is also not everyone who could face a national court case, and the anxiety, stress, and pressure involved. That someone would falsely make claims of this magnitude, knowing that they would have to run a gauntlet of stress inducing situations, I for one feel is highly unlikely in the extreme. That up to now, the establishment has fought tooth and nail to avoid anyone not already dead from being exposed, is to me suspect at the very least.
    If someone has got the courage to face all this, then we should at least give them our support.

  6. Its a shame people do not realise the extent of paedophilia on our planet I will give you a quick summation.
    jill dando was killed by the BBC as she was investigating the bbcs paedophile ring apparently 50% of all the staff therebelong to the ring 33% of british MPs before the last election were caught by Westminster police in an operation yet refused to release the names and do any prosecuting, tony blair allegedly raped his daughter afterwards she tried to kill herself the social worker who interviewed got her statement passed it onto a police commissioner who in turn gave it to Rupert Murdoch who himself is alleged to have 80 thousand pages detailing his paedophile exploits kept by his personal secretary over 25 years.
    Gordon brown as well as various british lords were caught by the FBI in operation ORE

    I have been fighting the ruling classes for a fair amount of time now and supplied the information to anonymous that started the operation deatheaters project

    the only way of remedying these disgusting crimes on innocent people is to introduce MRI scanning this scans the electricity in the brain and is almost impossible to fool.

    if any of you are genuine you will push the idea of introducing MRI scanning for all politicians in all governments and directors and major shareholders of corporations to clear out this corruption from our planet.

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