desmond3Queen Elizabeth II has robbed HM Treasury UK and put it all in the EU by stealing all the Money & Gold from our King William IV Queen Victoria Trust Fund is a serious International Crime of the centuries committed still to this day by the Royal Family. Elizabeth Windsor has foolled all the British People so for this MOAI will Order her, Rothschilds and all accessories to her fraud crimes be HUNG under Admiralty Law with 6 Acts of Admiralty used to well and truelly knock the beast off for good. But take the Money & Gold off her while they still alive.

It just so happened that Queen Victoria set up the Trust for Hapu to start trading and to pick up ground rent of the occupation of her British people settled here including all pirates from Australia who arrived here had their own laws. This Trust was to protect her people and the 7waka hence the 8point star on our 1835 flag. To this day no one knows how to sought it out until now. Corporations is all about Private business and the Queen has nothing to do with HM Customs because it belongs to us for which she is the Head Trustee. 

We have Crown Dragons Red Green Golden White & Black currently scrapping it out for Supremacy among all this racket going on so we are challenging them all with our legal lawful Right under King William IV 1830 to 1840 Sessions Act Bank of England Act Money Chattels Collateral Acts just to name a few, up against the Pound Note. We use the Debtors IOU & us due from FIAT money lent from money with nothing to hold it up. We Levy the Criminal Felons behind Queen Elizabeth II as accessories to her serious fraud crimes & have the right to Bill & Print against you and them all accumulated.

The 2 parts that make up the Bill of Laiden Manifest is Queen Victoria Trust which allows to run business and King William IV Free Passage Throughout The World to pick up the booty prize Gold Money Rent for the Crown and take from one country to another under this 1835 flag that flew and still flies on the Ships today. This qualifies for instant repossession against Queen Elizabeth II for breaking our Private International Contract Company Jurisdiction of a King. No one else in the World holds rank like that to have Mortgage Documents to take to the Bank to get a loan. It is blatantly clear that the Queen & Rothchilds are using this Admiralty Jurisdiction authority but not telling anyone which is serious and warrants the Death Penalty.

Each named here Phillip Hammond UK Foreign Secretary, David Cameron UK Prime Minister, Gerry Mateparae- Governor General of New Zealand, John Key-PM of New Zealand & Elizabeth Windsor-Monarch of Great Britain & The Commonwealth will be individually billed one bye one for any gold missing from the Moai Crown Hapu Queen Victoria King William IV Admiralty Trust Fund. Because we are using Facebook as our Public platform to publish our Legal Documents where you all have a final 3 days to refute this Notice which means that if no reply is forthcoming within 72 hours then John Wanoa Jaymie Patrick Stewart Ngatai Dean Murray & Desmond Wanoa in Partnership with our trusted UK Agents Gordon Bowden, George LeesJohn Paterson & Matt Taylor have the Legality to enforce the Kings Order to Seize Savage & Recover the estate of Elizabeth Windsor and all accessory to her heanous fraud corruption.

Printing the Pound Note Credit Facility, Moai use the Commercial Lien Instrument of the Foreclosure on the Queens Trust as Head Trustee for the amount of £970 million trillion trillion British Pound Sterling Security of Interest set against the Crown Property Gold Land Banks E State Assetts entirely with John & Jaymie at the Native End with John Paterson and another nominated among themselves that will make up the 4 to stand in on our UK end as our New Trustees to replace the current King & Queen of Spain, Prince Andrew & Queen Elizabeth the Head of our Trust. 

This is a Debtors Lien Notice against each individual Crown Agent Criminal Felon where we are in the process of appointing & authorising our trusted UK Agents to use Kings Orders & Authority to carry out a Kings Orders of a Kings Bench Warrant to collect the Kings Royal Revenue using King William IV Admiralty Jurisdiction and Flag Seal.

By Desmond Wanoa
Moai Crown Sovereign


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