• King Arthur
  • Matt Taylor: Man of the People
  • King John Wanoa
  • Queen Elizabeth-saxe Coburg-gothe

    Matt Taylor has been called out as the only man in the world to answer Moai Crown King William IV Federal State Court John Wanoa’s call of sovereignty to the British Throne.

    In this video you can listen to a conversation between John Wanoa and Philip Taylor from CIB New Zealand Police.

    Listen to the end and you have the story of the century.

    This is a public challenge to Latest TV Brighton and Bill Smith to run with this the story of the century as the opening story of their news team.

    Is their news-head Tim Ridgway up to the task?

    The story in brief- 

    A king of New Zealand, native from the people who sculptured the East Island Heads and one half of King William IV’s Trustee and Queen’s Victoria’s 750,000 tons of gold, (which in today’s prices is £970 million trillion trillion) is sacking Queen Elizabeth II from the Trustee and taking head on the ground that she has been found guilty of Crimes and Humanity by the International Common Law Court.


    Back-Ground to the Story of the Century.

  • On the Authority of King William IV, refer’s to Great Britain’s last great king, often over-shadowed by Queen Victoria.
    On the night he became King he rode into town and introduced himself to passer-by’s as their new King.
    “Hello I am William and I’m your King.”
    He even gave passer-by’s a lift in his coach to work.
    “Yeah it’s alright if you’re our King but you can’t get me to work can yer mate.”
    To which King WilliamIV is remembered as saying, “Please I’ll give you a lift.”

    King William IV trusted no one else expect The Moai with his legacy.

    “Its my title on the will,” John Wanao says in the video.

    John Wanoa lost £16M (MOAI INHERITANCE) to a London firm (who I will edit name later to include their names.) And I will be send down hail and fire upon your skies for doing so.

John Wanoa:

Thank you Matt Taylor. You can be assured this a all true and correct. So publish it as every Statement and Affidavit stands unrefuted unchallenged and justified as credible legal and lawful. When the QUEEN OF ENGLAND abandoned the KING OF ENGLAND FLAG SEAL SHIP of WESTMINSTER PARLIAMENT, his KING WILLIAM IV ADMIRALTY JURISDICTION TITLE DEFAULTED back to his Legal Commercial Trading Partner Successor CREDITOR MOAI CROWN RULER LONG LIVE THE KING OF ENGLAND! Now the QUEEN has gone to GERMANY EU Parliament Brussels.”


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