Mr. Brian Setchfield is a Crimestoppers Board Member from Sussex and he is on the war-path over the “THEFT OF GOVERNMENT MONEY”, “SERIOUS FRAUD”, “A BRUTAL ASSAULT UPON A NAKED MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC” and “MALFEASANCE IN PUBLIC OFFICE” which was all carried out under the watch of the Ex Chief constable, Mr Martin Richards.

Going public with a youtube video, Mr Setchfield exposes a series of criminal activities operating deep from within the heart of Sussex Police.

Taking the viewer to five different locations:

  • Bohemia Road Police Station in Hastings, Sussex
  • Sussex Police HQ in Lewes, Sussex
  • PCC HQ, Sackville House, Lewes, Sussex
  • The Houses of Parliament, London
  • Buckingham Palace, London

Mr Setchfield explains in crystal clear clarity, the events of 12th February 2009 at the Bohemia Road Police station in Hastings, where serious fraud; assault and malfeasance in public office took place by an organised gang of criminals.

setchfield-crime-stoppersWHO IS MR. SETCHFIELD?

Mr Setchfield is a CrimeStoppers board member, Mr Setchfield is also a music executive and grandson of a World Famous Politician.

Promising to reveal all in further video up-loads, Mr. Setchfield makes it abundantly clear:

  • David Cameron (PM)
  • Gregory Barker (MP for Bexhill & Battle)
  • Theresa May (Home Secretary)
  • Ms Jenny Sharkey PA to Theresa May
  • Vince Cable (MP)
  • Edward Miliband (MP)
  • Edward Balls (MP)
  • Yvette Cooper (MP)
  • Nick Cleg (MP)
  • Keith Vaz (MP)
  • Tim Loughton (MP)
  • Nigel Farage (MP)
  • All cross-party MP’s in today’s present Parliament
  • Sussex Police Chief Constable Mr Giles York
  • Sussex Police Commander Mr Jason Tingley
  • Sussex Police Chief Staff Officer Mr Michael Ashcroft
  • Katy Bourne (Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner)
  • Mark Streater (Sussex Crime Commissioners Office)
  • Mary Clarke (Sussex Crime Commissioners Office)
  • Natacha Skelton (Sussex Crime Commissioners Office)
  • Rosie Gooch (Sussex Crime Commissioners Office)
  • All of the Sussex Police & Crime Panel
  • Ms Deborah Glass of The (IPCC)
  • Mr Steven Wilmott (QPM) of the (SRA)
  • Ms Heather Gelder of the (SRA)
  • Ms Zender Talamini of the (SRA)
  • The entire (SMT) of the (LSC)
  • Ms Gillian Seager of the Bar Standards Board

Are all in “FULL RECEIPT” and in “FULL KNOWLEDGE” “ABSOLUTELY” of all of the serious crimes which took place at the Bohemia Road Police Station in Hastings, East Sussex, on 12th February 2009, and, that they are all “FULLY AWARE” again “ABSOLUTELY” of the most serious assault and massive fraud perpetrated against the “BRITISH PUBLIC” by an “ORGANISED GANG OF CRIMINALS”.
Mr Setchfield, has said, “These people sitting in Parliament are running away from me on a constant daily basis”. “I’ve emailed them and contacted them 20-30 times now and all I receive is the proverbial wall of silence”.

setchfield-sussex-police-hqStanding outside the Sussex Police HQ in Sussex, Mr. Setchfield lifts the lid on the corruption and criminality deep at the heart of Sussex Police, Parliament and all the way to the very top, Queen Elizabeth II.

“Basically, the then Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Mr Martin Richards, did nothing while serious vile and violent criminals ran amok in Sussex,” he said.

Calling Sussex Police, “a totally corrupt police force,” Mr. Setchfield blows away all pretence that Sussex Police are there to serve and protect the people of Sussex.

setchfield-sackville-house“WHO IS THE PUPPET MASTER?”

He is an individual who is unable to accept the truth and has managed to pull in so many favours from so many third parties to protect himself and his family, but, unfortunately, he has now run out of third parties to call upon.

The identity of this particular cowardly “PUPPET MASTER” will most definitely, without any doubt or question whatsoever, be exposed and named in the video broadcasts that will follow.

“Mr Setchfield said, once I reported Martin Richards to the Crime Commissioner’s office Mrs Katy Bourne, he (Martin Richards) then laid down his tools, laid down his hat and walked out of this place and resigned citing early retirement.”


Claiming that the three legitimate complaints made against Martin Richards lead directly to his resignation (early retirement), Mr. Setchfield caused more embarrassment to Sussex Police having caught out the new Chief Constable Giles York lying.

In a recorded telephone conversation made public due to it’s national interest, Mr. Setchfield is heard speaking to Giles York, in which Giles York denies any knowledge of knowing who Mr. Setchfield is and of the events at Bohemia Road Police Station in Hastings on 12th February 2009.

As Mr. Setchfield makes clear, “They have all been put on formal notice”.

  • Giles York
  • Katy Bourne
  • Mark Streater
  • Mary Clarke
  • Natasha Skelton
  • Rosie Gooch
  • The Entire Police Crime Panel. 

To name but a few.

“They have all put up the proverbial wall of silence and refuse to discuss the subject with me.

setchfield-houses-of-commonsAll this has been reported to Her Majesty’s government and nothing has been done about it. All the matters I’ve raised and reported repeatedly to David Cameron, Gregory Barker, Theresa May, across party MP’s.”

In light of the serious fraud, assault and malfeasance in public office, which Mr. Setchfield experienced up close and personal, he makes no bones about his intentions.

“The corruption within Sussex Police and the Crime Commissioners Office will all be outed, “WITHOUT QUESTION”, this I now personally warrant and guarantee to you. Furthermore, all of the British Government who are also involved in deliberately attempting to play games here with me, will also all be “EXPOSED”, once again, this is a personal guarantee.”

setchfield-buck-stops-hereTHE BUCK STOPS HERE.

Standing outside BuckinghamPalace, Mr. Setchfield says, “The buck stops here at Buck House,Buckingham Palace.”

In no mood to wait any longer, Mr. Setchfield makes his point known in no uncertain terms:

“I challenge anybody to come and speak to me on this matter. I’m ready to take on all Parliament over this matter and I’ll do this as early as is convenient to you. Thank you.”


Why was Mr. Setchfield taken to the Bohemia Road Police Station in the first place?

Mr. Setchfield answers:

“This is very easy to answer, the police said that I had harassed my own family, this was a blatant lie when I was just simply dealing with my own family over the concealment of the death of my own father. Furthermore, there was no charge and no follow up on any of the reasons why I was pulled into the police station. The pure fact of the matter is, the police were off duty police officers doing the “PUPPET MASTER” from Wimpole Street inLondon a favour, pure and simple. The police have been running away from me ever since, just as the Prime Minister Mr David Cameron is also running away from me. Mr Cameron will soon be arrested and taken to the police station, where I will personally see to it without question, that he is arrested and charged and placed before a “CRIMINAL COURT” along with Richards, York, Bourne, Streater, Clarke, Skelton, Gooch, and the entire Crime Panel, FACT.

Who is Mr. Setchfield’s famous Grand-father?

“The relevance of the famous politician who was my grandfather, will of course be revealed very shortly now. Once this has been revealed, publicly, we will then receive Major interest from America and serious interest from across the World, FACT.”


With one scandal after another, the obvious question raises its ugly head, “How much longer can Giles York, Katy Bourne and Mark Streater hold onto their jobs?”


No longer serving and protecting the public, but instead spending all day covering up their own failures, incompetence and criminality, it is only a matter of time before Sussex Police hit the 10 O’clock headline news, especially now that Mr. Setchfield has exposed and confronted them all.




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