Taking the lead from Scotland and the recent referendum vote to go independent, I’m the only politician in Brighton calling for an independent Brighton & Hove.

If Scotland can go it alone, then why not Brighton and Hove?


Plagued by street drinkers and heroin addicts (its worthy to note my sister and nieces are street drinkers and heroin addicts, so my heart is keen to do all we can for members of society who fall through the safety net,) Brighton must indeed address the anti-social behaviour of street drinkers and heroin addicts plaguing our streets, to ensure all residents of Brighton live in safety, free from intimidation and harassment.

In light of this I call for by-laws to curb the selling of alcoholic drinks to anyone deemed to go on and indulge in anti-social behaviour.

Having spoken extensively with my sister on this issue, we are in full agreement that only by denying the fuel to ignite anti-social behaviour, will anti-social behaviour be controlled and extinguished.


Branded a non-violent extremist by David Cameron and Theresa May, deemed to be as dangerous and as much a threat to democracy as Islamic fighters who allegedly behead dummies; I do not believe the official versions of the 7/7 London Bombing, 9/11 Twin Tower attacks and Lee Rigby’s Woolwich beheading.

I find it incredulous that anyone who brings critical thinking to the narrative the Government puts out, but who finds the official narrative to be compromised, is branded an enemy of the state, is nothing more than the actions of a Nazis Gestapo.

If you have any doubts that the events of 7/7, 9/11 and the Woolwich beheading were not false-flag events, conducted with the full knowledge of Government and Crown, then check out the following sites.


Regardless of Katy Bourne’s insistence that Sussex is Safer, the horrible truth reveals Sussex has never been more dangerous.

You simply need to check out the news stories on the Sussex Police website to learn of the many muggings, rapes, stabbing, assaults and murders which happened day on day on day in Sussex.

Published during the Police and Crime Commissioner elections of 2012, I maintain the concept of Citizen’s on Patrol to be the perfect solution to tackle the crime and anti-social behaviour epidemic throughout Sussex and Brighton and Hove in particular.


  • Citizen on Patrol Units (C.O.P) based on US/Canadian models.
  • Made up of volunteers from the community, they will have the full support of Sussex Police but without the powers of arrest.
  • I will aim to create 70 units across Sussex, amounting to about 1800 volunteers, devoting 135,000 hours per year.
  • These police volunteers will be brought together from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds. Each patrol will be identified by a simple uniform, made up of patrols of two. Training and equipment will be provided by Sussex police and the £30 criminal record search will be waived for all C.O.P volunteers.
  • Each volunteer will devote shifts of 2-3 hours once a week. They will be community minded, nice people, positive role models, keeping their families and neighbourhoods safe.
  • As a Police Chief from America told me, ’That’s a great deal of ”eyes and ears” time that can assist the police to solve problems, as well as freeing their time to work on more serious issues.’


Following the examples of Brighton Cannabis Club and CLEAR, I support the complete and comprehensive legalisation of cannabis for medical and recreational use.

The claim that Rick Simpson Oil cures cancer is life-changing! And must be explored, proved one way or the other. Is cannabis the wonder drugs we’ve been waiting for?


Following the example of Lewes in issuing their own Lewes Pound, Brighton and Hove will be free to issue their own currency as an independent state.

Either issuing our currency on the debt which Westminster has fraudulently occurred or issuing currency on the strength of Brighton’s population, the idea of having to go to the Bank for money is becoming a thing of the past.

A shining example is SterlingCoin, a cryptocurrency launched in Brighton as an answer to Bitcoin.

Read more: www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/11476048.Digital_money_a_sterling_idea/

Bankers have proven themselves to be fraudsters of the highest order. Take for example only three scandals of hundreds more in London, American and Asia.

  • HSBC Mexican Drug Cartel money laundering
  • The Libor rate scandal
  • PPI mis-selling scandal.


With a lot more elderly living on their own, isolated with no family and friends as support, its more important than ever that the community comes together to bring all Brighton’s elderly under their umbrella.

The elderly must not worry about heating bills, TV licences and bus fares.

We must do all we can to improve the lives of the elderly by reducing the burden they contribute to society and actively encourage the community to reach out to every OAP in the city to offer them the friendship, company and respect they need to make them feel they are loved and needed as much as any other section of society.


Forget about wind-turbines and fracking, I’m the only politician in Brighton who offers tidal energy as the solution to all our energy needs.

In exclusive negotiations with Moai Tidal Electric, I am perfectly posed to revolutionise energy supply in Sussex and the nation at large.

Able to create 300-500 megawatts of electricity from 50 square meters of sea volume, tidal turbines are able to produce bulk free energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fracking across the South Downs will be void and redundant, as will any planned installations of wind turbines of the Sussex coast.

Moai Tidal Electric is ecological safe to the environment and is hidden from view, tethered to the sea bed invisible beneath the surface. Able to produce bulk free renewable electricity, Moai Tidal Electric is the answer to all our energy needs.

Read more: www.moaipowerhouse.com/


Increase the number of Nurses, Doctors and Dentists across Sussex and Brighton.

Reduce the number of non-medical administrators and managers, to ensure more doctors are on call and available to reach the sick, rather than the sick reach them. Provide an NHS Dentist within 30 minutes of every household. Provide free parking for hospital visitors and staff.

In parliament I will be pushing through the legislation that allows the NHS to use other treatments, than the treatments they use now.

Rick Simpon Oil is claimed to cure cancer and a variety of other life depilating conditions. Other treatments outside the control of pharmaceutical companies must be explored and used more actively.

Investment into the causes of disease will be more beneficial in the long run, against investment spent combating the symptoms of the disease.


An Earthship near Stamner Park in Brighton

With a short fall of 11,000 houses in Brighton and Hove, I’ll introduce legislation that will encourage and simplify the planning applications of Michael Reynolds’s inspired ‘Earthship Houses.’

Built using recycled materials such as dirt hammered into tyres, glass bottles and beer cans, Earthships can be built to catch their entire water system on their roof, power all their electric utilities by solar power and maintain heating by using the thermal mass of the dirt filled tyres to hold the heat in Summer and release it in the Winter.

With a revolutionary idea of recycling the water supply, Earthships allow you to drink cook and bathe in fresh water, for that water to feed the in-house plants and vegetable crops, to then be used for a third time to flush the toilet, which is used a fourth time to filter through natural reeds outside of the Earthship to water the garden.

Read more: www.earthship.com/


The subject of immigration is a controversial one. Everyone has either met or has had dealings with an immigrant. For a quick fired response to the problem of immigration, I say- Immigration, what problem?
I don’t believe we have a problem with immigration because there are just as many people leaving our country as there are arriving.

I expect if every immigrate stopped work tomorrow, Britain will be broken by 6 in the morning.
Our politicians are apportioning the blame onto the immigrants flowing into our country. They are brainwashing the British people to blame immigration for our problems, shifting the blame away from themselves to someone else.
The only reason we have a problem with immigration is because the politicians haven’t invested, as they should have, in the infrastructure of our nation, the health care of our nation and the housing of our nation.
I stand for love, friendship and trust. I won’t begrudge desperate souls coming to Brighton for a better way of life.
I stand for unity and a world without borders, a world and society in which we work together for a common goal regardless of one’s nationality and birthplace.
Of-course there is a problem with foreign peoples coming to our city and receiving preferential treatment over and above Brighton residents. This is unfair, of-course it is. Why should a family born and breed in Brighton, who have been waiting for a council house for many years, be put back down the list in favour of a family fleeing for their lives from their native country in Rwanda? But we mustn’t blame the immigrant for this; we must blame the politicians for creating this situation.
It’s an admission our politicians would never dare admit, but it must be acknowledged.
One thing I don’t like about immigrants is the word ‘immigrants,’ and the same for ‘asylum seekers’ too.
Two words used by our politicians and media to de-humanise people. Because that is what they ultimately are, people. People like you and I, who love our family and friends. Who strive for a better and safer life for their children and who work hard for the life they want.
Replacing the word ‘people’ with ‘immigrants’ and ‘asylum seekers’, takes away their humanity. This is something we must acknowledge; immigrants and asylum seekers are the same as you and I, people.

In another world and in another time we have all immigrated, seeking new lands and new futures. Let’s not begrudge the people of the 21st century for doing the same.


Inward investment into Brighton and Hove has been massive over the last few years.

I want to see more inward investment and am the only politician in Brighton calling for a new train station for Moulsecoomb to ensure no ghettoization of Brighton occurs.

The ever increasing bus fares enforced upon Brighton commuters, shows there is a limit to their spending power and the threshold has been reached where certain members of social, (more often than not the elderly,) are forced to stay at home because they cannot afford to travel outside their immediate area.

Read more: Matt Taylor’s redevelopment plan for Mouslecoomb.


Having been reduced to a Service Economy by successive Labour and Conservative governments, Brighton and Hove must welcome the nation’s leading entrepreneurs to set up in new industries in Brighton and Hove.

Leading the way is Bill Smith of Latest TV Brighton who is creating a TV industry in Brighton as we speak.

Brighton must be more than a ‘Service Industry,’ we must create things using Brighton’s resources and we must makes physical things which Brighton can export to the world.
Watch more: http://thelatest.tv/


I am the only politician in 1500 years to conjure up the spirit of King Arthur II in a British general election. Legend says that King Arthur will return in the nation’s hour of need. The hour is Now.

Startling and ground-breaking research by historians Alan Wilson and Baram Wilson has revealed the King Arthur’s of myth and legend are actually real historical figures of forgotten ancient Britain. (In fact there were five King Arthur’s throughout ancient British history).

King Arthur II in particular was born on Christmas Day 503AD and was killed by a Red Indian in Kentucky USA in 579AD.

Believe me; you will be amazed by the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. They have uncovered a whole ancient British history which has been suppressed since the invasion of 1066 by successive foreign monarchies.

Read more: The Birth of King Arthur II.


In light of guilty verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice against the Pope Benedict, Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II for crimes against humanity, I am dead against the Windsor Royal Family. I believe in Monarchy and consider myself a King’s Man, but the line is drawn when it comes to a paedophile friendly royal family of German descent.

The Queen is above the Law and thus has been allowed to remain silent against serious allegations her son wanted his wife killed in a car accident, that she partakes in satanic rituals and routinely knights people who have gone onto be exposed as dangerous paedophiles.

Read more: Matt Taylor orders the arrest of David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth II.


To think Brighton hasn’t a striving prostitution industry means you routinely stick your head in the sand and pay no attention to the city around you.

Brighton has a striving prostitution industry and their busiest time is the party political conference season.

Our cities prostitutes deserve our protection, understanding and respect. They are providing a valuable service that meets the city’s demand for sex. (The Royal Economic Society says that £770m is spent on prostitution every year in Great Britain.)
The revenue received from the taxation of the sex industry will be a welcomed addition to Brighton’s cash register. It’s acknowledged as the second oldest industry in the world and should be treated as such.
• Prostitution will be renamed as the Sex Industry.
• Protect sex workers from the deregulated practices and abuse of ‘pimps’.
• Prostitution will be an economic benefit to the city.
As it stands prostitution is illegal and unregulated in this city. As a consequence under-aged girls are forced into prostitution, prostitutes are killed by serial killers and girls from abroad are forced into a life of sexual slavery. This is unacceptable. By adopting my proposals, prostitutes will be able to work without fear, safe in the knowledge that they are protected by the city they serve.


I want to see a back to basics approach in our schools. I say no to biometrics and no to any form of data collection of our children’s habits. Teachers are being bogged down with too much paperwork and find they are unable to devote the adequate time to teach the child, as they are meant to do. Brighton schools must be free of unnecessary interference from Whitehall and should be left in the hands of their Headmasters and teachers to run the school as they see fit, rather than what a conservative ideology sees fit.


While I welcome the introduction of the 20mph speed limits throughout central Brighton, I have serious reservations for giving a whole lane leading along Lewes Road to a private bus company.

It’s a fact that Sussex Police will not enforce the 20 mph speed limit. In light of this the 20 mph limit should be regarded as a guide-line only which allows responsible drivers to drive slowly when there is a requirement to do so.

Brighton’s reputation suffers greatly from the limited entry and exit roads leading into and out of the city.

A more imaginative approach should be made that ensures a steady flow of traffic, reducing gridlock and road-rage.

We need a more intelligent red light system which reads the traffic flow and reduces the need to stop at empty junctions.

Harmony between biker and driver must also be addressed, allowing bikers certain privileges to jump red lights when it is safe to do so.


As an ex Royal Military Policeman I joined Her Majesty’s forces prepared to kill and be killed in defence of our illustrious Queen. Since then I have changed my mind. As a Brighton MP I wouldn’t have voted for war with Iraq based on the conspiracy theory that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction able to hit us with only 45 minutes warning.

I wouldn’t have voted for war with Syria after the alleged chemical warfare attacks on civilians, falsely blamed on the Assad regime.

I wouldn’t have voted for air-strikes against the Islamic State, because the Islamic State isn’t the threat which David Cameron makes out it is.


I welcome the voting age be reduced to 16 years old. Whatever age society demands a contribution for its up-keep, is the age the person making the contribution must be allowed a say in how his or her contribution is used.

It is absolutely right and proper that 16 year olds should vote. It is also absolutely right that boys and girls of a younger age should be allowed a voice in Brighton politics too.

Everyone in society has a contribution to make, be them 5 years old, 10 years old or a 100 years old.

For more information about SOS Party policies, please contact Matt Taylor at the Independent HQ in Peacehaven.

  • Email: info@sosparty.co.uk
  • Telephone: 07913 501026

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