Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, has hit the headlines again this week following her spending habits since coming to office in 2012.

Picked up by The Argus newspaper in Brighton, reporter Neil Vowles promoted a blog by Brightonbased Gabriel Webber www.gabrielquotes.org.uk, who points out:

“Fortunately, though, Katy did manage to find the cash to spend £2,000 on “merchandise” for her Talk Sussex Engagement Programme (this is what old fashioned politicians might call ‘giving a speech in a town hall’), £1,200 on a new logo for her office (designed by the world’s most expensive four-year-old), £350 on domain names (for comparison, my Gabrielquotes.org.uk domain name costs £3 per year) and – screaming ‘value for money’ through every pore – £200 on a giant cheque to present to charities receiving Safer in Sussex grants much smaller than they’d applied for.”
Picked up by The Argus newspaper in Brighton, reporter Neil Vowles promoted a blog by Brightonbased Gabriel Webber www.gabrielquotes.org.uk, who points out:

This is from a public servant who claims to be so concerned about wasting public money that she said she wouldn’t claim any expenses or any other allowances.

“To really reassure the public that I know there has been a lot of controversy over the size of the salaries, I don’t claim any additional claims or expenses. Initially I thought actually I won’t claim for anything I do inside Sussex but recently I took the decision that if I was going to do this; don’t claim at all. So I won’t do for the reminder of my office until 2016. I won’t claim any travel, allowance, any expenses. I just take my salary and I intend to work very hard to try and gain the trust of the public and show them that I am absolutely on their side, working hard for Sussex and trying to keep us all safe.”


We can see a year on that this promise by Katy Bourne made in November 2013 during her youtube video celebrating her first year in office is nothing more than a vulgar empty promise, said to appease criticism against her austerity busting wage of £85,000 a year and that of her £1.1 million a year team.

Read more: Katy Bourne’s First Year in Office.

Katy Bourne, lap dancer to failed parliamentary candidate to police chief is nothing more than a puppet on a string out to massage her own ego at the expense of the tax-payer.
Read more: Katy Bourne: Puppet Police & Crime Commissioner.

She lied about not claiming expenses; this is evident by her year one promise that:

“I won’t claim any travel, allowance, any expenses.”

With this in mind we take a random look at her Expenses for September 2014.

On the 19 September 2014 we see a claim for “Provisions” costing £19.00 to the tax payer.

Paid to ARAMARK LIMITED, the UK’s third largest contract caterer since its formation in 1972, its looks very much like lunch to me.

This is on the same day Katy Bourne handed over a cheque for £5,000 to a charity called Heathfield Works, at a flash ceremony award attended by The Who legend Roger Daltrey.

It was this cheque that cost £200 to print. So not only does she break her promise of not claiming expenses, she further rubs salt into the wounds by wasting £200 of tax-payers money on a cardboard cheque.

As Nicholas Pleasure commented on The Argus article:

“I’m getting really fed up with the way that many public officials treat other people’s money. There’s little cash for the important stuff but they can always find enough for their own generous pay and benefits.”

So is it just me, or has Katy Bourne been caught out lying again?


Three days before that on 16 September 2014, Katy Bourne pays RHYTHM HR £2,475 for “Services & Fees.”

Deborah Emery

Now £2,475 is a lot of money. So taking a look at www.rhythmhr.co.uk, we discover it’s a one-woman outfit run by Deborah Emery.

“Whether you’re a small business looking for advice and guidance, or an organisation with a short term resource gap, I can help,” boasts Deborah.

The obvious question begs to be answered, what did Deborah do for Katy which cost the taxpayer £2,475?

Once you dig deeper it sinks of corruption, with such a stench Katy Bourne should be sacked with immediate effect.

Having found Deborah Emery on Linkedin we discover her previous employment was with Eastbourne Borough Council, Cherwell & South Northants Council and East Sussex County Council.

You can bet your last penny that Katy knew Deborah long before she became Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and you can bet your last penny that the £2,475 was viewed between friends as a welcomed back-hander.

Come on People, Katy Bourne uses her position and £2,475 of tax-payers money to line the pocket of her old friend Deborah Emery who having put up a cost saving website, attracts client’s who are happy to throw away tax-payers money as if its monopoly money.

At least some people out there can see through the veil of respectability which Katy Bourne hides her true insidious nature behind.

As ‘Did You Miss Me?’ says…

“The only thing this woman is capable of promoting is her own inefficiency and pointless existence.”


Since becoming aware of Katy Bourne while standing in the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections in 2012, I have written more than anyone in Sussex about her.

I volunteered my time, (at no cost to the tax-payer) to bring an extra layer of public scrutiny to Sussex Police and Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner which otherwise wasn’t being provided by anyone in Sussex.

Katy Bourne admits that the Police and Crime Panel, (a collection of lame East Sussex andWest Sussex councillors, who are meant to hold her to account,) are nothing more than “Critical Friends.”

I have single handed brought Katy Bourne to account and have found both her and Sussex Police wanting.

I pulled her to bits following her Facebook Farce.

Read more: Katy Bourne’s Facebook Farce.

As you can see from the accompanying graphic, I was scathing in my criticism and I’m certainly not Katy Bourne’s “Critical friend.”

Isn’t it strange that neither Katy Bourne nor Sussex Police ever contacted me to take the picture down? Why not? I would have in their position. We can only conclude they never because it’s true.

I asked the question; Is Katy Bourne a Freemason and does it matter?

Again nothing back from either Sussex Police or Katy Bourne.

During my ‘6 Month On Report’ on Katy Bourne, I published the fact that she was so concerned about wasting tax-payers money that she complained that prisoners at Sussex Police stations were being feed Cornish Pasties, which Katy Bourne viewed as being a luxury item.

no pasties allowedYes you read that right. After a recent visit to a Sussex police station she has deemed the humble pasties as a ‘luxury item’ and believes ‘that’s not the right of a detainee’ to be feed with such a culinary delight.

This is from the same woman who paid SODEXO PRESTIGE £3,239.40 of tax-payers money to train her staff…

To train her staff for what purpose is unclear, but you can bet your last penny it wasn’t in the interests of the Sussex tax-payer.

Farawaynow sums up how many people feel towards Katy Bourne:

“Another parasite we can do without – anyone got the insectacide handy?”

Read more: Katy Bourne 6 Month on Report.

A strong voice for victims of crime, Katy Bourne again shows her true insidious blue colours by giving less to such initiatives as ‘Disability Hate Crime Awareness Day,’ which received thousands of pounds less than requested, while Katy Bourne wastes the money they should have got on car hire, merchandise, services & fees and provisions.

gary reynoldsDid you know Katy Bourne has never once commented publicly on the £3.8 MillionSussex Police paid Gary Reynolds in compensation for leaving him a vegetable for the rest of his life following his arrest and detention at a Sussex police station?

In fact the only public reference she has made was during a IPCC meeting in London in September 2012.

As an eye witness described it at the time, “Katy Bourne leapt off her seat and in a witches shrill said “Oh….. Are we allowed to talk about this?”


Katy Bourne is happy to waste taxpayer’s money to settle without having to admit any liability.


Here is just a random selection of her expense claims during August and September 2014.

  • ARAMARK LIMITED Provisions 19/09/2014 £19.00
  • CAPITA EVENTS AND TRAVEL LTD Travel / Car Hire 12/09/2014 £86.00
  • CAPITA EVENTS AND TRAVEL LTD Travel / Car Hire 19/09/2014 – £274.60
  • DOD’S PARLIAMENTARY COMMUNICATIONS Services & Fees 26/09/2014 – £851.12
  • PROWORX MEDIA LIMITED Services & Fees 02/09/2014 – £528.00
  • RHYTHM HR Services & Fees 16/09/2014 – £2,475.00
  • SODEXO PRESTIGE Training Costs 09/09/2014 – £3,239.40
  • VICTIM SUPPORT Services & Fees 09/09/2014 – £43,000.00
  • VICTIM SUPPORT Services & Fees 30/09/2014 – £55,000.00
  • PHOTOSHMOTO LTD Services & Fees 19/08/2014 – £1140
  • PROWORX MEDIA LIMITED Printing, Copying & Stationary 29/08/2014 – £2,016.00
  • PROWORX MEDIA LIMITED Services & Fees 29/08/2014 – £904.80
  • PROWORX MEDIA LIMITED Services & Fees 29/08/2014 – £885.60
  • RHYTHM HR Services & Fees 16/09/2014 – £2,475.00

Leaving the last word to Boloney-Marshal, who left the following comment on The Argus article, which sums up perfectly the mood of Sussex.

“There is a lot of genuine poverty around causing hardship for a lot of families. I overheard an old pensioner in my local shop asking the owner if she could buy just a single egg as she was hard-up and couldn’t afford six. These so called public officials are out of touch with modern life and the state of the nation. Minimum wage, zero hours contracts, but I still love this country and hope that one day it will be better for the masses and not the elite 1%.”



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