At long last the dream has come true, the Bevendean Pub is open.

father john drinking beerBlessed by Father John Wall, the vicar of the nearby St Andrew’s Church, The Bevendean Pub has risen from the debris and is open for business.

“I have always said every decent neighbourhood deserves a good church and a good pub: now in Moulsecoomb we’ll have both.”

Closed in 2010 due to continuing complaints from the neighbours of antisocial behaviour, the immediate Moulsecoomb area, and its surrounds areas of Bevendean, with a population of 18,000 were left without a community boozer to have a drink and socialise.

All that changed when a hero called Warren Carter said, “Hey we need a boozer; lets get together and reopen the Bevy.”

warren-carterWarren Carter, other than the father of my daughter’s oldest and dearest friend, is a community hero, of whom I cannot speak more highly of.

Tipped for a MBE for services to the community, Warren Carter is well known in the area for running the Moulsecoomb Forest Garden project which takes unruly children out of the classroom, and puts them to go use at the community allotment.

Taken from the website.

“Our project isn’t just about gardening but plays an important part of the social glue that binds communities together, with all types of people, young and old, pupils having problems at school, people with learning difficulties working together in a safe and pleasant environment.”

With the Twitter hash tag of Brighton Rebel, Warren appreciates more than anyone the joys of walking a few hundred years to a boozer, rather than running for a bus and travelling into the centre of Brighton for a pint.

It was with this in mind that Warren put out the call to his local community to reopen the Bevy Pub.


thebevycommitteMade up of local people, the challenge was set. The Bevy needs £200,000 to open.

More than 700 people bought “community shares” in The Bevy, making it the most successful community run project in the country. The rest came from a six-figure boost from Social Investment Business.

As Warren said at the time:

“It’s fantastic that all the political parties in Brighton have bought shares and support our ambitious plans. We hope to be the first co-op pub on a housing estate in the UK bucking the trend of pub closures and giving the people of Moulsecoomb and Bevendean somewhere to meet. But to do this we need as many people as possible to buy shares and own their pub.”

That was back in 2010 and its now 2014 and the Bevy is at last open.

chris-popjoyWith a new manager and a team in place, the dream of more than a pub, but a community hub, has now been turned into reality.

Read more: Community Pub now has a Manager.

Demonstrating it’s more than a pub but a community hub, a vulnerable neighbour came running into the Bevy last Friday night (while I was in there having a drink,) and in tears reminisced that she used to bring her disabled mother into this pub when she was still alive.

The lady was an emotional wreck. Within moments of walking through the door, a member of the bar staff had come around and gave her a big hug of support.

The bar-maid told me later, “I’ve worked as a carer for four years and I recognise someone in need within seconds.”

The vulnerable lady called Margaret told me, “I’m all alone and since my mum died, I’ve got no one to talk to. I’m so lonely. I saw the news about The Bevy on TV and felt I had to come.”

And it’s for this reason I am so proud and happy the Bevy is open. Thanks to Warren Carter and all the Bevy Committee, including Karina, Father John, Michelle, Helen, Gavin, Darren and John to name but a few, we now have a central community hub which the community can go to when in need of company, advice, a pint and a hug.


January 2014 – Work starts on The Bevy Pub.

December 2013 – The Bevy is ready to Re-Open.

May 2014 – Take the Bevy Tour.

They even won The Argus Business in the Community award in 2013

Read more: The Bevy wins Business in the Community Award.


bevy-footbalCalling all local football teams or potential teams? We have full sponsorship available for the right teams to form a new club…..
The Bevy United ….interested contact Chris on 07773794384

sunday roastJoin the Bevy for a Sunday roast of lamb, porn, beef or turkey with all the trimmings £5.95 or £6.95. Book to avoid disappointment 01273-281009

live-musicMOOZIK @ the Bevy…we’ve been approached by several people regarding live music…acoustic sets,open mic , and a guy who wants to run guitar lessons…any further suggestions?…music quiz nights? — feeling Musical.

Here’s a little extra from Warren Carter, did I mention he’s a football blogger too.

Read more: The Match Day Experience.

For more pictures of The Bevy check out the LightTouch Photoshelter



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