joe neilson thumbs upJoe Neilson, the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown was attacked at his home and election campaign office on Friday 16th January 2015 at 11.20am.

Opening the door to a person wearing a red jacket, whom he thought was the postman, Joe Neilson was confronted by two assailants who burst open the door and proceeded to punch him to the floor.

A frail pensioner disabled with Fibromyaliga and Macular degeneration, Joe called for the help from Matt Taylor who was in the campaign office at the time of the attack.

Matt Taylor rushed to Joe’s rescue and managed to push the assailants outside, shutting and bolting the front door.

Attempted murder of Brighton Kemptown Candidate Joe Neilson to stop him standing for the election is seeing Katy Bourne PCC and asking for protection during the election.


Upon calling 999 for emergency assistance, both Joe Neilson and Matt Taylor were dismayed to watch as three police officers arrived at the scene and proceeded to laugh with the two assailants, who themselves had called the police.

Both Joe Neilson and Matt Taylor were arrested for affray and taken to the police detention centre in Eastbourne.

joe neilson looking relaxedMr Neilson has asked for an urgent meeting with the Chief Constable Giles York and other Candidates for the general election to see what protection he will be given.

Joe Neilson is waiting Simon Kirby MP, Nancy Platts, Ian Buchanan and Davy Jones responses to this attack.

A Conspiracy to Murder.

This is the third attempt on Joe Neilson’s life in as many years. The first time four thugs turned up and forced their way into Joe’s flat. Luckily the attack was interrupted and the thugs forced out by his strongly built neighbour, echoing the circumstances of his most recent attack.

The second time happened after the council in conjunction with Katy Bourne and Sussex Police, erected a 6ft high fence alongside his property to hide ‘SUSSEX POLICE MURDER COVER-UP,” which Joe had painted along the side of his house. The protection from public view allowed an assailant to approach Joe unseen and attack him viciously leaving him unconscious and for dead.


joe neilson beatenSimilar to the first time, Joe called the police only for them to turn up and arrest him instead.

“It took the police 15 minutes to come to the door and talk to us. In the RMP, when three police officers arrive at a scene with two sides to the story, one police officer would talk to one party and two police officers would talk to the other. Something is seriously wrong deep in the heart of Sussex Police,” said Matt Taylor.

Sussex Police: Where the victims are arrested and jailed, while criminal lies are met with laughs.

Still in shock and confused as to what was happening, Joe Neilson and Matt Taylor were thrown into a stark and cold cell each for the next 12 hours.

“No one told my ex-partner what was happening, hence there was no-one to pick my kids up from school and no-one knew what happened to me. My ex-partner stayed up all night sick with worry that I had either committed suicide or that I was in trouble with thugs and criminals,” admits Matt Taylor.

“It’s a set up,” declares Joe Neilson back home in the early hours of Saturday morning too wired and scared to go to sleep.

There are two sides to every story.


Even on the phone to a senior police officer from Newhaven, Joe Neilson asked the question, “Why haven’t your police officers knocked on my door yet?”

Were they were waiting for us to go out?

“I want you to go outside and talk to the police officers,” the senior police officer from Newhaven coaxed Joe.

“No I’m not going out while those bastards are out there,” replied Joe Neilson in shock and fear.

It’s interesting that a senior police officer from Newhaven was coaxing both Joe Neilson and Matt Taylor to go outside to confront the three police officers, who were carrying and approved to use their Tasers.

“It’s a set up,” declares Joe Neilson.

“I would have been tasered for sure,” admits Matt Taylor, “if I had walked out that door.”

“It will win us the election,” predicts Joe Neilson.

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