38 degrees

Joe Neilson, anti corruption whistleblower and independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown has just made an incredible move.

It has just been revealed that Joe Neilson is in negotiations with 38 Degrees. 38 Degrees is a non-profit political-activism organisation which “campaigns for fairness, defends rights, promotes peace, preserves the planet and deepens democracy in the UK”.

These negotiations involve the transfer of what has been named the ‘murder house’ belonging to Joe Neilson at the time of his death, worth an estimate £400,000. This is under the stipulation that the house be used by 38 Degrees in the South East as their head quarters. 

As the official campaigner for the Justice for Katrina Campaign, Joe Neilson has also asked that the house be renamed ‘Justice for Katrina’ in memory of the murdered 19 year old. Joe Neilson played a large role in investigating the police cover over the murder and after nearly 20 years, still seeks justice for the Taylor family. Find out more at: www.justice4katrinataylor.blogspot.co.uk.

While negotiations are taking place, Mr Neilson has changed his will in favour of 38 Degrees so that if he should die before the negotiations go through, the property will still go to 38 Degrees.

To find out more about Joe Neilson’s campaign and whistle blowing, follow the link here: www.joeneilson.co.uk



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