joe-neilsonDavid Joe Neilson’s nightmare continues unabated. In what is a developing scandal involving East Sussex Social Services, David Joe Neilson appears to have been left abandoned by the very organizations tasked to keep him safe.

While the nightmare started a long time ago, it came back to haunt him on Friday 16th January 2015, with a knock at the door, and upon opening it, a vicious attack by two thugs intent on gaining entry and ending his life.


David has been left fearing for his life; and I don’t blame him.

This is the third attack he’s suffered at the hands of crooks and thieves, which Sussex Police are turning their backs to.

The first attack happened in 1996, where-upon calling for the police, David was arrested and marched off to the police station.

Again, after a 1.8 meter high illegal fence was erected outside his property, an attacker was able to approach David’s back bedroom window, and obscured from public view, was able to entice David outside, where upon he was viciously set upon, beaten and left for dead.


The most recent attack on the 16th January 2015 followed exactly what happened when he was first attacked; he rang the police for help and the police arrested him.

I was there and I can vouch for David Joe Neilson 100%.

During the latest ‘Performance and Accountability’ meeting between the Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York and Katy Bourne, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Giles York is heard praising the transparency of Sussex Police. Here is what he said about getting it wrong.

“Certainly my own attitude towards this is, if we have done something wrong, I will be proactive in the apology and I’d give and recognise we’ve done something wrong.”


Its with this in mind, that we challenge Giles York to be “proactive,” in his apology by “recognising” something went seriously wrong on the 16th January 2015, where after a vicious attack against a prospective candidate for parliament was committed on the door step of his election campaign office, the victims were arrested and locked up for 12 hours, while the real attackers laughed and joked with the attending police officers, and smirked their faces off, watching both David and myself, being led away in handcuffs.


Why wasn’t David Joe Neilson flagged up as a disabled OAP?

Susan Joy from East Sussex Social Services visited him after the attack in September 2013 and promised further help and resources would be forthcoming.

No help and resources ever arrived. Susan Joy arrived and spent over an hour discussing David’s needs and circumstances. Social Services would have known that David was feeling:

  • Scared
  • Frightened
  • Isolated
  • Under threat
  • In fear of this life
  • Cold & damp
  • Vulnerable
  • Hungry
  • In pain

They would have known his diet was suffering, that his fibro was worsening and that his general health was deteriorating in light of the constant and relentless covert campaign to silence him once and for all.

The only inference anyone can make is that his records were wiped clean. How else would have Sussex Police approached 318 South Coast Road, with their tasers ready, expecting trouble?

If the proper records were maintained, Sussex Police would have known an elderly disabled man lived at 318 South Coast Road, and that in all probability, if he had rang the police on 999, alleging he had been attacked by two thugs at his door, that he would have been believed and not have been held in detention for the next 12 hours.

After the attack of 16th January 2015, David’s part-time care worker Grant, contacted East Sussex Social Services relaying to them his worries and fears about David’s worsening condition.


  • He had been attacked on his doorstep, only to ring the police for help, to be arrested himself and thrown in a police cell for 12 hours and then told to make his own way back from Eastbourne.
  • This was the third such attack on his person and property.
  • The very people who attacked him, then initiated civilian court proceedings to close down his election campaign office, of which they have no right to do so.

Two social workers came to see David, Daniel Frances & Sean McGough. In much the same way as Susan Joy, they sat down and listened to what David had to say and then after promising him the help and assistance he deserves, went away and plunged a knife in his back while he wasn’t looking.

As hard as it may be to believe, David received a letter from Kelly Clarke, the Operations Manager at East Sussex Social Services who wrote:

“I am writing to you to inform you that a decision has been taken to place a Risk of Disclosure warning marker on your social care record.”

Unbelievably, it would seem that because David records everything that’s said to him, (in fear of evidence being turned, twisted and used against him), East Sussex Social Services have placed a ‘Risk of Disclosure warning marker,’ on him because David could possibly “pose a risk to them.”

“The threat / incident that led to this decision to be taken is due to false allegations made against a social worker on a social network site.”

This sets out in no uncertain terms that because David Neilson protects himself against insidious covert operations against him, East Sussex Social Services have deemed him a threat, and has effectively banned any further social service visits to his home until ‘The Risk of Disclosure warning marker’ is reviewed on 26 February 2016.

Is it too much of a stretch of the imagination to believe there is an orchestrated campaign of disabled and elderly abuse against David Joe Neilson?


This is the ultimate question that needs to be asked; why do they want David Joe Neilson dead?

Again referring back to the most recent “Performance and Accountability” meeting between Giles York and Katy Bourne, we learn from Giles York himself, that “third-parties” are at work in Sussex whom over-rides the better judgement of the Sussex Police Chief Constable.

“So on 2 or 3 occasions, I have had my hand forced to accept back officers who’ve I’ve said no, you should lose your job but third parties say no, you’ve got to have this person back.”


According to David Neilson and confirmed from what I’ve personally seen and experienced while in his company; unknown “third-parties” in Sussex are pulling out all the stops to close his election campaign office down.

Make no mistakes, unknown “third-parties,” in Sussex DO NOT WANT US TO STAND IN THE 2015 GENERAL ELECTION.

  • Whether you or I like it or not; David Joe Neilson is the main murder witness in the 1996 Katrina Taylor murder.

Whether Sussex Police want to acknowledge it or not; David Joe Neilson solved Katrina Taylor’s murder and unknown “third-parties” within Sussex Police and East Sussex County authorities, have actively covered up his role in solving Katrina Taylor’s murder ever since.


No-where else in the UK can anyone being treated in the way David Joe Neilson is being treated…

All three stories got comprehensive local and nation news coverage. Well where’s the concern for David Joe Neilson? You would have thought a story of two parliamentary candidates getting arrested at their election campaign office would have been big news, especially as it turns out the parliamentary candidates were the one’s who got attacked and then arrested and locked up by the police.

I suppose this is where my naivety kicks in. The very reason Sussex Police made such a-balls-up and the very reason David Joe Neilson holds crime files on nearly 300 serving police officers and local authority figures, is the very reason why this story is being suppressed and David Joe Neilson is treated like the invisible man he is.


None of the other Brighton Kemptown parliamentary candidates cares. No one has contacted David to ask if he’s okay. No one has expressed their best wishes. No one has come to his defence or sent their condolences. No one has wished him a speedy recovery or shown any apathy as to the unjust predicament he finds himself in.

David Joe Neilson is the INVISIBLE MAN… No one gives a damn whether he lives or dies.

Tracy Keane is heard saying, “You know you were due back on bail on the 20th, that’s now been cancelled, stood down, we are not going to take any further action on this matter,” but when asked by David about the ‘Gentlemen attackers’ who attacked him, Tracy is quick to distance herself, “And what about them? I was dealing with your side of things and I had nothing to do with those sides of things. This is obviously an ongoing thing with someone else, but as far as I’m concerned with you and with Matthew, I’m not taking any further action on the matter.”


Not only have East Sussex Social Services slapped a ‘Risk of Disclosure warning marker’ against him, Sussex Police have made it be known that he’s on his own too.

As PC Anna Batchelor from Peacehaven’s Neighbourhood Policing Team had this to say to him via email:

“I am not sure why you have e mailed me. There is a live investigation with regards to events on 16th January 2015 as such this cannot be discussed.

If you have any questions regarding the investigation, then you should contact your solicitor and they will liaise with the police officer dealing with the case.”

I expect David’s email would have went something like this:

“HELP ME, I’ve just been attacked by two unknown thugs at my door, and after ringing the police and being arrested; now those two same thugs who tried to kill me have started civil court proceedings to fraudulent steal my front flat and campaign office.”

In the same way Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc built a multi-million pound fortune on fraudulently stealing people’s homes through legal loop-holes, so too is Mark Waters doing the same to David Neilson, and David has got no one to turn to for help.


  • Mark Slade owned the upstairs flat of the Murder house, and sold it onto another crook, who sold it onto Mr Brotherton, who has abandoned the property, having neither lived there nor entered the property since 1996.
  • The front flat and David’s election campaign office was owned by Mr Cox, who as David can prove with the official paperwork, resigned as Director of the Freehold Lease company (which owned the entire Freehold of all three flats,) and signed it over to David.

Whether anyone likes it or not, Mr Cox legally resigned his directorship of the Freehold Company which owned the property and signed over his shares to David Joe Neilson.

Fact; it’s been proven in court and is the reason this fraud must end forthwith.

Mr. Cox had no right to sell the front flat to Mr Mark Waters for the alleged sum of £46,000. The flat was not his to sell and the paperwork David holds proves it and is now in the hands of his new solicitor.

Both David and I have a defiant message for Mr Cox and Mr Waters; We are Coming for You.

I’m personally pressing charges against Mark Waters for assaulting me on Friday 16th January 2015 and I’m suing Mr Cox for fraudulently selling a property which wasn’t his to sell, which as a consequence has caused me great harm and distress having been assaulted, arrested, locked up for 12 hours and left needing counselling for the nightmare I’ve been through.

£250,000 should cover my damages thank you…

  • David asked me today whether I am prepared to stand by his side through this.
  • Of-course I replied “Yes.”

I know his neighbours see him as a mad old fool and I know readers of this blog view him as a paranoid, isolated fantasist.

God knows what that makes me considering I’ve dedicated myself to fighting his corner.

It either makes me as mad, paranoid and isolated as David Joe Neilson or it makes me extremely community minded that I should lay my life on the line to save an old aged pensioner from disabled and elderly abuse from both East Sussex Social Services and Sussex Police.

Someone has got to stick up for the old guy! And it doesn’t look like any other fucker in Sussex is going to help; that is except John Lenard Walson.

With all the heavy doom and gloom of the nightmare which has beset David Joe Neilson, its wonderful to shout out a massive thankyou to John Lenard Walson and Maplin’s electrical store for donating a brand new SENTIENT CCTV kit.

This kind donation will mean David will be able to see whoever comes to his door or lurks unseen behind the fence.

Thanks John and thanks to everyone who’s supported us through these trying times; a big shout out to The Argus reporter Rachel Millard for writing our story.

This isn’t over by a long shot. We are still in business and we are still running for Parliament.




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