First published on 23rd February 2013.

taylor-v-kirby_sqFollowing a meeting of the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioners yesterday, Kemptown prospective MP Matt Taylor has criticised Simon Kirby for his treatment of Joe Neilson.

Joe Neilson claims that Simon Kirby is compliant in the murder cover-up of Katrina Taylor in 1996, because he continually refuses to meet with Joe and the Taylor family to discuss the evidence of a police cover-up.

Reacting to the claims Mr Kirby said, “For your information I have had lengthy and exhaustive correspondence regarding this matter with my constituents and officials. The issues have been considered on numerous times by a variety of bodies and organisations who have found no case to answer. I trust that this clarifies the position.”

“No Mr Kirby, your answer doesn’t clarify the position. The bottom line is that you are not listening to your constituents. You act as if you can pick and choose the interests you want to.

Neilson Crime Files

Joe Neilson is a victim of a corrupt Sussex police force. He solved the murder of Katrina Taylor but has since been treated as a non citizen because catching the killers of Katrina Taylor would expose the criminal actions of Sussex Police themselves. The family of Katrina Taylor are living a nightmare knowing her killers are free.

“As the MP for Kemptown Brighton you know very well the short comings and wrong doings of the case but choose to do nothing about it.

You have displayed stunning incompetence and your hypocrisy means people in Brighton Kemptown will never trust you again.”

Read more: Neilson Crime Files.

With your kind donations to my Election Campaign I have no chance of winning the Brighton Kemptown Election on Independence Day 7th May 2015.



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