logoLeafTP-300x257Eco-Village Brighton UK is a brand new project that aims to build a self sustainable village in the Brighton area using permaculture design and earth ships.

We are currently in talks with the council to acquire some land on which we shall build at least 2 totally self sufficient houses, a self sufficient holistic centre and a community hall.

The space shall be designed to be off the grid, collecting rain water and recycling Gray water, solar and wind power, and built using discarded tyres and materials.

The site shall also make use of aquaponics, modern bee keeping techniques to produce organic honey and grow all of the food within the site using every available space, companion planting and animals and insects to produce an abundant and thriving natural space.

We are pressing for a donation of land but it is looking likely that we will need to rent the space, so to get the project off the ground we are looking for funding so that we may begin. Although the buildings can be built very very cheaply, there will be costs involved for glass and timber in parts, and to pay the initial land rent until the buildings and food production can sustain itself financially.

This is going to be a fantastic space that will be open to the public to come and enjoy, to learn about living more in harmony with nature and to rekindle a sense of community. We will hold music events, workshops and other events once the community building is designed and built.

We are currently looking to assemble a strong team of enthusiastic volunteers and will require a huge range of skill sets, so if you would like to get involved in this exciting project or make a donation then please help to make this happen.

Read more: http://eco-village-brighton.dev-squad.co.uk


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