MATT TAYLOR election profile with flag
Matt Taylor – Ex Royal Military Policeman

Only by voting Independent in the 2015 general election can you guarantee the radical change, we all want to see in our society.

Both nationally and locally, the established political parties have failed us so miserably and so consistently.

Now is the time to change a habit of a life-time and turn our backs on Labour, Tory and Lib Dem, by voting Independent on Independence Day 7th of May.

As your Independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown, I’m standing on an anti-corruption platform; bringing integrity and honestly back into public life.

As your Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, I’ve worked diligently on your behalf fighting police corruption since 2012.

A vote for me is a vote for a cure for cancer, sustainable housing and bulk free tidal energy. A vote for independence can open up a whole new world of possibilities hidden from us by our political leaders for their own nefarious ends.

Our great country is facing its darkest hour. We must pull out all the stops to prevent the nasty conservative party from winning power again.

Evoking the memory of King Arthur II, I implore you all to vote Independence on Independence Day 7th of May.



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