MATT TAYLOR election profile with flag
Matt Taylor – Independent Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015

Dear Candidate,

The General Election is upon us in just a couple of weeks now. I have to say that, at this point, I remain undecided as to who to vote for on this occasion.

I, along with many people I know, have become despondent with the unending spin and focus on a few narrow topics nationally. I would, therefore, appreciate you getting back to me on where you stand as an individual candidate on the following topics, which are important to me.

At a Local level, affecting the Brighton Area:


The shortage of Housing and affordable rents affects me as much as you. Since separating from my partner I find myself homeless, alongside my sister who currently lives at the St Patrick’s hostel in Hove. Both my sister and I are looking to move into a two bedroom flat, but due to the fact my sister will be claim Disability Benefits, it’s been impossible to find a landlord to take us on.

This is why I’m pushing Michael Reynold’s style Earthships. These homes are built from recycled materials (tyres, cans and bottles) they collect their own water and energy from the Sun. With their zero environmental impact Earthships can be built on brown-fill and green-belt lands. In fact an Eco-Village collective has been started with the dream of building a sustainable housing village outside of Brighton’s city limits.


You can see the policies of the nasty Conservative party are failing the people with the number of homeless people sleeping on the streets.

Like I said, homelessness is close to my heart because not only am I homeless but so is my sister and nieces. Tragically my sister and her girlfriend were sleeping rough in a shop’s door way on the night of Boxing Day 2013. Rachel, my sister’s girlfriend never woke up. She died that night.


While I believe many mental health symptoms are being wrongly diagnosed; the under-funding of our mental health services is having a serious detrimental affect on society and the mentally ill themselves. How many times do we hear horror stories of innocent people being stabbed to death by mentally ill psychopaths who should really be detained in a mental hospital? This is just vindictive of the abandonment of our nasty government. Our government’s refusal to deal with our nations most vulnerable is really having a serious knock-on effect; undoing the very fabric and well-being of our society.



Now this is an interesting subject and before I answer I need to discuss the meaning of money to put it all into context.

As I understand it, money is no longer backed by Gold as it was 40 years ago. We now have ‘Fiat Money,’ which can be created by a few tap on a computer keyboard.

We’ve had four Quantative Easing since the Great Theft of 2008 and this confirms my theory.

Money is essentially nothing. It can be created out of thin air and is no longer backed by Gold.

Now; let’s discuss what Income Tax is being spent on? Correct me if I’m wrong but I understand that Income Tax is being spent on paying the interest on our fraudulent national debt and war/trident nuclear weapons.

  • Road Tax pays for the maintenance of our roads
  • National Insurance Contribution pays for the NHS
  • Council Tax pays for education
  • VAT pays for loads of things
  • Council Tax pays for the bins to be collected, the Fire Service and Police

You get my drift!

In light of this; I support TAX evasion and avoidance. I feel uncomfortable handing our money to a group of people who waste it so comprehensively.

We all pay our way in the guise of VAT and the various other hidden taxes that we get walloped with everyday. We pay enough for our services in Council Tax and VAT. Income Tax is a tax too far. We need to understand more what money is and what out Income Tax is being spent on before I can make a concerned decision as to whether Tax avoidance and Evasion is a good or bad thing.


I get so frustrated when I hear nasty conservative MP’s tell us that our nation’s Welfare bills need to be slashed.

“Why does it need to be slashed,” I scream at the TV. Our nation’s top priority should be the Welfare of its People and politicians should work towards maintaining that commitment, not complaining about it.

This also touches on ‘What is Money?’ If as I suspect it’s created out of thin air as debt; surely a sovereign country can issue their own money, free from debt to its people.

I’m most concerned about privatisation in our Welfare system. ATOS is a French company who have arguably pushed disabled people to their deaths.

Private companies have infiltrated nearly every Welfare department. Of course, I don’t want to see healthy street drinkers waste valuable Welfare contributions pissing it up all day being anti-social.

There is room in the Welfare System to change and adapt, but slamming the unemployed, disabled and vulnerable illustrates to me the nastiness of the nasty conservative party in power.


I’d rather not. I’m proud of the Union of Great Britain and think English Devolution will lead to Scottish and Welsh devolution too. Perhaps devolution is inevitable and I’m on the wrong side of the fence. Either way, I romantically think back to before the Dark Ages, when King Arthur II had united all of Britain under his banner. I’m a family man, and want to see our Great British family intact.


Its time to move on and dump the House of Lords, or at least replace them with a more democratically elected body. I like the idea that new Bills have to be okayed by our Elders before becoming Law. I like this final hurdle which our Laws must over-come. But giving this privilege and responsibility to people who have been passed on the role because of their birth, leaves a sour taste in my mouth.



I laugh at people who think David Cameron is going to give them a referendum on Europe. I don’t think it’ll ever happen because we are already part of Europe. Didn’t it happen in 1974, when Edward Heath signed our sovereignty away with the full blessing of our Queen?

It’s done, we are in Europe whether we like it or not. UKIP is simply a bunch of old disgruntled Conservatives still moaning about a decision make over 40 years ago.


UKIP should have made a fuss in 1974; perhaps we wouldn’t be facing TTIP if they had?

TTIP is scary and grounds for a REVOLUTION NOW. I see it as the demon looking at us in the face and his next move will be to gobble our democracy away in one gulp.


I want to see more exchange programmes under the umbrella of Overseas Aid. Let me paint you my vision.

Britain makes a partnership with emerging and developing countries around the world. Old Common Wealth colonial countries such as Zimbabwe, Jamaica and South Africa would be perfect.

I want to see our school children shipped over there every year as part of an on-going exchange/aids program. I want to see their children being shipped over to the UK too.

We must get our hands dirty helping other people and those other people can enrich our lives by joining us and getting their hands too.

Only by joining in partnerships and getting to know each other’s country can we hope to bring real aid to someone.


I’m scratching my head as to the decision to allow fracking in the UK… Burning fossil fuels contribute to global warming. I’m sure that was what our politicians and scientists were telling us only a few years ago.

Climate change is all the more reason we must build Earthships and harness our energy from the Sun and the Seas with Solar panels and water turbines, rather than destroying our environment squeezing out fossil fuels which we simply don’t need or want.


I hope I’ve kept my responses ‘positive in tone,’ and apologise if I haven’t. The policies of the nasty conservative party literally make my blood boil!

Unlike the Socialist Worker party, I don’t want you to waste your vote as a protest. I need you to give me your vote and a message that you want to try something new and that you want a MP who presents your ideals and aspirations in Parliament.


If you are going to put me in a box, put me in the box with the label, ‘Liberal Conservative with green fingers.’

I share conservative values of family, hard work, less government interference and Christian values. Think of me a Simon Kirby’s prodigal son, who’s less nasty than his dad!


I grew up in poverty in a one parent family. I’ve fulfilled all my life’s ambitions, namely to travel the world, become a policeman, become a businessman and write a book.


  • Fox Hunting
  • Fracking
  • Austerity
  • Trident
  • War


  • The legalisation of cannabis
  • Sustainable Housing
  • The legalisation of the Sex trade
  • A Royal Enquiry into historical and on-going Child-abuse by the Establishment

Many thanks for asking me these question. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and hope I’ve done enough to rely on your vote on Independence Day 7th of May.


Matt Taylor

Independent Candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015


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