Charis Williams

Having grown up in a single parent family, without ever knowing who my father was, I’m 100% behind Brighton Kemptown mother Charis Williams.

Presenter of Channel Four’s The Salvage Sisters, Charis has spoken out after her ex partner TV presenter Dan Hill boasted in a national newspaper to have spent £100,000 on his one-month-old twins and his new partner.

“People say we’re stupid and have more ­money than sense but we really struggled to conceive and the twins are our very own little ­miracles,” he told the Sunday People.

“We will try our hardest to give them the best of everything.”

Calling for tougher penalties and swifter action against parents who fail to support their former families, Charis is right to speak up and shame her ex-partner in public.

I send my kids to the same school as Charis and understand the heart-ache of a relationship break-up. Sadly kids always suffer and it breaks my heart. With more and more relationships breaking down under the strain of bad governance and austerity, the prospect isn’t bright.

As Charis makes crystal clear, “Dan is making a mockery of the entire system and I want to see him made an example of.”

I know first hand the discrimination and cost of growing up without a dad. It’s horrible and dads across the world must pay more attention and devotion to their kids; whether it’s from ex relationships or not.

“Countless others like him get away with it – and it’s the children who are suffering.”



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