graham cox
Graham Cox

I’m more than happy to extend the welcome mat to the travellers presently occupying Hove Lawns.

In fact I thoroughly welcome them as honoured guests; welcomed to stay for as long as they want.

Bucking the nasty conservative trend of being happy to help as long as it doesn’t involve helping in their own back yard; I welcome the travellers and identify with their quest to be recognised and find a place in today’s society.

Spear-headed by local councillor and parliamentary candidate Graham Cox, Hove residents are being whipped into a frenzy following the arrival of about ten caravans on Hove lawns last Monday week.

While Mr Cox draws attention to The Foodies Festival expected to start on Saturday, other comments on The Argus Facebook point to other reasons for the animosity towards travellers.

  • Josephine Hook: “I feel like a mug for paying to park at the King Alfred every week. If only Id known it was free parking on hove lawns I could have saved my money.”
  • Paul Dunk: “How about 2k council tax bill for them all….?”
  • Bryan Mackie: “Happy to accommodate if they wish to pay for ALL the public services same as we have to. . Don’t pay your C Tax here they have you in court so what’s good for one.”
  • Emma Anders Anderson: “They make such a mess and don’t care about keeping it clean. All the waste goes into the sea and some dogs scavenge on rubbish some of which are poisonous to dog. Kick them off and out if Brighton.
  • Beverley Lee: “Why don’t that bloody council grow some balls?”
  • Jim Kirkley: “The council have a lot to learn about travellers– they dont give a toss about councils –police –they do as they like –you have to be tough with them –make them pay for the mess they leave.”

Gary Anderson, the organiser of The Foodies Festival isn’t too concerned. He said upon hearing the news, “It doesn’t sound like they’re near the part of the lawns we use but I’ll give them [the Council] a call anyway.”

I agree totally with the residents about the rubbish travellers leave behind. All sections of society generate rubbish. Vindictive of the society we live in, rubbish is a natural consequence of living, eating and drinking.

Surely once the issue of cleaning the rubbish up behind them is resolved; there shouldn’t be anything else which stands in the way of mutual understanding and tolerance.

Nasty Graham Cox can beat his chest all he wants, but the Council have applied to the County Court for possession of Hove Lawns for Friday 1st May, where upon an eviction will be carried out and the travellers will be moved on.

It seems that the only grudge local residents have is that they can’t park their cars on Hove Lawns too.



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