Lizzy outside Roedean Private School for Girls.
Lizzy outside Roedean Private School for Girls.

With only one day to go before the election; I’ve been left with no choice but to bring out my secret weapon as a last ditched attempt to win your vote and get my £500 deposit back.

Other than complaining to the Electoral Commission that I want a refund considering I wasn’t afforded the same respect and privileges the other parliamentary candidates got, I‘ve got no other choice but to play my ace; my secret weapon; my daughter- Elizabeth Taylor aka Lizzy.

Top of her class and destined to attend Roedean; Elizabeth Taylor is living proof that I’ve got what it takes to be the best MP Brighton Kemptown has ever had.

Following David Cameron’s example of using the memory of his dead son as a vote winner; I’m happy to use my daughter to win the much need votes I desperately need to win back my £500 deposit back.

Featured here for the first time on BBC South Today, Lizzy has gone onto feature in many SOS Party political broadcasts.

My greatest supporter and election agent, Lizzy is a wonderful young girl with the world at her feet.


The purpose of exploiting my daughter in this election is to illustrate my point that I am as credible as any other candidate on the ballot paper.

After-all, how could I bring up such a lovely young girl without possessing the ‘Right Stuff?’

I’ve got what it takes to be the best MP Brighton Kemptown has ever had because I’ve managed to bring up the best daughter a father could ever hope to have.

I boasted at the White Cliff Café Hustings that “I excel at everything I put my mind to.” I trust my daughter demonstrates the truth in that statement.

My parenting technique is to give absolute respect, encouragement and praise to everything my children do. I set them (I have a son too) challenges every day.

I call my son ‘Sir’ and I stand to attention and salute whenever my daughter enters the room.

“I’m here to help and nurture,” I often say to my kids. And in kind they respond with love, respect and affection.


Lizzy Taylor has got a great future in politics. Making her first public appearance on BBC South Today only a few months old, Lizzy has gone onto play an integral part in the 2012 Police & Crime Commissioner election and the 2015 General Election.

A confident interviewer, Lizzy’s most recent contribution to politics was to interview Independent councillor candidate for Moulsecoomb and Bevendean Nicolas de Conde.

A pleasure to teach and a pleasure to be around, Lizzy possesses all the Taylor traits which make me the best choice for Brighton Kemptown MP.

Having a cataract in her left eye from birth, Lizzy knows what it’s like to go through the gauntlet of life. Only a few months old we were travelling up and down from Brighton to London, taking her to St Ormond Street Hospital for treatment and regular check-ups.

Enduring three major eye operations, regular pokes and examinations, Lizzy only has 10% vision in her left eye. Having worn an eye patch for 6-7 years of her life, she knows hardship and sacrifice as much as anyone else.

My greatest supporter and fan; I confident that regardless of how many votes I get, Lizzy will still congratulate me and love me just the same.




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