pissed offWell one thing is for sure, this election never turned out as I was expecting it would.

Many people accuse me of being naive. (So true) I’ll admit I was naïve to think that once I was officially confirmed as a Parliamentary Candidate I would be afforded the same rights and respect as the other parliamentary candidates. How wrong was I?

My mistake was to base the Parliamentary elections on the Police and Crime Commissioner elections of 2012.

Back then I was invited to everything. The Sussex Association of Local Councils invited me to four Hustings and many other organizations invited me to theirs. In fact I had to decline offers because I was so busy.

My first experience of the censorship of the Brighton Kemptown election came when I emailed The Argus to double check I would be at their 8th of April Hustings at the Thistle Hotel.

On the 7th of April I emailed Neil Vowles, the political reporter for The Argus:

Hi Neil,

Can you confirm that I will be on the panel for tonight’s husting at The Thistle Hotel?

All my paperwork is in hand and I’m the official independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown.

If you need to call me 07873693745

Thanhks Neil. Please get back to me ASAP. I have every right to be on the panel and hope you’ve reserved me my space.

Yours Sincerely,

Matt Taylor

So you could imagine my shock and disbelief when I got his reply:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your email.

I am very sorry but we are only having five representatives from the five main parties on the panel.

I appreciate that as an independent candidate it must be difficult to have your voice heard and we are keen to give every candidate a platform.

But with at least tem independent and smaller parties standing in the three constituencies, it is simply not practical or possible to include everyone on the panel.

We have reserved space down the front of the audience for candidate standing in the election and our editor Mike will be able to go to you if you raise a hand and wish to make a point.

I am sorry this is probably not quite the format you would have wished for but we feel this is the only way than can make this work.


Suffice to say I was devastated. I had “naively” been banking on speaking at Hustings to get my message across.

I spoke to Mike Gilson about it after the Hustings and he defiantly defended his decision by saying that by looking back to the 2010 results he had every right to base the 2015 line-up on the front runners of 5 years ago. His argument being that because Independents got nowhere last time, its no use giving Independents a platform five years on because no doubt they’ll get nowhere again.

Rubbing salt to the wounds, days later when Neil Vowles printed a picture and profile of all the Brighton Kemptown candidates he omitted to mention me.


Why did I bother standing in this election and handing over £500 (which I cannot afford to lose,) only for the local newspaper that I’ve supported all my life to omit me in their election special.


I was left reeling by the experience but I put it behind me and I carried on.

Only to be knocked down again by Mr Watford from Peacehaven’s Community School.

I knew a Hustings was being held because Davy Jones, the Green party candidate told me.

Of-course I rang Peacehaven’s Community School up and asked to speak to the husting’s organiser Mr Watford, but for two days no-one got back to me.

I asked the reception when it was happening and they replied 3.30pm.

I don’t know how Mr Watford managed to do it, but essentially he must have read the government issued list of all the candidates standing for Brighton Kemptown and simply decided to invite all the candidates except me!

I turned up at the school for 3.30pm and having a hastily prepared desk and seat added to the end of the top table, I took part in their Hustings.

What I didn’t know at that time and something which wasn’t mentioned to me by anyone, was that I had missed the children’s 2.30pm Hustings in which the whole school were present.


I felt like crying, I really did… I mean, what is the use of handing over £500 and ten signatures to stand in a Parliamentary election, only to be ignored and censored from participating in the said election?

Where as in the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections of 2012, I participated in seven Hustings, compared to the 2015 Brighton Kemptown Parliamentary elections; I participated in two Hustings out of four.

The Argus, of which its editor boasts of “comprehensive reporting,” hasn’t printed a picture or profile of me. As far as I’m concerned to The Argus reader, I simply don’t exist.


This all comes after the 16th of January attack on our election campaign office. I say ‘our’ because the original plan was for Joe Neilson to stand in Brighton Kemptown and I was to stand in Lewes against Norman Baker.

All that changed the day the thugs nearly beat Joe Neilson to death on his doorstep.

Joe Neilson owns the front and back flats of 318 Southcoast Road, but because the front flat was signed over to Joe Neilson without a solicitor, but instead via internal memo, a good lawyer can argue any arrangement between Barry Cox and Joe Neilson is null and void. Especially when Mr Cox claims he only signed over the front flat to Joe Neilson under duress. Regardless of the fact that Joe has many letters and audio recordings of Mr Cox begging Joe to take the front flat off his hands.

  • Make no mistakes; no one was bothered about it until the front flat was turned into our election campaign office.
  • Make no mistakes; 318 Southcoast Road is the apex of Sussex Police corruption. Joe Neilson holds all the proof to convict Sussex Police of the cover-up of Katrina Taylor’s murder in 1996.
  • Make no mistakes; certain parties in the Sussex/Brighton community didn’t want Joe Neilson standing for parliamentary and publicly speaking about the Sussex Police cover-up of Katrina Taylor, of which he is on-going.

Someone very high up the food chain, made the decision that our election campaign office must be shut down immediately.

Hence, in comes Mark Waters. Identified by the street drinking community of Brighton as a drug dealer around the time of Katrina Taylor’s murder in 1996, Mark Waters claims to have legally brought the front flat of 318 Southcoast Road from Barry Cox for £46,000.

On Friday 16th January 2015, he claims to have knocked on our door, only for Joe (aged 67 OAP) to have become aggressive and attack Mark Waters and his friend with a baton and axe.

This is contrary to what I witnessed. Namely Joe being beaten in the chest by Mark Waters who was attempting to gain entry.

If it wasn’t for my assistance in pushing back the attack and closing the door, I don’t think Joe would have survived the attack.

What’s more is that upon calling the police for help; both Joe and I were arrested for affray and assault and thrown in a police cell for the next 12 hours.

Suffice to say, since that day onwards our election campaign was thrown into disarray.

  • To date Joe has spent £11,000 of his life savings on solicitors fees keeping the crooks from gaining illegal entry into what is rightfully his.
  • To date I’ve spent £5000 of my life savings on solicitors fees, helping Joe keep the crooks from gaining illegal entry in our election campaign office.



Prospective MP angry over Arrest.


The attempted murder of Joe Neilson.


The Elderly abuse of Joe Neilson continues.


The Independents Election Campaign is close to collapse.


Watch my arrest by Sussex Police.

The latest is that Joe and I simply cannot afford to defend the front flat of 318 Southcoast Road. If we had an additional £8,000 we could afford to take this to court and defend our position. Alas, I’m broke, as is Joe. The game’s up for us! The election campaign office was saved by the election campaign was lost.

The crooks won the day. Joe Neilson withdrew from the Brighton Kemptown election and the stress of the whole incident has taken a terrible and lasting toil on his sanity and health.

I’ve been left broke, homeless and pissed. With hind-sight I sincerely wish I never bothered. £5,000 spent on solicitor’s fees when it should have been spent on me.

Here I am moaning about my lost £5000, when Joe has lost £11,000.


Mark Waters no doubt paid for the front flat with drug money and will be set to receive much more from a life-time of renting out a flat which isn’t his.


Though I do want to thank the following for the kindness, support and attention.

  • Team Setchfield who donated £1000 and much more to my campaign.
  • The LGBT Brighton Kemptown Community for inviting me to their Hustings and mentioning me in their Election Special.
  • The Sussex Express newspaper for not ignoring me like The Argus did.
  • John Lenard Walson & Maplin’s for the CCTV equipment which went a long way in making us feel safe.




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