In Amongst The Ebb And Flow

Rationalise the reasoning for fear and it becomes apparent that it attests to a fracturing of confidence. A person who holds a diminished certainty of their own standing transgresses into someone whose inspiration burns weaker by the day. This in spite of it not always being immediately perceptible to our senses. What was buried into our sub-conscious develops into our state of mind. An entity which can be a danger to the democracy of a nation.

Gaging the undulations of a public’s level of confidence, on a political scale, is a recurring process. The difficulty is in comprehending from an individual’s logic at what degree reality contradicts belief. Do we perceive and understand events through facts and statistics or base it on opinions and tradition? As we know, one person’s perspective over a specific issue can differ enormously nation by nation. This is in part how factions and protest movements…

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