Fears are growing as to the where-abouts of disabled OAP Joe Neilson.

Driven to the edge of despair following an attack on his door-step on Friday 16th January 2015, Joe Neilson hasn’t been seen since handing over the keys to the very thugs who attacked him months ago.

Originally determined to stand as an independent parliamentary candidate in the Brighton Kemptown general election, Joe’s dream came crashing down after surviving a vicious attack on his election office doorstep only to be arrested by Sussex Police for assault and locked up for the next 12 hours.

“They tried to kill me,” said Joe.

A thorn in the side of Sussex Police for the last 20 years, Joe Neilson has campaigned tirelessly for the reopening of the Katrina Taylor murder case in 1996, in which he maintains Sussex Police are instrumental in a continuing cover-up to hide criminal collusion between Sussex Police and known Crime Lord Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc.

Local builder Mark Waters says he paid £46,000 to Barry Cox as payment for the front flat of 318 Southcoast Road, while Joe Neilson maintains Barry Cox signed over the ownership of the flat years before.

While the fact the flat was signed over isn’t in dispute, Mark Waters and his team of legal eagles, alleged Barry Cox signed over the flat under duress and intimidation.

As a consequence a lengthy civilian legal battle pursued in which Joe Neilson was forced to spend his life savings of £11,000 to stop the imminent closing down of his election campaign office.

Acknowledging that the internal memo’s between himself and Barry Cox carried no legal weight and bearing, Joe Neilson was forced to concede that by Law Mark Waters held a lawful claim to the front flat of 318 Southcoast Road and under a heavy heart handed over the keys on the 20th May 2015.

Since that date, no one has seen Joe Neilson…

Fearing a repeat of the last time thugs moved in; Joe Neilson was worried that once they had entry they would harass him to the point in which he would be forced to abandon the home he’s lived in for the past 25 years.

Abandoned by Social Services and Sussex Police Joe Neilson had no one to turn to and no money to escape with.

The question now remains, where is Joe Neilson and is he alive?

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  1. You are right Joe he has disappeared I cannot tell you who I am. I am a close friend. I saw him at the Coop on may 21-22 he told me he was in fear of his life and was scared to go back to his flat. He said East Sussex Social Services where involved in Elderly Abuse and where working with Lewes Council to try to drive him from his home and helping to cover up Norman Bakers part in council corruption and that Mark Waters was involved with Mark Slade aka Marcel Sulc and was a member of the gang that murdered Katrina Taylor.
    I am deeply concerned. is he alive or died. He was last seen getting into his car. I hold a spare set of keys for Joe last week I went to his flat at 1am. Mail had be left in the hall. But I found his phone pluged in by his bed bed . computer on. dehumindifer full money on table it looks like he got up and made a coffee. Please put this info out for me

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