Mr Matt Taylor


HM Treasury,

1 Horse Guards Road,

London, SW1A 2HQ

Dear Cabinet Office,


I stood in the Brighton Kemptown parliamentary election as an Independent candidate promoting sustainable housing, alternative medicine and tidal energy.

I wish to appeal for a full refund of my £500 deposit for the following reasons:


On the 16th of January 2015 I was attacked by two assailants at my election campaign office in Peacehaven. Having called the police for emergency assistance I was arrested for affray and deprived off my liberty and freedom for the next 12 hours.

The episode was caught on camera and can be viewed below:



As a consequence of this; all my election fund was regrettably spent on solicitor and barrister costs, fighting the closure of my election office through the civilian courts.


Upon handing over the £500 deposit I did so with the understanding that I would be afforded the same opportunities as the other parliamentary candidates.

Shockingly I was excluded from two major hustings, in which all the other parliamentary candidates were invited.

At the Argus Hustings, organised by the local newspaper, I was excluded.

Read more: The Argus Travesty of Democracy.

I was again excluded from a Peacehaven Community School husting in which all the other parliamentary candidates were invited.


Due to the financial disaster of prioritising between saving my election office or printing leaflets, I did not take advantage of the free Royal Mail leaflet delivery service.


Everything that could have went wrong went wrong. If I had known that I wouldn’t be afforded the same privileges and courtesy bestowed upon the other parliamentary candidates, I simply would not have stood as an independent parliamentary candidate in the Brighton Kemptown election.

While I accepted I would not win the election, I hoped that with the same exposure as the other candidates I would at least win back my £500 deposit.

I came last in the vote with 69 votes, and believe I helped considerably is aiding and abetting Simon Kirby’s victory of 690 votes more than his nearest rival, Labour’s Nancy Platts.

The anti-promotional video below demonstrates that I helped secure a Conservative victory in Brighton Kemptown.

As a freelance content provider, £500 is a lot of money to needlessly lose.

Please may I appeal to your more generous nature and request a full refund of the £500 deposit I gave Britain PLC to stand as an Independent Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown.

If I had been afforded the same rights and privileges as the other candidates, I would have been happy and no appeal would have been submitted.

I trust you agree, that in light of the three reasons highlighted, it is only fair and proper that I should receive a full refund.

Read more: I’m broke, homeless and pissed off.

Many thanks for your time and I look forward with hope for your response, with a £500 cheque attached.

Yours Sincerely,

Matt Taylor



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