lookin for katy bourneKaty Porn, ex-pole dancer turned Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner doesn’t understand why Brighton’s Argus newspaper is asking questions about police transparency.
While on one hand she defends the fundamental right of press freedom, on the other she defends Sussex Police as they block Freedom of Information requests by The Argus about the real levels of crime in Sussex.
She said: “I fundamentally defend the right of the press to have freedom and I value what they do. I encourage Sussex Police to be as open and transparent as they can be and we are committed to having the highest standards.”
As The Argus reveals, “The communications and Freedom of Information (FOI) departments at Sussex Police have refused to provide details of about 20 serious unsolved crimes – including kidnap, rapes, possession of knives and firearms and fraud by a company director – which occurred during a fortnight in Brighton and Hove in March.”
With crime in Sussex reaching epidemic levels, Katy Porn remains dumb to the seriousness of the situation.
“I don’t not understand why The Argus is continuing to ask the questions on the subject and don’t believe the public share the desire to know the information.”
Earning a whooping austerity busting £85K a year, running an office and staff costing a further whooping austerity busting £1.1 million a year, Katy Porn openly admits to having no police experience and absolutely no idea what she is doing.

READ MORE: http://www.shadowsussexpolicecrimecommissioner.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/katy-bourne-is-completely-dumb.html


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